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Activity data of Bubisch

Total distance: 21 244,58 km Number of activities: 980x Bubisch
Total duration: 83d 17:01:06

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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRmax. HRElev.EnergySplitsPartnerRouteCadencePowerGround contactVertical oscillationStride lengthHRVEquipment
01.01 Tue
02.01 Wed
03.01 Thu
04.01 Fri
05.01 Sat
06.01 Sun
07.01 Mon
08.01 Tue
09.01 Wed
10.01 Thu
11.01 Fri
12.01 Sat
13.01 Sun
14.01 Mon4 °CDL11,5 km1:04:595:41/km168 bpm186 bpm111 m1034 kcalZwei Seen166 spm287 ms8.4 cm1.06 mAltra Duo (2)
15.01 Tue
16.01 Wed5 °CDL9,0 km44:004:53/km169 bpm181 bpm106 m711 kcalKemnade172 spm261 ms8.5 cm1.19 mAltra Duo (2)
17.01 Thu2 °CDL14,0 km1:10:225:01/km172 bpm182 bpm122 m1111 kcalZwei Seen170 spm260 ms9.0 cm1.17 mAltra Duo (2)
18.01 Fri
19.01 Sat
20.01 Sun4 °CLL21,1 km1:47:485:07/km170 bpm185 bpm184 m1713 kcalZwei Seen168 spm267 ms9.0 cm1.16 mAltra Duo (2)
21.01 Mon
22.01 Tue-2 °CLL21,1 km1:50:405:15/km168 bpm185 bpm200 m1692 kcalZwei Seen168 spm261 ms8.7 cm1.13 mHoka One One Clayton 2
23.01 Wed-3 °CDL11,7 km1:00:355:10/km171 bpm199 bpm120 m949 kcalKemnade168 spm256 ms8.9 cm1.15 mHoka One One Clayton 2
24.01 Thu
25.01 Fri
26.01 Sat
27.01 Sun5 °CLL30,1 km2:40:465:20/km167 bpm178 bpm344 m2402 kcalZwei Seen168 spm275 ms8.8 cm1.12 mAltra Duo (2)
28.01 Mon
29.01 Tue0 °C10,1 km50:355:01/km171 bpm186 bpm59 m797 kcal174 spm250 ms8.1 cm1.15 mAltra Duo (2)
30.01 Wed
31.01 Thu
01.02 Fri-1 °CDL10,0 km51:245:08/km172 bpm195 bpm107 m801 kcal172 spm262 ms8.5 cm1.13 mAltra Duo (2)
02.02 Sat
03.02 Sun3 °CLL27,5 km2:39:125:48/km166 bpm183 bpm318 m2245 kcalZwei Seen166 spm279 ms8.5 cm1.04 mAltra Duo (2)
04.02 Mon4 °CDL11,7 km56:524:51/km169 bpm184 bpm138 m915 kcalKemnade174 spm263 ms8.2 cm1.19 mAltra Duo (2)
05.02 Tue
06.02 Wed8 °CTDL12,8 km59:274:39/km172 bpm187 bpm111 m981 kcalKemnade174 spm258 ms8.6 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
07.02 Thu8 °CTDL21,0 km1:43:514:57/km172 bpm184 bpm249 m1625 kcalZwei Seen172 spm263 ms8.5 cm1.18 mAltra Duo (2)
08.02 Fri
09.02 Sat9 °CLL34,0 km3:11:325:38/km164 bpm179 bpm567 m2803 kcalKemnade168 spm282 ms8.3 cm1.06 mAltra Duo (2)
10.02 Sun
11.02 Mon5 °CTDL12,8 km1:00:464:45/km174 bpm197 bpm93 m923 kcalKemnade174 spm271 ms8.4 cm1.21 mAltra Duo (2)
12.02 Tue5 °CDL14,0 km1:18:195:35/km165 bpm175 bpm89 m1146 kcalZwei Seen168 spm285 ms8.4 cm1.06 mAltra Duo (2)
13.02 Wed
14.02 Thu7 °CLL30,0 km2:43:185:26/km164 bpm201 bpm266 m2414 kcalZwei Seen168 spm282 ms8.8 cm1.09 mAltra Duo (2)
15.02 Fri
16.02 Sat
17.02 SunLL40,2 km3:33:385:19/km175 bpm204 bpm370 m3205 kcalKemnade170 spm257 ms9.2 cm1.11 mAltra Duo (2)
18.02 Mon
19.02 Tue9 °CDL14,0 km1:16:055:26/km164 bpm175 bpm124 m1119 kcalMichaelZwei Seen164 spm279 ms9.1 cm1.12 mAltra Duo (2)
20.02 Wed
21.02 Thu12 °CLL21,4 km1:41:574:46/km141 bpm191 bpm214 m1516 kcalPhoenix174 spm261 ms8.6 cm1.21 mAltra Duo (2)
22.02 Fri
23.02 Sat
24.02 Sun10 °CLL22,8 km1:45:154:37/km189 bpm211 bpm196 m1504 kcalZwei Seen176 spm245 ms8.7 cm1.23 mAltra Duo (2)
25.02 Mon14 °CTDL14,0 km1:04:174:35/km167 bpm188 bpm100 m964 kcalZwei Seen176 spm251 ms8.5 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
26.02 Tue
27.02 Wed
28.02 Thu10 °CLL30,0 km2:30:545:01/km169 bpm185 bpm299 m2259 kcalPhoenix170 spm266 ms9.0 cm1.17 mAltra Duo (2)
01.03 Fri
02.03 Sat
03.03 Sun
04.03 Mon8 °CTDL14,0 km1:04:294:36/km170 bpm194 bpm204 m1007 kcalPhoenix176 spm247 ms8.4 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
05.03 Tue9 °CTDL21,0 km1:37:394:39/km147 bpm180 bpm164 m1577 kcalPhoenix174 spm260 ms8.6 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
06.03 Wed
07.03 Thu10 °CLL30,0 km2:34:105:08/km166 bpm188 bpm448 m2383 kcalPhoenix170 spm279 ms8.6 cm1.15 mAltra Duo (2)
08.03 Fri
09.03 Sat
10.03 Sun10 °CRG10,2 km51:555:07/km167 bpm181 bpm190 m831 kcalKemnade168 spm279 ms8.7 cm1.16 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
11.03 Mon7 °CTDL14,4 km1:05:414:35/km171 bpm185 bpm231 m1099 kcalPhoenix176 spm256 ms8.0 cm1.24 mAltra Duo (2)
12.03 Tue8 °CLL30,1 km2:27:374:55/km164 bpm183 bpm507 m2353 kcalPhoenix174 spm273 ms8.4 cm1.17 mAltra Duo (2)
13.03 Wed
14.03 Thu9 °CLL30,0 km2:29:294:59/km162 bpm200 bpm397 m2375 kcalPhoenix172 spm274 ms8.6 cm1.17 mAltra Duo (2)
15.03 Fri11 °CDL12,0 km56:074:40/km106 bpm154 bpm203 m908 kcalPhoenix174 spm266 ms8.4 cm1.23 mAltra Duo (2)
16.03 Sat
17.03 Sun8 °CTDL14,2 km1:07:394:45/km131 bpm176 bpm179 m1121 kcalKemnade174 spm256 ms8.6 cm1.21 mAltra Duo (2)
18.03 Mon
19.03 Tue
20.03 Wed
21.03 Thu16 °CLL30,0 km2:24:514:50/km112 bpm182 bpm246 m2552 kcalPhoenix174 spm264 ms8.2 cm1.19 mAltra Duo (2)
22.03 Fri
23.03 Sat
24.03 Sun
25.03 Mon
26.03 Tue9 °CLL30,0 km2:18:424:37/km169 bpm185 bpm297 m2302 kcalPhoenix176 spm265 ms8.3 cm1.23 mAltra Duo (2)
27.03 Wed
28.03 Thu
29.03 Fri11 °CTDL10,4 km45:244:21/km162 bpm176 bpm100 m695 kcalAasee178 spm234 ms8.1 cm1.29 mAltra Duo (2)
30.03 Sat16 °CDL15,6 km1:19:525:08/km150 bpm187 bpm100 m1140 kcalAasee und Promenade170 spm283 ms8.3 cm1.15 mAltra Duo (2)
31.03 Sun
01.04 Mon15 °CTDL15,1 km1:07:224:27/km172 bpm191 bpm185 m1177 kcalPhoenix178 spm249 ms8.6 cm1.26 mAltra Duo (2)
02.04 Tue14 °CDL21,3 km1:40:344:43/km173 bpm195 bpm246 m1695 kcalPhoenix174 spm263 ms8.8 cm1.22 mAltra Duo (2)
03.04 Wed
04.04 Thu7 °CLL30,1 km2:25:124:50/km173 bpm189 bpm249 m2454 kcalPhoenix172 spm272 ms8.7 cm1.20 mAltra Duo (2)
05.04 Fri
06.04 Sat
07.04 Sun13 °CLL69,4 km7:04:426:07/km154 bpm184 bpm779 m5789 kcalTrassentour164 spm286 ms7.6 cm1.00 mAltra Duo
08.04 Mon
09.04 Tue
10.04 Wed11 °CLL30,0 km2:24:394:49/km172 bpm206 bpm349 m2370 kcalPhoenix172 spm265 ms8.8 cm1.21 mAltra Duo
11.04 Thu
12.04 Fri
13.04 Sat8 °CRG13,8 km1:23:516:06/km149 bpm180 bpm149 m942 kcalMeeBaldeneysee164 spm298 ms8.4 cm1.00 mHoka One One Clayton 2
14.04 Sun
15.04 Mon17 °CTDL14,0 km1:01:164:22/km150 m1209 kcalPhoenix178 spm1.29 mAltra Duo
16.04 Tue20 °CLL30,1 km2:18:394:37/km237 m2606 kcalPhoenix174 spm1.25 mAltra Duo
17.04 Wed
18.04 Thu
19.04 Fri25 °CLL74,3 km7:29:226:03/km81 bpm154 bpm607 m6079 kcalBastiTrassentour166 spm285 ms8.4 cm1.00 mAltra Duo
20.04 Sat23 °C32,8 km1:55:4617,0 km/h390 m1066 kcal61 W
21.04 Sun24 °CLL21,2 km1:43:134:52/km154 bpm165 bpm237 m1332 kcal172 spm1.20 mAltra Duo
22.04 Mon20 °CRG14,0 km1:08:024:51/km156 bpm176 bpm106 m980 kcalBaldeneysee174 spm1.18 mAltra Duo
23.04 Tue
24.04 Wed25 °CLL21,2 km1:36:344:33/km158 bpm187 bpm222 m1433 kcalPhoenix176 spm1.25 m
25.04 Thu
26.04 Fri
27.04 Sat11 °CLL22,0 km2:10:095:56/km135 bpm162 bpm257 m1318 kcalBaldeney164 spm1.03 mHoka One One Clayton 2
28.04 Sun12 °CTDL16,1 km1:13:504:35/km158 bpm172 bpm117 m1116 kcalBaldeneysee182 spm1.20 mAltra Duo (2)
29.04 Mon
30.04 Tue17 °CTDL14,6 km1:03:174:20/km167 bpm178 bpm157 m1054 kcalPhoenix182 spm1.27 mAltra Duo
01.05 Wed15 °C12,8 km54:464:17/km164 bpm172 bpm128 m926 kcal182 spm1.28 m
02.05 Thu
03.05 Fri
04.05 Sat9 °CWK100,4 km9:50:055:53/km138 bpm157 bpm1.012 m5194 kcalWHEW170 spm1.00 mAltra Duo
05.05 Sun
06.05 Mon
07.05 Tue
08.05 Wed
09.05 Thu
10.05 Fri14 °CTDL11,3 km48:374:18/km168 bpm195 bpm169 m835 kcalPhoenix180 spm1.29 mAltra Duo
11.05 Sat
12.05 Sun
13.05 Mon
14.05 Tue15 °CLL30,2 km2:19:254:37/km161 bpm177 bpm333 m2199 kcalPhoenix176 spm1.23 mAltra Duo
15.05 Wed
16.05 Thu
17.05 Fri14 °CTDL12,8 km54:594:18/km166 bpm172 bpm114 m955 kcalKemnade182 spm1.28 mAltra Duo
18.05 Sat22 °CRG11,1 km1:00:445:28/km141 bpm170 bpm73 m818 kcalBaldeneysee168 spm1.09 mHoka One One Clayton 2
19.05 Sun
20.05 Mon
21.05 Tue
22.05 Wed
23.05 Thu
24.05 Fri
25.05 Sat
26.05 Sun
27.05 Mon
28.05 Tue12 °C11,1 km49:184:27/km165 bpm177 bpm117 m811 kcal178 spm1.26 m
29.05 Wed
30.05 Thu
31.05 Fri
01.06 Sat
02.06 Sun
03.06 Mon
04.06 Tue
05.06 Wed
06.06 Thu
07.06 Fri
08.06 Sat
09.06 Sun
10.06 Mon
11.06 Tue
12.06 Wed
13.06 Thu
14.06 Fri
15.06 Sat18 °CDL10,6 km51:124:50/km169 bpm183 bpm136 m916 kcal172 spm1.20 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
16.06 Sun
17.06 Mon26 °CDL12,0 km57:454:49/km172 bpm180 bpm108 m1044 kcal172 spm1.21 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
18.06 Tue27 °CLL21,3 km1:51:135:13/km167 bpm178 bpm199 m1844 kcalPhoenix170 spm1.13 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
19.06 Wed
20.06 Thu
21.06 Fri21 °CLL21,0 km1:40:464:48/km164 bpm174 bpm226 m1595 kcalSpeinforum-HM174 spm1.20 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
22.06 Sat21 °CLL28,8 km2:30:075:13/km160 bpm171 bpm325 m2167 kcalSpringorum170 spm1.13 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
23.06 Sun
24.06 Mon32 °CDL12,0 km1:00:585:05/km165 bpm173 bpm104 m1010 kcalPhoenix168 spm1.17 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
25.06 Tue32 °CDL10,5 km52:405:01/km158 bpm171 bpm111 m806 kcal168 spm1.19 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
26.06 Wed
27.06 Thu
28.06 Fri
29.06 Sat35 °CWK112,0 km15:26:238:16/km130 bpm164 bpm1.420 m7511 kcalKölnpfad152 spm0.80 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
30.06 Sun
01.07 Mon
02.07 Tue
03.07 Wed
04.07 Thu23 °CLL20,8 km1:41:194:52/km157 bpm167 bpm210 m1447 kcalSpringorum174 spm1.18 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
05.07 Fri
06.07 Sat25 °CDL10,5 km49:444:44/km162 bpm177 bpm135 m805 kcal174 spm1.21 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
07.07 Sun18 °CLL21,1 km1:38:564:41/km162 bpm182 bpm232 m1531 kcalSpringorum176 spm1.21 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
08.07 Mon
09.07 Tue20 °CLL20,8 km1:39:034:46/km158 bpm171 bpm220 m1506 kcal172 spm1.22 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
10.07 Wed
11.07 Thu25 °CDL11,9 km57:214:50/km152 bpm159 bpm186 m864 kcalPhoenix170 spm1.22 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
12.07 Fri
13.07 Sat16 °CWK50,1 km4:11:075:01/km154 bpm168 bpm280 m3210 kcalRegattabahn172 spm1.16 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
14.07 Sun
15.07 Mon
16.07 Tue17 °CTDL10,5 km47:084:29/km158 bpm170 bpm119 m765 kcal176 spm1.27 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
17.07 Wed
18.07 Thu24 °CLL30,2 km2:33:085:05/km157 bpm185 bpm255 m2289 kcalPhoenix172 spm1.14 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
19.07 Fri
20.07 Sat
21.07 Sun
22.07 Mon28 °CDL12,0 km56:274:42/km163 bpm177 bpm105 m965 kcalPhoenix174 spm1.22 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
23.07 Tue34 °CLL20,0 km1:49:085:27/km158 bpm169 bpm210 m1721 kcalPhoenix166 spm1.10 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
24.07 Wed
25.07 Thu39 °CDL11,0 km56:325:08/km157 bpm167 bpm119 m900 kcalPhoenix168 spm1.16 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
26.07 Fri
27.07 Sat28 °CLL30,7 km2:48:495:30/km154 bpm178 bpm329 m2226 kcalRuhrtal166 spm1.10 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
24 °CLL12,0 km1:07:135:36/km149 bpm172 bpm115 m940 kcal170 spm1.05 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
28.07 Sun
29.07 Mon
30.07 Tue30 °CLL30,0 km2:30:465:01/km154 bpm196 bpm296 m2046 kcalPhoenix172 spm1.16 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
31.07 Wed
01.08 Thu22 °CLL21,5 km1:52:005:12/km158 bpm169 bpm217 m1564 kcalSpringorum172 spm1.12 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
02.08 Fri
03.08 Sat20 °CLL50,0 km4:48:385:46/km138 bpm157 bpm421 m2969 kcalKemnade166 spm1.04 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
04.08 Sun
05.08 Mon
06.08 Tue
07.08 Wed21 °CLL20,1 km1:32:324:37/km161 bpm171 bpm149 m1483 kcal176 spm1.23 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
08.08 Thu
09.08 Fri24 °CLL30,0 km2:25:204:51/km160 bpm182 bpm300 m2228 kcal174 spm1.19 mHoka One One Clayton 2
10.08 Sat
11.08 Sun
12.08 Mon15 °CTDL12,0 km53:214:27/km163 bpm178 bpm122 m900 kcalPhoenix180 spm1.25 mHoka One One Clayton 2
13.08 Tue
14.08 Wed
15.08 Thu
16.08 Fri
17.08 Sat15 °CWK161,3 km23:16:068:39/km125 bpm163 bpm1.545 m11636 kcalMauerweg152 spm0.76 mHoka One One Clayton 2
18.08 Sun
19.08 Mon
20.08 Tue
21.08 Wed
22.08 Thu
23.08 Fri
24.08 Sat
25.08 Sun
26.08 Mon
27.08 Tue
28.08 Wed
29.08 Thu
30.08 Fri25 °CDL10,5 km50:094:45/km165 bpm174 bpm109 m846 kcal176 spm1.19 mHoka One One Clayton 2
31.08 Sat
01.09 Sun
02.09 Mon
03.09 Tue
04.09 Wed
05.09 Thu
06.09 Fri
07.09 Sat
08.09 Sun
09.09 Mon
10.09 Tue20 °CDL7,7 km35:524:39/km173 bpm183 bpm83 m644 kcal176 spm1.22 mHoka One One Clayton 2
11.09 Wed
12.09 Thu
13.09 Fri
14.09 Sat
15.09 Sun
16.09 Mon
17.09 Tue15 °CTDL11,3 km51:144:32/km173 bpm182 bpm114 m899 kcalPhoenix178 spm1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
18.09 Wed
19.09 Thu16 °CTDL11,3 km51:484:35/km171 bpm182 bpm91 m895 kcalPhoenix176 spm1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
20.09 Fri
21.09 Sat
22.09 Sun25 °CLL20,7 km1:41:064:53/km170 bpm180 bpm208 m1675 kcalSpringorum172 spm1.19 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
23.09 Mon
24.09 Tue
25.09 Wed18 °CDL14,7 km1:21:105:32/km153 bpm172 bpm188 m980 kcal168 spm1.08 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
26.09 Thu
27.09 Fri19 °CLL20,0 km1:36:554:51/km176 bpm249 bpm211 m1627 kcal174 spm1.19 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
28.09 Sat
29.09 Sun16 °CLL20,8 km1:45:185:03/km164 bpm180 bpm254 m1654 kcal172 spm1.15 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
30.09 Mon
01.10 Tue
02.10 Wed
03.10 Thu
04.10 Fri
05.10 Sat
06.10 Sun
07.10 Mon
08.10 Tue13 °CTDL12,0 km55:514:39/km168 bpm179 bpm96 m940 kcalPhoenix176 spm1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
09.10 Wed
10.10 Thu14 °CLL21,0 km1:39:264:44/km185 bpm235 bpm214 m1731 kcalPhoenix174 spm364 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
11.10 Fri
12.10 Sat
13.10 Sun17 °CLL28,7 km2:19:534:53/km184 bpm241 bpm267 m2380 kcal174 spm348 W1.18 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
14.10 Mon22 °CDL10,7 km50:004:40/km168 bpm178 bpm77 m846 kcalPhoenix174 spm372 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
15.10 Tue
16.10 Wed
17.10 Thu15 °CLL30,0 km2:32:405:05/km156 bpm167 bpm280 m2105 kcalPhoenix172 spm326 W1.14 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
18.10 Fri
19.10 Sat14 °CWK28,7 km2:41:005:36/km161 bpm181 bpm681 m2343 kcalTeutolauf164 spm307 W1.09 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
20.10 Sun
21.10 Mon
22.10 Tue9 °CDL14,0 km1:05:384:41/km158 bpm170 bpm121 m1029 kcalPhoenix176 spm369 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
23.10 Wed18 °CTDL11,3 km50:514:29/km159 bpm171 bpm93 m825 kcalPhoenix178 spm390 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
24.10 Thu18 °CLL30,0 km2:32:585:06/km156 bpm166 bpm301 m2213 kcalPhoenix172 spm331 W1.14 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
25.10 Fri
26.10 Sat
27.10 Sun
28.10 Mon11 °CDL10,5 km48:034:34/km159 bpm169 bpm105 m791 kcal176 spm382 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
29.10 Tue11 °CLL30,0 km2:26:374:53/km155 bpm162 bpm267 m2165 kcalBaldini176 spm350 W1.16 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
30.10 Wed
31.10 Thu
01.11 Fri
02.11 Sat
03.11 Sun10 °CWK50,2 km4:30:395:24/km151 bpm188 bpm396 m3475 kcalHerbstwaldlauf172 spm310 W1.08 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
04.11 Mon
05.11 Tue
06.11 Wed
07.11 Thu
08.11 Fri
09.11 Sat6 °CDL10,6 km48:344:36/km162 bpm171 bpm130 m818 kcal178 spm372 W1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
10.11 Sun9 °CLL21,0 km1:39:224:44/km163 bpm177 bpm231 m1628 kcal176 spm366 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
11.11 Mon
12.11 Tue
13.11 Wed7 °CTDL11,4 km51:134:30/km161 bpm173 bpm100 m872 kcalPhoenix176 spm388 W1.26 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
14.11 Thu5 °CDL15,4 km1:14:464:52/km149 bpm163 bpm135 m1048 kcalPhoenix174 spm352 W1.18 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
15.11 Fri
16.11 Sat
17.11 Sun1 °CWK53,9 km6:13:546:57/km150 bpm173 bpm1.501 m4070 kcalBaldeneysteig156 spm248 W0.92 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
18.11 Mon
19.11 Tue
20.11 Wed0 °CLL20,8 km1:37:384:42/km159 bpm171 bpm242 m1588 kcalSpringorum178 spm369 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
21.11 Thu4 °CWA1,7 km7:324:32/km154 bpm166 bpm10 m123 kcalPhoenix172 spm379 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
3 °CIT6,8 km31:244:35/km162 bpm176 bpm33 m535 kcalPhoenix178 spm377 W1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
22.11 Fri
23.11 Sat9 °CWK21,2 km1:36:474:34/km165 bpm176 bpm189 m1704 kcalBaldeneysee178 spm378 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
24.11 Sun
25.11 Mon8 °CTDL12,0 km53:524:29/km161 bpm183 bpm60 m928 kcalPhoenix178 spm383 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
26.11 Tue11 °CLL21,1 km1:40:034:45/km169 bpm212 bpm173 m1722 kcalPhoenix174 spm363 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
27.11 Wed
28.11 Thu9 °CLL30,1 km2:25:104:49/km152 bpm161 bpm320 m2042 kcalPhoenix174 spm355 W1.19 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
29.11 Fri
30.11 Sat
01.12 Sun0 °CLL21,6 km1:37:074:30/km158 bpm166 bpm185 m1607 kcalKemnade180 spm388 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
02.12 Mon
03.12 Tue5 °CLL20,8 km1:40:034:49/km161 bpm171 bpm215 m1692 kcalSpringorum176 spm358 W1.18 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
04.12 Wed
05.12 Thu0 °CLL30,0 km2:21:164:42/km157 bpm165 bpm243 m2116 kcalPhoenix176 spm367 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
06.12 Fri
07.12 Sat
08.12 Sun
09.12 Mon7 °CTDL14,0 km1:01:014:21/km81 m1249 kcalErzbahntrasse182 spm400 W1.26 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
10.12 Tue4 °CLL30,0 km2:20:024:40/km158 bpm166 bpm247 m2184 kcalBaldeneysee178 spm371 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
11.12 Wed
12.12 Thu
13.12 Fri5 °CLL30,0 km2:25:434:51/km161 bpm170 bpm193 m2384 kcalBaldeneysee174 spm351 W1.18 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
14.12 Sat
15.12 Sun7 °CLL20,8 km1:36:044:37/km162 bpm171 bpm284 m1587 kcalSpringorum176 spm376 W1.23 mAltra Duo 1.5
16.12 Mon
17.12 Tue12 °CLL30,0 km2:22:384:45/km158 bpm169 bpm233 m2105 kcalBaldeneysee174 spm361 W1.21 mAltra Duo 1.5
18.12 Wed
19.12 Thu12 °CLL22,7 km1:52:444:58/km161 bpm220 bpm219 m1758 kcalBaldeneysee176 spm344 W1.14 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
20.12 Fri11 °CLL22,1 km1:41:534:36/km168 bpm228 bpm346 m1742 kcalSpringorum176 spm377 W1.23 mHoka One One Bondi 5 (2)
21.12 Sat
22.12 Sun
23.12 Mon6 °CLL50,1 km4:40:525:37/km142 bpm214 bpm488 m3312 kcalKemnade170 spm295 W1.05 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
24.12 Tue
25.12 Wed7 °CTDL12,7 km56:184:26/km167 bpm229 bpm107 m983 kcalKemnade180 spm392 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
26.12 Thu
27.12 Fri4 °CLL20,7 km1:33:464:32/km165 bpm215 bpm224 m1567 kcalSpringorum178 spm382 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
28.12 Sat1 °CRG16,7 km1:28:035:16/km151 bpm242 bpm130 m1179 kcalKemnade172 spm320 W1.10 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
29.12 Sun
30.12 Mon
31.12 Tue5 °C15,1 km1:05:134:20/km167 bpm175 bpm125 m1174 kcalWerl184 spm399 W1.26 m
133x Laufen14 °C3 095,8 km11d 13:34:315:23/km152 bpm249 bpm32.540 m231132 kcal169 spm343 W271 ms8.5 cm1.09 m
1x Radfahren23 °C32,8 km1:55:4617,0 km/h390 m1066 kcal61 W

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