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Activity data of Bubisch

Total distance: 21 244,58 km Number of activities: 980x Bubisch
Total duration: 83d 17:01:06

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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRmax. HRElev.EnergySplitsPartnerRouteCadencePowerGround contactVertical oscillationStride lengthHRVEquipment
01.01 Mon
02.01 Tue
03.01 Wed
04.01 Thu8 °CLL50,0 km4:29:565:24/km153 bpm172 bpm412 m3755 kcalZwei Seen166 spm276 ms8.9 cm1.12 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
05.01 Fri9 °CDL14,1 km1:07:374:48/km157 bpm181 bpm103 m1077 kcalKemnade170 spm269 ms9.1 cm1.23 mHoka One One Bondi 5
06.01 Sat7 °CTDL30,0 km2:20:344:41/km165 bpm184 bpm177 m2393 kcalKemnade172 spm262 ms8.7 cm1.24 mHoka One One Bondi 5
07.01 Sun2 °CTR8,3 km46:565:38/km148 bpm184 bpm231 m675 kcalHarkortberg164 spm278 ms8.9 cm1.08 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
08.01 Mon
09.01 Tue1 °CLL27,0 km2:07:004:42/km154 bpm165 bpm194 m1991 kcalZwei Seen172 spm265 ms8.8 cm1.24 mHoka One One Bondi 5
10.01 Wed8 °CDL15,6 km1:13:064:41/km155 bpm179 bpm101 m1185 kcalZwei Seen174 spm260 ms8.6 cm1.23 mHoka One One Clayton 2
11.01 Thu7 °CDL11,6 km53:314:38/km154 bpm166 bpm94 m892 kcalHarkortsee174 spm255 ms8.3 cm1.24 mHoka One One Clayton 2
12.01 Fri
13.01 Sat6 °CDL12,7 km58:204:36/km170 bpm184 bpm79 m1089 kcalKemnade174 spm257 ms8.7 cm1.25 mHoka One One Clayton 2
14.01 Sun4 °CLL42,1 km3:29:544:59/km152 bpm176 bpm369 m2951 kcalZwei Seen168 spm252 ms9.0 cm1.19 mHoka One One Bondi 5
15.01 Mon
16.01 Tue
17.01 Wed3 °CLL29,7 km2:24:174:52/km151 bpm165 bpm271 m2133 kcalZwei Seen168 spm267 ms8.8 cm1.22 mHoka One One Bondi 5
18.01 Thu
19.01 Fri3 °CLL60,0 km5:15:315:15/km152 bpm191 bpm507 m4325 kcalKemnade168 spm276 ms9.0 cm1.13 mHoka One One Bondi 5
20.01 Sat
21.01 Sun
22.01 Mon8 °C10,9 km1:02:105:43/km149 bpm181 bpm315 m880 kcalHarkortberg162 spm280 ms9.2 cm1.08 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
23.01 Tue
24.01 Wed13 °CRG15,0 km1:24:375:38/km135 bpm151 bpm165 m1018 kcalHarkortsee160 spm293 ms9.8 cm1.11 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
25.01 Thu8 °CLL30,0 km2:22:074:44/km163 bpm185 bpm189 m2390 kcalKemnade170 spm265 ms9.1 cm1.24 mHoka One One Clayton 2
26.01 Fri
27.01 Sat2 °CWK50,2 km4:10:124:59/km150 bpm174 bpm260 m3209 kcalRodgau168 spm278 ms9.3 cm1.19 mHoka One One Bondi 5
28.01 Sun
29.01 Mon
30.01 Tue
31.01 Wed9 °C30,8 km2:28:534:50/km160 bpm189 bpm358 m2429 kcalKemnade170 spm267 ms9.2 cm1.22 mHoka One One Clayton 2
01.02 Thu2 °CTDL12,8 km56:294:24/km161 bpm182 bpm114 m993 kcalKemnade178 spm256 ms8.5 cm1.28 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
02.02 Fri
03.02 Sat
04.02 Sun0 °CLL57,5 km5:05:545:19/km150 bpm185 bpm480 m4412 kcalZwei Seen166 spm280 ms8.9 cm1.13 mHoka One One Bondi 5
05.02 Mon
06.02 Tue0 °CTDL21,8 km1:39:164:34/km158 bpm175 bpm173 m1662 kcalZwei Seen172 spm250 ms9.0 cm1.28 mHoka One One Clayton 2
07.02 Wed
08.02 Thu3 °CLL29,8 km2:24:514:52/km152 bpm165 bpm230 m2152 kcalZwei Seen170 spm272 ms8.5 cm1.21 mHoka One One Clayton 2
09.02 Fri1 °CTDL11,7 km51:094:23/km156 bpm172 bpm118 m859 kcalHarkortsee176 spm254 ms8.5 cm1.30 mHoka One One Clayton 2
10.02 Sat
11.02 Sun3 °CLL37,7 km3:49:366:06/km141 bpm167 bpm973 m2923 kcal158 spm307 ms8.3 cm1.04 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
12.02 Mon
13.02 Tue4 °CLL30,0 km2:21:524:44/km156 bpm188 bpm236 m2397 kcalZwei Seen170 spm272 ms9.1 cm1.24 mHoka One One Bondi 5
14.02 Wed
15.02 Thu
16.02 Fri
17.02 Sat
18.02 Sun6 °CWA1,0 km5:255:16/km12 m91 kcal168 spm1.13 mHoka One One Bondi 5
6 °CLL70,5 km6:42:245:42/km567 m6252 kcalTrassentour166 spm1.06 mHoka One One Bondi 5
19.02 Mon
20.02 Tue
21.02 Wed
22.02 Thu0 °CTDL14,0 km1:01:094:22/km165 bpm175 bpm125 m1098 kcalZwei Seen176 spm232 ms8.6 cm1.30 mHoka One One Clayton 2
23.02 Fri2 °CDL18,3 km1:24:084:36/km162 bpm171 bpm193 m1470 kcalZwei Seen174 spm249 ms8.5 cm1.25 mHoka One One Clayton 2
24.02 Sat
25.02 Sun-3 °CRG13,2 km1:49:038:18/km117 bpm137 bpm136 m944 kcalKemnade146 spm296 ms8.0 cm0.83 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
-1 °CDL16,4 km1:18:114:47/km158 bpm169 bpm168 m1304 kcalKemnade172 spm272 ms8.9 cm1.22 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
26.02 Mon
27.02 Tue
28.02 Wed-6 °CTDL21,4 km1:34:374:25/km160 bpm170 bpm228 m1597 kcalZwei Seen178 spm260 ms8.2 cm1.27 mAltra Duo
01.03 Thu-3 °CTDL14,1 km1:02:234:26/km158 bpm167 bpm124 m1073 kcalZwei Seen176 spm262 ms8.5 cm1.28 mAltra Duo
02.03 Fri
03.03 Sat-1 °CLL50,7 km4:31:445:22/km143 bpm160 bpm465 m2881 kcalZwei Seen168 spm288 ms8.1 cm1.11 mAltra Duo
04.03 Sun12 °CDL19,0 km1:32:174:51/km148 bpm163 bpm142 m1352 kcalZwei Seen170 spm268 ms9.2 cm1.21 mAltra Duo
05.03 Mon
06.03 Tue12 °CTDL14,0 km1:00:214:18/km160 bpm168 bpm74 m1038 kcalZwei Seen178 spm244 ms8.6 cm1.30 mAltra Duo
11 °CWA0,4 km2:045:26/km142 bpm154 bpm3 m32 kcalZwei Seen160 spm289 ms10.1 cm1.15 mAltra Duo
07.03 Wed
08.03 Thu
09.03 Fri
10.03 Sat
11.03 Sun10 °CLL58,4 km6:46:036:57/km130 bpm152 bpm599 m3663 kcal156 spm297 ms7.3 cm0.92 mAltra Duo
12.03 Mon
13.03 Tue
14.03 Wed
15.03 Thu11 °CLL30,0 km2:19:124:38/km160 bpm174 bpm268 m2315 kcalZwei Seen174 spm263 ms8.8 cm1.24 mAltra Duo
16.03 Fri
17.03 Sat-1 °CLL47,0 km5:59:317:39/km131 bpm165 bpm915 m3464 kcalKölntrail148 spm319 ms7.8 cm0.88 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
18.03 Sun-3 °CLL57,2 km6:27:126:46/km125 bpm140 bpm582 m3402 kcalZwei Seen162 spm286 ms7.3 cm0.91 mHoka One One Bondi 5
19.03 Mon
20.03 Tue
21.03 Wed
22.03 Thu
23.03 Fri
24.03 Sat
25.03 Sun12 °CWA2,9 km22:217:46/km19 m227 kcalKemnade156 spm0.83 mHoka One One Bondi 5
12 °CDL11,3 km50:044:26/km169 bpm178 bpm85 m886 kcalKemnade176 spm259 ms9.0 cm1.28 mHoka One One Bondi 5
26.03 Mon
27.03 Tue10 °CLL30,0 km2:16:074:32/km167 bpm177 bpm273 m2348 kcalZwei Seen174 spm258 ms8.5 cm1.27 mAltra Duo
28.03 Wed
29.03 Thu
30.03 Fri
31.03 Sat4 °CLL84,8 km11:49:518:22/km125 bpm146 bpm651 m5582 kcalMünster - Bielefeld156 spm321 ms6.8 cm0.77 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
01.04 Sun
02.04 Mon
03.04 Tue16 °CTDL14,0 km1:00:344:19/km167 bpm176 bpm110 m1022 kcalZwei Seen178 spm243 ms8.7 cm1.30 mAltra Duo
04.04 Wed
05.04 Thu7 °CDL22,0 km1:39:304:31/km164 bpm175 bpm221 m1679 kcalZwei Seen176 spm254 ms8.2 cm1.26 mAltra Duo
06.04 Fri6 °CLL28,1 km2:21:225:02/km150 bpm165 bpm228 m1814 kcalZwei Seen170 spm274 ms8.8 cm1.17 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
07.04 Sat
08.04 Sun17 °CRG10,3 km1:23:388:06/km117 bpm137 bpm80 m741 kcalKemnade150 spm296 ms8.5 cm0.82 mAltra Duo
23 °CDL23,1 km1:48:004:41/km156 bpm169 bpm135 m1684 kcalKemnade170 spm256 ms9.4 cm1.26 mAltra Duo
09.04 Mon
10.04 Tue
11.04 Wed
12.04 Thu19 °CRG4,5 km31:287:04/km137 bpm166 bpm32 m399 kcalKemnade158 spm292 ms9.0 cm0.90 mAltra Duo
19 °CDL14,3 km1:25:516:00/km145 bpm178 bpm156 m1151 kcal160 spm276 ms9.7 cm1.04 mAltra Duo
13.04 Fri14 °CLL76,0 km7:37:146:01/km145 bpm190 bpm632 m5111 kcalRZR166 spm277 ms7.4 cm1.00 mHoka One One Clayton 2
14.04 Sat
15.04 Sun17 °CLL30,0 km2:19:104:38/km161 bpm183 bpm235 m2231 kcalZwei Seen172 spm252 ms9.3 cm1.25 mAltra Duo
16.04 Mon
17.04 Tue20 °CLL30,0 km2:56:165:52/km158 bpm187 bpm232 m2458 kcalZwei Seen162 spm275 ms9.1 cm1.05 mHoka One One Clayton 2
18.04 Wed
19.04 Thu28 °CLL73,1 km7:24:386:05/km150 bpm187 bpm673 m5145 kcalRZR160 spm288 ms7.9 cm1.03 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
20.04 Fri
21.04 Sat
22.04 Sun
23.04 Mon17 °CTDL14,1 km1:00:514:19/km162 bpm171 bpm101 m973 kcalKemnade178 spm228 ms9.1 cm1.30 mAltra Duo
24.04 Tue
25.04 Wed13 °CLL35,2 km2:55:004:58/km158 bpm173 bpm459 m2704 kcal170 spm265 ms9.0 cm1.18 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
26.04 Thu12 °CLL30,0 km2:15:554:32/km260 m2701 kcalKemnade174 spm1.27 mHoka One One Clayton 2
27.04 Fri16 °CTDL13,9 km1:02:024:27/km157 bpm170 bpm88 m1019 kcalZwei Seen174 spm238 ms9.1 cm1.29 mHoka One One Clayton 2
28.04 Sat16 °CLL42,2 km4:11:405:58/km132 bpm142 bpm86 m3691 kcalBasti164 spm276 ms8.5 cm1.02 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
29.04 Sun
30.04 Mon12 °CDL14,1 km1:02:474:27/km158 bpm170 bpm156 m1032 kcalKemnade174 spm256 ms9.1 cm1.29 mHoka One One Clayton 2
01.05 Tue
02.05 Wed17 °CTDL14,2 km1:01:094:19/km161 bpm172 bpm97 m1077 kcalKemnade176 spm249 ms8.8 cm1.32 mHoka One One Clayton 2
03.05 Thu
04.05 Fri
05.05 Sat25 °CWK101,3 km11:15:126:40/km137 bpm198 bpm927 m6946 kcalWHEW164 spm272 ms8.1 cm0.91 mHoka One One Clayton 2
06.05 Sun
07.05 Mon
08.05 Tue
09.05 Wed
10.05 Thu
11.05 Fri
12.05 Sat
13.05 Sun
14.05 Mon23 °CTDL21,0 km1:40:274:47/km168 bpm199 bpm159 m1748 kcalZwei Seen172 spm248 ms9.3 cm1.22 mHoka One One Clayton 2
15.05 Tue
16.05 Wed
17.05 Thu
18.05 Fri
19.05 Sat17 °CWK162,8 km23:56:268:50/km122 bpm199 bpm1.214 m11314 kcalTtdR154 spm284 ms7.6 cm0.74 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
20.05 Sun
21.05 Mon
22.05 Tue
23.05 Wed
24.05 Thu
25.05 Fri
26.05 Sat24 °CLL23,7 km2:23:216:04/km149 bpm170 bpm168 m1919 kcal162 spm284 ms9.5 cm1.02 mHoka One One Clayton 2
27.05 Sun
28.05 Mon
29.05 Tue
30.05 Wed
31.05 Thu26 °CLL41,7 km4:38:126:40/km148 bpm170 bpm506 m3226 kcalBasti158 spm290 ms7.8 cm0.95 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
01.06 Fri20 °CDL11,6 km54:254:42/km159 bpm171 bpm157 m828 kcal174 spm249 ms9.0 cm1.22 mAltra Duo
02.06 Sat
03.06 Sun23 °CDL14,8 km1:08:144:36/km168 bpm176 bpm91 m1156 kcal172 spm240 ms9.3 cm1.26 mAltra Duo
04.06 Mon25 °CLL25,0 km2:08:235:08/km157 bpm171 bpm221 m1875 kcal168 spm264 ms9.5 cm1.16 mAltra Duo
05.06 Tue
06.06 Wed25 °CDL6,0 km27:534:39/km157 bpm168 bpm27 m445 kcal172 spm255 ms9.2 cm1.25 mAltra Duo
26 °CDL7,0 km32:224:36/km158 bpm172 bpm36 m532 kcal172 spm254 ms9.4 cm1.26 mAltra Duo
07.06 Thu23 °CTR10,8 km56:315:15/km295 m944 kcalHarkortberg168 spm1.13 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
08.06 Fri
09.06 Sat26 °CLL56,8 km5:56:226:16/km140 bpm160 bpm452 m3438 kcalBastiRZR162 spm288 ms8.2 cm0.98 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
10.06 Sun
11.06 Mon22 °CTR10,1 km52:035:09/km154 bpm167 bpm275 m801 kcal172 spm257 ms9.0 cm1.13 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
12.06 Tue
13.06 Wed
14.06 Thu16 °C14,1 km1:02:104:24/km162 bpm171 bpm88 m1027 kcal178 spm256 ms8.5 cm1.28 m
15.06 Fri
16.06 Sat24 °CLL21,9 km1:42:244:41/km166 bpm175 bpm178 m1791 kcalZwei Seen174 spm254 ms9.0 cm1.23 mAltra Duo
17.06 Sun18 °CDL20,0 km1:34:274:43/km157 bpm171 bpm165 m1492 kcalZwei Seen172 spm257 ms9.0 cm1.23 mAltra Duo
18.06 Mon
19.06 Tue22 °CLL30,0 km2:23:094:46/km155 bpm166 bpm229 m2229 kcalZwei Seen172 spm266 ms9.1 cm1.22 mHoka One One Clayton 2
20.06 Wed
21.06 Thu14 °CTDL8,0 km34:124:16/km163 bpm174 bpm58 m600 kcalKemnade180 spm230 ms8.6 cm1.30 mHoka One One Clayton 2
22.06 Fri
23.06 Sat17 °CLL30,0 km2:22:234:45/km158 bpm169 bpm264 m2329 kcalZwei Seen172 spm260 ms9.1 cm1.23 mHoka One One Clayton 2
24.06 Sun
25.06 Mon23 °CTDL14,0 km1:02:504:29/km162 bpm174 bpm83 m1108 kcalZwei Seen174 spm238 ms9.4 cm1.28 mHoka One One Clayton 2
26.06 Tue
27.06 Wed21 °CTDL14,1 km1:01:174:21/km164 bpm175 bpm112 m1094 kcalKemnade176 spm232 ms9.2 cm1.31 mHoka One One Clayton 2
28.06 Thu23 °C10,3 km52:465:08/km160 bpm172 bpm271 m925 kcal170 spm254 ms8.9 cm1.15 m
29.06 Fri
30.06 Sat26 °CWK108,3 km16:18:509:02/km126 bpm149 bpm1.029 m8369 kcal148 spm311 ms7.2 cm0.75 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
01.07 Sun
02.07 Mon
03.07 Tue14,8 km4:34:303,2 km/h343 m966 kcal51 rpm
04.07 Wed21 °CTR10,4 km53:555:10/km150 bpm165 bpm223 m809 kcal168 spm266 ms9.2 cm1.15 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
05.07 Thu10,7 km3:55:182,7 km/h557 m700 kcal56 rpm
06.07 Fri21 °CTR10,8 km56:395:15/km151 bpm169 bpm242 m866 kcal168 spm262 ms9.2 cm1.13 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
07.07 Sat
08.07 Sun
09.07 Mon20 °CTDL10,7 km50:184:43/km159 bpm170 bpm188 m842 kcal174 spm242 ms9.1 cm1.22 mHoka One One Clayton 2
10.07 Tue18 °CLL31,4 km2:46:265:18/km151 bpm169 bpm526 m2218 kcal168 spm265 ms9.1 cm1.12 mHoka One One Clayton 2
11.07 Wed15 °CTDL11,0 km50:554:38/km153 bpm169 bpm160 m805 kcal176 spm249 ms8.6 cm1.23 mHoka One One Clayton 2
12.07 Thu13 °CLL28,1 km2:23:555:08/km145 bpm164 bpm427 m1798 kcal168 spm274 ms9.2 cm1.16 mHoka One One Clayton 2
13.07 Fri
14.07 Sat21 °CDL11,4 km54:134:46/km149 bpm163 bpm183 m816 kcal172 spm242 ms9.1 cm1.22 mHoka One One Clayton 2
15.07 Sun21 °CTR8,6 km42:224:55/km150 bpm166 bpm209 m644 kcalHarkortberg168 spm250 ms8.9 cm1.21 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
16.07 Mon29 °CLL24,0 km2:00:305:01/km150 bpm163 bpm169 m1693 kcal170 spm269 ms9.3 cm1.17 mHoka One One Clayton 2
17.07 Tue
18.07 Wed26 °CLL31,2 km2:34:524:58/km151 bpm165 bpm233 m2162 kcalKemnade170 spm251 ms9.6 cm1.18 mHoka One One Clayton 2
19.07 Thu26 °CDL12,7 km59:464:42/km156 bpm164 bpm77 m960 kcal172 spm256 ms9.4 cm1.24 mHoka One One Clayton 2
20.07 Fri26 °C14,1 km1:09:014:54/km147 bpm157 bpm93 m1052 kcal170 spm265 ms9.6 cm1.20 m
21.07 Sat23 °C22,2 km1:43:434:40/km151 bpm163 bpm184 m1534 kcal170 spm252 ms9.5 cm1.26 m
22.07 Sun
23.07 Mon27 °CTDL14,1 km1:04:084:32/km155 bpm165 bpm103 m1054 kcalKemnade174 spm243 ms9.2 cm1.27 mHoka One One Clayton 2
24.07 Tue
25.07 Wed30 °CLL43,0 km4:41:546:33/km128 bpm152 bpm479 m2371 kcalZwei Seen154 spm287 ms9.0 cm0.99 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
26.07 Thu
27.07 Fri35 °CDL14,2 km1:11:145:01/km151 bpm164 bpm138 m1095 kcalKemnade166 spm249 ms10.2 cm1.20 mHoka One One Clayton 2
28.07 Sat
29.07 Sun18 °C30,2 km2:29:474:58/km145 bpm158 bpm242 m1882 kcal170 spm265 ms9.2 cm1.19 m
30.07 Mon
31.07 Tue
01.08 Wed29 °C14,0 km1:10:175:00/km147 bpm165 bpm121 m1061 kcal166 spm269 ms9.8 cm1.20 m
02.08 Thu33 °C20,4 km1:20:1215,2 km/h121 m526 kcal45 W
28 °C18,5 km1:06:4116,6 km/h134 m520 kcal60 W
03.08 Fri
04.08 Sat29 °CLL32,9 km3:11:425:50/km143 bpm165 bpm378 m1989 kcalRZR160 spm291 ms9.0 cm1.07 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
05.08 Sun25 °CLL21,2 km1:44:294:56/km157 bpm184 bpm195 m1623 kcalZwei Seen170 spm255 ms9.3 cm1.19 mHoka One One Clayton 2
06.08 Mon
07.08 Tue
08.08 Wed
09.08 Thu
10.08 Fri
11.08 Sat22 °CWK69,9 km7:02:596:03/km142 bpm170 bpm490 m4358 kcalMauerweg166 spm272 ms8.8 cm1.00 mHoka One One Clayton 2
12.08 Sun
13.08 Mon
14.08 Tue
15.08 Wed23 °CTDL14,1 km1:02:404:26/km168 bpm179 bpm98 m1089 kcalKemnade174 spm254 ms9.3 cm1.30 mAltra Duo (2)
16.08 Thu28 °CLL37,4 km3:37:405:49/km145 bpm167 bpm395 m2510 kcalRZR164 spm273 ms9.1 cm1.05 mAltra Duo (2)
17.08 Fri
18.08 Sat24 °CLL33,5 km2:58:485:20/km154 bpm184 bpm330 m2339 kcalZwei Seen164 spm262 ms10.1 cm1.14 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
19.08 Sun26 °CLL23,0 km1:53:174:55/km155 bpm184 bpm192 m1712 kcalKemnade170 spm248 ms9.8 cm1.19 mAltra Duo (2)
20.08 Mon
21.08 Tue
22.08 Wed
23.08 Thu25 °CLL30,0 km2:36:035:12/km160 bpm177 bpm331 m2376 kcalZwei Seen168 spm262 ms9.3 cm1.14 mAltra Duo (2)
24.08 Fri
25.08 Sat17 °CLL30,0 km2:17:124:34/km165 bpm186 bpm330 m2240 kcalKemnade176 spm241 ms9.2 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
26.08 Sun
27.08 Mon18 °CTDL12,7 km55:584:24/km166 bpm192 bpm121 m981 kcalKemnade178 spm248 ms8.7 cm1.28 mAltra Duo (2)
28.08 Tue
29.08 Wed19 °CLL29,2 km2:15:594:40/km168 bpm192 bpm208 m2296 kcalKemnade172 spm255 ms9.2 cm1.25 mAltra Duo (2)
30.08 Thu
31.08 Fri
01.09 Sat
02.09 Sun
03.09 Mon20 °CTDL14,1 km1:01:404:22/km180 bpm199 bpm99 m1117 kcalKemnade180 spm244 ms8.7 cm1.27 mAltra Duo (2)
04.09 Tue
05.09 Wed
06.09 Thu
07.09 Fri
08.09 Sat
09.09 Sun
10.09 Mon20 °CLL36,0 km3:08:205:14/km162 bpm188 bpm364 m2889 kcalZwei Seen168 spm264 ms9.3 cm1.14 mAltra Duo (2)
11.09 Tue
12.09 Wed15 °CTDL14,0 km59:554:17/km182 bpm200 bpm104 m1082 kcalZwei Seen178 spm240 ms8.7 cm1.31 mAltra Duo (2)
13.09 Thu
14.09 Fri
15.09 Sat15 °CLL74,0 km7:02:085:42/km148 bpm166 bpm687 m4475 kcalTrassentour166 spm276 ms8.9 cm1.06 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
16.09 Sun
17.09 Mon
18.09 Tue
19.09 Wed26 °CTDL14,0 km1:01:494:25/km169 bpm176 bpm114 m1029 kcalZwei Seen176 spm237 ms9.2 cm1.29 mAltra Duo
20.09 Thu23 °CLL30,0 km2:20:094:40/km160 bpm170 bpm216 m2134 kcalKemnade174 spm244 ms9.2 cm1.23 mAltra Duo
21.09 Fri15 °CDL14,0 km1:04:444:37/km155 bpm163 bpm129 m991 kcalZwei Seen174 spm255 ms9.0 cm1.24 mAltra Duo
22.09 Sat
23.09 Sun10 °CLL50,1 km4:29:165:22/km142 bpm153 bpm414 m2666 kcalKemnade168 spm282 ms8.9 cm1.11 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
24.09 Mon
25.09 Tue
26.09 Wed
27.09 Thu24 °CLL30,0 km2:20:144:40/km159 bpm172 bpm260 m2239 kcalZwei Seen176 spm253 ms8.8 cm1.22 mAltra Duo
28.09 Fri
29.09 Sat15 °CLL50,2 km4:18:185:09/km158 bpm197 bpm402 m3566 kcalKemnade172 spm266 ms8.9 cm1.13 mHoka One One Clayton 2
30.09 Sun16 °CLL30,0 km2:20:024:40/km174 bpm189 bpm274 m2416 kcalKemnade176 spm257 ms8.9 cm1.22 mAltra Duo
01.10 Mon
02.10 Tue
03.10 Wed13 °CTDL14,0 km1:00:324:19/km165 bpm174 bpm127 m1026 kcalZwei Seen180 spm249 ms8.3 cm1.29 mAltra Duo
04.10 Thu17 °CDL18,0 km1:27:454:52/km156 bpm168 bpm198 m1364 kcalZwei Seen174 spm258 ms8.8 cm1.18 mHoka One One Clayton 2
05.10 Fri
06.10 Sat
07.10 Sun10 °CTR53,0 km5:58:556:46/km151 bpm198 bpm1.644 m4107 kcalKreuzberg152 spm309 ms8.5 cm0.97 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
08.10 Mon
09.10 Tue
10.10 Wed
11.10 Thu
12.10 Fri
13.10 Sat19 °CLL30,0 km2:21:384:43/km166 bpm191 bpm254 m2301 kcalZwei Seen176 spm254 ms8.6 cm1.20 mAltra Duo
27 °CLL21,9 km2:24:446:37/km143 bpm166 bpm594 m1647 kcalBasti156 spm305 ms8.7 cm0.97 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
14.10 Sun
15.10 Mon
16.10 Tue20 °CDL14,0 km1:02:404:28/km162 bpm177 bpm115 m1042 kcalZwei Seen176 spm249 ms8.7 cm1.27 mAltra Duo
17.10 Wed19 °CLL30,0 km2:23:464:47/km155 bpm168 bpm261 m2114 kcalZwei Seen174 spm258 ms8.7 cm1.20 mHoka One One Clayton 2
18.10 Thu
19.10 Fri13 °CRG14,1 km1:13:505:15/km150 bpm186 bpm102 m1058 kcalSebastianZwei Seen166 spm283 ms9.1 cm1.15 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
20.10 Sat15 °CWK28,5 km2:27:295:10/km170 bpm192 bpm611 m1978 kcalTeutolauf168 spm260 ms9.1 cm1.15 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
21.10 Sun5 °CLL31,5 km2:46:155:16/km167 bpm192 bpm367 m2515 kcalHerbstwaldlauf172 spm271 ms8.3 cm1.10 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
22.10 Mon
23.10 Tue11 °CTDL14,0 km1:04:064:34/km174 bpm203 bpm129 m1080 kcalZwei Seen178 spm265 ms8.2 cm1.23 mAltra Duo
24.10 Wed13 °CLL30,0 km2:22:354:45/km168 bpm190 bpm265 m2362 kcalZwei Seen174 spm269 ms8.4 cm1.21 mAltra Duo (2)
25.10 Thu10 °CTDL14,0 km1:02:494:29/km160 bpm190 bpm114 m1001 kcalZwei Seen178 spm264 ms8.2 cm1.25 mAltra Duo (2)
26.10 Fri10 °CDL14,0 km1:05:044:39/km159 bpm190 bpm93 m1051 kcalZwei Seen174 spm265 ms8.5 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
27.10 Sat
28.10 Sun5 °CLL50,1 km4:25:085:18/km143 bpm178 bpm533 m2956 kcalZwei Seen170 spm285 ms8.5 cm1.11 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
29.10 Mon
30.10 Tue
31.10 Wed
01.11 Thu11 °C30,0 km2:22:164:44/km161 bpm188 bpm233 m2358 kcal176 spm268 ms8.3 cm1.20 m
02.11 Fri
03.11 Sat
04.11 Sun6 °CWK50,1 km4:09:094:58/km166 bpm187 bpm397 m4003 kcalHerbstwaldlauf174 spm274 ms8.4 cm1.16 mAltra Duo (2)
05.11 Mon
06.11 Tue17 °CLL20,3 km1:30:354:28/km159 bpm190 bpm170 m1471 kcalKemnade178 spm255 ms8.9 cm1.26 mAltra Duo (2)
07.11 Wed
08.11 Thu
09.11 Fri13 °CLL20,2 km1:29:254:26/km160 bpm179 bpm172 m1501 kcalKemnade178 spm260 ms8.3 cm1.27 mAltra Duo (2)
10.11 Sat13 °C20,0 km1:37:244:52/km152 bpm161 bpm198 m1496 kcal174 spm271 ms8.4 cm1.18 m
11.11 Sun
12.11 Mon11 °CLL22,0 km1:39:374:32/km166 bpm192 bpm192 m1729 kcal178 spm265 ms8.2 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
13.11 Tue
14.11 Wed13 °CLL30,0 km2:19:564:40/km170 bpm182 bpm269 m2379 kcalZwei Seen174 spm260 ms8.4 cm1.23 mAltra Duo (2)
15.11 Thu6 °CDL14,0 km1:04:004:34/km175 bpm187 bpm106 m1164 kcalZwei Seen176 spm265 ms8.4 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
16.11 Fri
17.11 Sat
18.11 Sun0 °CWK51,6 km5:39:396:35/km151 bpm177 bpm1.598 m4322 kcalBaldeneysteig154 spm310 ms8.1 cm0.99 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
19.11 Mon
20.11 Tue
21.11 Wed4 °CDL18,3 km1:26:384:44/km161 bpm186 bpm175 m1334 kcalZwei Seen176 spm267 ms8.0 cm1.20 mAltra Duo (2)
22.11 Thu2 °CDL14,7 km1:25:095:48/km168 bpm184 bpm266 m1108 kcalLaternentüp164 spm289 ms8.5 cm1.05 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
23.11 Fri8 °CLL30,5 km2:30:374:56/km173 bpm188 bpm269 m2483 kcalRuhrtal174 spm270 ms8.5 cm1.16 mAltra Duo (2)
24.11 Sat-1 °CLL40,2 km4:44:517:05/km155 bpm184 bpm1.222 m1814 kcalUDO156 spm309 ms8.3 cm0.90 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
25.11 Sun
26.11 Mon3 °CLL22,0 km1:47:174:52/km167 bpm185 bpm198 m1719 kcalZwei Seen174 spm273 ms8.6 cm1.18 mAltra Duo (2)
27.11 Tue
28.11 Wed5 °CLL20,8 km1:48:495:13/km153 bpm202 bpm410 m1448 kcal170 spm270 ms8.3 cm1.13 mAltra Duo (2)
29.11 Thu10 °CDL14,0 km1:03:574:34/km160 bpm186 bpm130 m1015 kcalZwei Seen176 spm262 ms8.2 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
30.11 Fri11 °CLL30,0 km2:21:374:43/km165 bpm182 bpm255 m2354 kcalZwei Seen174 spm258 ms8.8 cm1.22 mAltra Duo (2)
01.12 Sat
02.12 Sun
03.12 Mon
04.12 Tue
05.12 Wed
06.12 Thu
07.12 Fri
08.12 Sat
09.12 Sun
10.12 Mon
11.12 Tue
12.12 Wed
13.12 Thu
14.12 Fri
15.12 Sat
16.12 Sun
17.12 Mon
18.12 Tue
19.12 Wed
20.12 Thu
21.12 Fri
22.12 Sat
23.12 Sun
24.12 Mon
25.12 Tue
26.12 Wed
27.12 Thu
28.12 Fri
29.12 Sat
30.12 Sun
31.12 Mon
156x Laufen14 °C4 324,4 km16d 19:34:485:36/km148 bpm203 bpm44.559 m314656 kcal165 spm276 ms8.5 cm1.07 m
2x Radfahren31 °C38,8 km2:26:5315,9 km/h255 m1046 kcal52 W
2x Sonstiges25,5 km8:29:483,0 km/h900 m1666 kcal53 rpm

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