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Activity data of Bubisch

Total distance: 21 244,58 km Number of activities: 980x Bubisch
Total duration: 83d 17:01:06

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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRmax. HRElev.EnergySplitsPartnerRouteCadencePowerGround contactVertical oscillationStride lengthHRVEquipment
01.01 Wed
02.01 Thu3 °CLL30,0 km2:16:054:32/km161 bpm172 bpm234 m2234 kcalPhoenix178 spm384 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
03.01 Fri
04.01 Sat
05.01 Sun5 °CWK22,8 km1:38:564:20/km167 bpm180 bpm220 m1781 kcalPhoenix182 spm394 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
06.01 Mon4 °CDL11,5 km50:514:26/km65 m1020 kcalPhoenix178 spm394 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
07.01 Tue5 °CLL30,1 km2:27:494:54/km148 bpm188 bpm239 m1938 kcalPhoenix172 spm350 W1.19 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
08.01 Wed
09.01 Thu11 °CLL30,1 km2:28:254:56/km151 bpm176 bpm319 m2039 kcalSpringorum und St...174 spm346 W1.17 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
10.01 Fri
11.01 Sat
12.01 Sun
13.01 Mon7 °CIT8,4 km38:584:39/km166 bpm229 bpm73 m682 kcalTrasse176 spm367 W1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
14.01 Tue
15.01 Wed11 °CDL12,1 km55:474:37/km157 bpm180 bpm137 m954 kcalKemnade176 spm372 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
16.01 Thu8 °CLL30,0 km2:16:544:34/km162 bpm228 bpm256 m2239 kcalPhoenix178 spm382 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
17.01 Fri
18.01 Sat
19.01 Sun5 °CLL20,8 km1:33:594:31/km166 bpm223 bpm221 m1660 kcalSpringorum178 spm387 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
20.01 Mon
21.01 Tue
22.01 Wed
23.01 Thu
24.01 Fri
25.01 Sat0 °CWK50,3 km4:03:554:51/km159 bpm198 bpm467 m3549 kcalRodgau176 spm353 W1.17 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
26.01 Sun
27.01 Mon
28.01 Tue
29.01 Wed
30.01 Thu8 °CLL20,8 km1:35:294:36/km162 bpm177 bpm295 m1614 kcalHordel176 spm380 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
31.01 Fri
01.02 Sat11 °CLL28,4 km2:11:404:39/km165 bpm173 bpm289 m2206 kcalBaldeneysee176 spm373 W1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket
02.02 Sun
03.02 Mon
04.02 Tue
05.02 Wed
06.02 Thu
07.02 Fri
08.02 Sat
09.02 Sun7 °CWK65,2 km6:48:256:16/km160 bpm231 bpm1.075 m5530 kcalG1164 spm263 W0.97 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
10.02 Mon
11.02 Tue
12.02 Wed
13.02 Thu3 °CDL12,9 km56:064:21/km160 bpm175 bpm141 m873 kcalAlster178 spm400 W1.29 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
14.02 Fri
15.02 Sat13 °CTDL15,7 km1:08:344:23/km165 bpm174 bpm195 m1175 kcalBochum180 spm404 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
16.02 Sun
17.02 Mon8 °CTDL11,9 km50:034:13/km167 bpm182 bpm118 m872 kcalPhoenix180 spm421 W1.32 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
18.02 Tue8 °CLL21,0 km1:32:554:25/km160 bpm168 bpm216 m1530 kcalPhoenix178 spm397 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
19.02 Wed
20.02 Thu
21.02 Fri6 °CTDL10,7 km44:494:12/km163 bpm186 bpm103 m762 kcalPhoenix180 spm424 W1.32 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
22.02 Sat
23.02 Sun
24.02 Mon10 °CTDL10,7 km46:174:19/km160 bpm172 bpm174 m787 kcalPhoenix176 spm411 W1.32 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
25.02 Tue6 °CDL11,3 km48:224:16/km160 bpm168 bpm138 m829 kcalPhoenix180 spm415 W1.30 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
26.02 Wed4 °CDL14,6 km1:05:514:32/km161 bpm181 bpm125 m1146 kcalPhoenix174 spm385 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
27.02 Thu
28.02 Fri
29.02 Sat7 °CTR80,3 km11:20:088:28/km128 bpm167 bpm2.402 m5854 kcalWuppertal150 spm192 W0.79 mHoka One One Speedgoat 2
01.03 Sun
02.03 Mon
03.03 Tue
04.03 Wed7 °C10,7 km46:534:22/km60 m962 kcalDortmund178 spm400 W1.29 m
05.03 Thu7 °CDL14,6 km1:04:044:23/km159 bpm167 bpm146 m1070 kcalPhoenix178 spm400 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
06.03 Fri
07.03 Sat8 °CDL13,1 km56:594:21/km156 bpm169 bpm108 m919 kcalAasee180 spm403 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
08.03 Sun
09.03 Mon8 °CLL21,0 km1:35:254:32/km155 bpm170 bpm188 m1554 kcalPhoenix176 spm383 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
10.03 Tue
11.03 Wed
12.03 Thu8 °CDL11,3 km48:444:18/km159 bpm172 bpm131 m838 kcalPhoenix176 spm411 W1.32 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
13.03 Fri
14.03 Sat
15.03 Sun
16.03 Mon
17.03 Tue16 °CLL21,0 km1:33:454:28/km159 bpm180 bpm185 m1594 kcalPhoenix174 spm392 W1.29 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
18.03 Wed
19.03 Thu13 °CLL30,0 km2:16:244:33/km163 bpm173 bpm304 m2387 kcalPhoenix176 spm383 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
20.03 Fri
21.03 Sat
22.03 Sun9 °CDL10,5 km46:104:24/km163 bpm175 bpm164 m797 kcal178 spm401 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
23.03 Mon
24.03 Tue
25.03 Wed9 °CLL20,7 km1:31:174:24/km159 bpm171 bpm286 m1514 kcalSpringorum178 spm399 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
26.03 Thu
27.03 Fri
28.03 Sat13 °CLL25,0 km1:56:004:38/km165 bpm181 bpm298 m2041 kcalWitten176 spm374 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
29.03 Sun
30.03 Mon
31.03 Tue7 °CTDL10,5 km44:514:16/km162 bpm173 bpm119 m752 kcalHordel178 spm416 W1.32 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
01.04 Wed8 °CLL20,7 km1:31:384:25/km161 bpm171 bpm245 m1539 kcalSpringorum178 spm387 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
02.04 Thu
03.04 Fri
04.04 Sat
05.04 Sun16 °CLL25,1 km2:00:204:47/km159 bpm168 bpm288 m2021 kcalKemnade174 spm360 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
06.04 Mon
07.04 Tue18 °CDL10,5 km46:584:28/km157 bpm167 bpm107 m758 kcal176 spm392 W1.27 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
08.04 Wed21 °CTDL10,9 km47:244:21/km160 bpm170 bpm103 m789 kcal176 spm405 W1.30 mAltra Duo 1.5
09.04 Thu
10.04 Fri16 °CLL20,6 km1:31:474:28/km159 bpm168 bpm238 m1512 kcalHordel176 spm393 W1.27 mAltra Duo 1.5
11.04 Sat19 °CDL11,7 km53:194:34/km159 bpm168 bpm99 m904 kcalKemnade174 spm379 W1.26 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
12.04 Sun22 °CLL20,3 km1:32:534:35/km160 bpm172 bpm207 m1545 kcalSteele-Springorum...174 spm381 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
13.04 Mon
14.04 Tue
15.04 Wed15 °CLL20,7 km1:30:584:23/km159 bpm170 bpm220 m1472 kcalSpringorum176 spm401 W1.29 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
16.04 Thu21 °CDL10,5 km46:504:27/km159 bpm168 bpm101 m783 kcal176 spm390 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
17.04 Fri18 °CDL10,5 km49:504:45/km150 bpm161 bpm117 m783 kcal172 spm365 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
18.04 Sat
19.04 Sun17 °CLL40,7 km3:31:355:12/km147 bpm159 bpm510 m2932 kcal4Ruhrtalradweg170 spm326 W1.13 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
20.04 Mon
21.04 Tue18 °CLL20,7 km1:33:044:30/km161 bpm173 bpm282 m1533 kcalSpringorum176 spm388 W1.26 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
22.04 Wed
23.04 Thu21 °CLL20,0 km1:33:334:41/km152 bpm167 bpm219 m1415 kcalSpringorum174 spm351 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
24.04 Fri
25.04 Sat17 °CLL30,0 km2:21:024:42/km154 bpm166 bpm284 m2229 kcalKemnade174 spm364 W1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
26.04 Sun18 °CDL10,8 km50:394:42/km147 bpm159 bpm121 m755 kcalHordel172 spm366 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
27.04 Mon
28.04 Tue
29.04 Wed
30.04 Thu
01.05 Fri13 °CLL20,7 km1:29:584:21/km163 bpm173 bpm293 m1541 kcalSpringorum180 spm397 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
02.05 Sat
03.05 Sun16 °CLL30,0 km2:14:064:28/km165 bpm173 bpm210 m2341 kcalBaldeneysee176 spm377 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
04.05 Mon
05.05 Tue12 °CDL11,8 km54:094:35/km125 m1059 kcalSpringorum176 spm375 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
06.05 Wed16 °CLL20,7 km1:31:584:26/km158 bpm167 bpm239 m1483 kcalSpringorum178 spm389 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
07.05 Thu21 °CDL10,8 km52:404:52/km146 bpm159 bpm113 m773 kcalHordel172 spm344 W1.19 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
08.05 Fri
09.05 Sat23 °CDL17,1 km1:20:584:45/km161 bpm171 bpm149 m1395 kcalKemnade174 spm364 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
10.05 Sun
11.05 Mon
12.05 Tue
13.05 Wed
14.05 Thu11 °CLL20,0 km1:28:354:26/km161 bpm171 bpm245 m1477 kcalSpringorum178 spm397 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
15.05 Fri
16.05 Sat
17.05 Sun
18.05 Mon
19.05 Tue22 °C20,8 km1:33:024:28/km163 bpm172 bpm230 m1583 kcalHordel176 spm392 W1.27 m
20.05 Wed
21.05 Thu
22.05 Fri21 °CLL79,6 km11:45:258:52/km126 bpm152 bpm855 m5862 kcalBielefeld - Münster156 spm175 W0.72 mHoka One One Vanquish 3
23.05 Sat
24.05 Sun
25.05 Mon
26.05 Tue20 °CDL13,0 km58:374:30/km161 bpm170 bpm123 m907 kcalPhoenix174 spm388 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
27.05 Wed
28.05 Thu19 °CLL30,4 km2:24:214:45/km157 bpm166 bpm318 m2191 kcalSpringorum174 spm363 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
29.05 Fri
30.05 Sat
31.05 Sun24 °CLL60,0 km5:43:425:44/km149 bpm169 bpm739 m4422 kcalRZR166 spm290 W1.05 mHoka One One Bondi 6
01.06 Mon
02.06 Tue
03.06 Wed23 °CDL10,8 km50:354:42/km154 bpm172 bpm119 m759 kcal172 spm369 W1.24 mHoka One One Bondi 6
04.06 Thu
05.06 Fri
06.06 Sat16 °CLL21,1 km1:32:054:22/km163 bpm169 bpm248 m1495 kcalKemnade180 spm401 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
07.06 Sun
08.06 Mon19 °CLL30,2 km2:23:344:45/km161 bpm173 bpm289 m2365 kcalSpringorum172 spm364 W1.22 mHoka One One Bondi 6
09.06 Tue17 °CDL10,8 km52:154:50/km151 bpm159 bpm121 m799 kcal170 spm357 W1.22 mHoka One One Bondi 6
10.06 Wed
11.06 Thu19 °CLL20,8 km1:36:324:39/km154 bpm164 bpm212 m1468 kcalSpringorum172 spm373 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
12.06 Fri
13.06 Sat
14.06 Sun21 °CLL63,9 km6:21:315:59/km142 bpm159 bpm671 m3932 kcalWetter (Ruhr)166 spm276 W1.01 mHoka One One Bondi 6
15.06 Mon
16.06 Tue
17.06 Wed22 °CLL20,9 km1:35:164:33/km159 bpm174 bpm195 m1537 kcalPhoenix174 spm383 W1.26 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
18.06 Thu
19.06 Fri
20.06 Sat
21.06 Sun24 °CLL18,3 km1:27:074:46/km159 bpm170 bpm177 m1420 kcalSpringorum174 spm359 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
22.06 Mon
23.06 Tue24 °CLL21,4 km1:36:424:32/km161 bpm172 bpm189 m1610 kcalKemnade176 spm384 W1.26 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
24.06 Wed26 °CDL11,5 km53:444:40/km156 bpm163 bpm113 m876 kcalKemnade174 spm370 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
25.06 Thu
26.06 Fri27 °CLL30,1 km2:23:284:46/km154 bpm163 bpm206 m2205 kcalBaldeneysee174 spm360 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
27.06 Sat
28.06 Sun17 °CLL42,2 km4:15:146:03/km139 bpm164 bpm658 m2829 kcalRheinischer Esel162 spm275 W1.02 mHoka One One Bondi 6
29.06 Mon
30.06 Tue19 °CLL30,0 km2:19:094:38/km154 bpm173 bpm342 m2096 kcalPhoenix174 spm375 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
01.07 Wed
02.07 Thu22 °CLL30,0 km2:16:564:34/km152 bpm168 bpm280 m2066 kcalPhoenix176 spm381 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
03.07 Fri
04.07 Sat
05.07 Sun20 °CLL30,0 km2:23:164:46/km158 bpm166 bpm309 m2328 kcalBaldeneysee174 spm361 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
06.07 Mon
07.07 Tue18 °CLL30,0 km2:12:114:24/km156 bpm166 bpm323 m2221 kcalPhoenix178 spm399 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
08.07 Wed
09.07 Thu19 °CLL30,0 km2:19:174:38/km155 bpm171 bpm338 m2245 kcalPhoenix174 spm374 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
10.07 Fri14 °CDL12,8 km56:534:27/km154 bpm162 bpm117 m934 kcalPhoenix176 spm393 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
11.07 Sat21 °CTDL12,8 km55:084:19/km159 bpm169 bpm115 m955 kcalKemnade180 spm406 W1.29 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
12.07 Sun21 °CLL20,9 km1:35:434:35/km152 bpm163 bpm247 m1496 kcalSpringorum174 spm381 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
13.07 Mon
14.07 Tue
15.07 Wed
16.07 Thu16 °CLL21,1 km1:35:214:31/km152 bpm167 bpm188 m1542 kcalPhoenix176 spm386 W1.26 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
17.07 Fri
18.07 Sat
19.07 Sun25 °C29,0 km1:41:0617,2 km/h212 m873 kcalHordel44 W
20.07 Mon
21.07 Tue21 °CLL30,1 km2:22:274:44/km158 bpm170 bpm214 m2411 kcalBaldeneysee174 spm364 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
22.07 Wed21 °CLL30,0 km2:28:134:56/km148 bpm159 bpm217 m2173 kcalBaldeneysee172 spm346 W1.18 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
23.07 Thu24 °CLL30,1 km2:36:025:11/km145 bpm156 bpm194 m2225 kcalBaldeneysee168 spm325 W1.15 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
24.07 Fri
25.07 Sat
26.07 Sun23 °CLL30,2 km2:20:454:39/km156 bpm166 bpm299 m2274 kcalKemnade176 spm370 W1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
27.07 Mon
28.07 Tue20 °CTDL14,0 km59:364:15/km162 bpm176 bpm148 m1029 kcalPhoenix180 spm416 W1.31 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 2
29.07 Wed21 °CLL20,4 km1:31:324:29/km143 m1835 kcalPhoenix176 spm389 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
30.07 Thu24 °CLL31,2 km2:37:285:02/km146 bpm157 bpm242 m2169 kcalRuhrtal172 spm338 W1.15 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
31.07 Fri
01.08 Sat22 °CDL14,3 km1:07:454:44/km152 bpm162 bpm185 m1086 kcalHordel174 spm367 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
02.08 Sun
03.08 Mon
04.08 Tue22 °CTDL12,2 km53:254:22/km158 bpm170 bpm115 m885 kcalPhoenix180 spm403 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
05.08 Wed
06.08 Thu
07.08 Fri
08.08 Sat34 °CLL45,4 km4:39:286:09/km137 bpm152 bpm418 m3137 kcal160 spm264 W1.02 mHoka One One Bondi 6
09.08 Sun
10.08 Mon31 °CDL12,2 km55:284:33/km160 bpm168 bpm125 m906 kcalPhoenix176 spm383 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
11.08 Tue
12.08 Wed
13.08 Thu
14.08 Fri28 °CLL35,1 km3:05:315:17/km148 bpm173 bpm338 m2367 kcalRuhrtalradweg166 spm320 W1.14 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
15.08 Sat
16.08 Sun28 °CLL20,0 km1:32:424:38/km154 bpm166 bpm192 m1405 kcalSpringorum176 spm375 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
17.08 Mon
18.08 Tue22 °CDL10,8 km48:384:30/km154 bpm166 bpm132 m754 kcal176 spm389 W1.26 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
19.08 Wed26 °CDL14,0 km1:06:194:44/km157 bpm166 bpm196 m1085 kcalSpringorum176 spm368 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
20.08 Thu
21.08 Fri
22.08 Sat17 °CWK80,6 km11:19:058:25/km129 bpm160 bpm2.278 m5593 kcalKölntrail150 spm203 W0.79 mHoka One One Bondi 6
23.08 Sun
24.08 Mon
25.08 Tue
26.08 Wed
27.08 Thu
28.08 Fri
29.08 Sat20 °CLL20,7 km1:31:424:26/km164 bpm172 bpm231 m1513 kcalSpingorum180 spm396 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
30.08 Sun
31.08 Mon
01.09 Tue18 °CLL30,1 km2:23:194:46/km163 bpm176 bpm208 m2410 kcalBaldeneysee174 spm361 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
02.09 Wed
03.09 Thu
04.09 Fri
05.09 Sat
06.09 Sun13 °CLL19,6 km1:28:324:31/km169 bpm178 bpm187 m1550 kcalWitten178 spm386 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
07.09 Mon19 °CDL10,7 km49:154:36/km160 bpm168 bpm112 m795 kcal176 spm378 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
08.09 Tue21 °CLL20,9 km1:36:014:36/km162 bpm179 bpm223 m1582 kcalSpringorum176 spm380 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
09.09 Wed
10.09 Thu13 °CDL11,5 km53:344:40/km154 bpm167 bpm143 m836 kcalSeeon-Seebruck178 spm377 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
11.09 Fri
12.09 Sat
13.09 Sun7,0 km2:31:132,8 km/h377 m465 kcalCaroFieberbrunn53 rpm
26 °CDL10,5 km50:384:50/km154 bpm167 bpm196 m782 kcalFieberbrunn174 spm376 W1.19 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
14.09 Mon19 °C54,7 km3:42:0314,8 km/h1.034 m2183 kcalFieberbrunn79 W
15.09 Tue22 °CDL10,5 km48:544:40/km154 bpm169 bpm204 m769 kcalFieberbrunn176 spm374 W1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
16.09 Wed11,5 km3:31:023,3 km/h753 m757 kcalFieberbrunn53 rpm
21 °CDL10,8 km53:294:57/km149 bpm162 bpm217 m816 kcalFieberbrunn172 spm356 W1.18 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
17.09 Thu
18.09 Fri13,2 km4:20:563,0 km/h776 m859 kcalFieberbrunn54 rpm
20 °CDL10,7 km49:554:39/km155 bpm168 bpm228 m785 kcalFieberbrunn176 spm383 W1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
19.09 Sat21 °CTDL10,7 km48:294:32/km153 bpm168 bpm216 m752 kcalFieberbrunn178 spm395 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
20.09 Sun
21.09 Mon22 °CTDL14,0 km1:00:024:17/km161 bpm168 bpm115 m990 kcalSankt Johann in T...182 spm411 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
22.09 Tue20 °CLL20,0 km1:46:495:20/km142 bpm162 bpm489 m1373 kcalFieberbrunn162 spm337 W1.16 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
23.09 Wed
24.09 Thu
25.09 Fri
26.09 Sat
27.09 Sun11 °CLL35,0 km3:04:265:16/km145 bpm160 bpm310 m2392 kcalHordel172 spm320 W1.10 mHoka One One Bondi 6
28.09 Mon
29.09 Tue11 °CLL20,7 km1:31:594:27/km158 bpm166 bpm235 m1499 kcalSpringform180 spm395 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
30.09 Wed12 °CDL10,1 km46:324:36/km152 bpm163 bpm69 m736 kcalMunich176 spm369 W1.23 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
01.10 Thu
02.10 Fri
03.10 Sat
04.10 Sun
05.10 Mon
06.10 Tue
07.10 Wed
08.10 Thu13 °CDL10,6 km45:214:18/km158 bpm171 bpm153 m748 kcalHordel182 spm410 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
09.10 Fri
10.10 Sat
11.10 Sun
12.10 Mon
13.10 Tue
14.10 Wed
15.10 Thu
16.10 Fri
17.10 Sat
18.10 Sun
19.10 Mon
20.10 Tue
21.10 Wed
22.10 Thu
23.10 Fri
24.10 Sat
25.10 Sun
26.10 Mon
27.10 Tue
28.10 Wed
29.10 Thu
30.10 Fri
31.10 Sat
01.11 Sun
02.11 Mon
03.11 Tue
04.11 Wed6 °CDL10,0 km45:344:33/km168 bpm178 bpm70 m817 kcalEsel176 spm382 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
05.11 Thu
06.11 Fri
07.11 Sat
08.11 Sun11 °CLL28,5 km2:56:096:11/km149 bpm178 bpm610 m2443 kcalHerdecke162 spm272 W1.00 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
09.11 Mon
10.11 Tue
11.11 Wed
12.11 Thu9 °CLL37,6 km4:00:056:24/km149 bpm171 bpm554 m3292 kcalWitten160 spm258 W0.98 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
13.11 Fri
14.11 Sat
15.11 Sun16 °CTDL10,2 km44:594:26/km170 bpm176 bpm120 m765 kcalEsel178 spm396 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
16.11 Mon
17.11 Tue11 °CTDL10,1 km44:564:26/km166 bpm173 bpm81 m745 kcalEsel178 spm394 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
18.11 Wed
19.11 Thu7 °CLL34,4 km3:21:005:51/km147 bpm166 bpm512 m2808 kcal164 spm283 W1.04 mHoka One One Bondi 6
20.11 Fri
21.11 Sat
22.11 Sun
23.11 Mon5 °CDL14,6 km1:06:084:32/km163 bpm176 bpm102 m1067 kcalPhoenix178 spm385 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
24.11 Tue8 °CLL20,0 km1:32:044:36/km160 bpm166 bpm150 m1473 kcalEsel178 spm377 W1.22 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
25.11 Wed
26.11 Thu
27.11 Fri
28.11 Sat7 °CDL10,3 km44:574:21/km167 bpm173 bpm64 m770 kcalDonkey180 spm404 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
29.11 Sun2 °CLL21,6 km1:35:194:24/km165 bpm172 bpm191 m1611 kcalDonkey178 spm397 W1.28 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
30.11 Mon
01.12 Tue5 °CDL14,1 km1:03:514:33/km159 bpm167 bpm73 m1058 kcalDonkey176 spm382 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
02.12 Wed4 °CLL38,7 km3:56:546:08/km263 m3464 kcalDonkeyKem164 spm266 W0.99 mHoka One One Bondi 6
03.12 Thu
04.12 Fri
05.12 Sat4 °CLL30,3 km2:30:104:57/km156 bpm169 bpm252 m2344 kcalDonkeyKem174 spm343 W1.16 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
06.12 Sun
07.12 Mon3 °CDL14,6 km1:05:274:28/km161 bpm173 bpm141 m1084 kcalPhoenix176 spm390 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
08.12 Tue
09.12 Wed
10.12 Thu0 °CLL20,1 km1:30:034:29/km159 bpm168 bpm150 m1487 kcalKemnade176 spm389 W1.27 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
11.12 Fri3 °CDL10,2 km47:054:37/km153 bpm159 bpm104 m767 kcalDonkey174 spm376 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
12.12 Sat6 °CLL31,4 km2:33:564:54/km149 bpm161 bpm197 m2227 kcalKemnade172 spm348 W1.19 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
13.12 Sun6 °CDL10,2 km48:014:42/km148 bpm156 bpm90 m754 kcalDonkey176 spm367 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
14.12 Mon
15.12 Tue
16.12 Wed8 °CDL10,2 km46:534:36/km156 bpm162 bpm90 m789 kcalDonkey176 spm378 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
17.12 Thu7 °CLL38,6 km3:46:465:52/km136 bpm154 bpm416 m2499 kcalWitten166 spm280 W1.03 mHoka One One Bondi 6
18.12 Fri
19.12 Sat12 °CDL14,0 km1:04:104:35/km157 bpm166 bpm163 m1052 kcalWitten176 spm379 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
20.12 Sun9 °CLL29,1 km2:17:534:45/km147 bpm158 bpm226 m1897 kcalKemnade176 spm362 W1.20 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
21.12 Mon
22.12 Tue
23.12 Wed11 °CLL20,4 km1:31:254:29/km156 bpm167 bpm243 m1516 kcalKemnade178 spm388 W1.25 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
24.12 Thu6 °CLL30,4 km2:41:045:18/km136 bpm151 bpm214 m1788 kcalWitten170 spm316 W1.11 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
25.12 Fri
26.12 Sat2 °CLL20,7 km1:32:354:28/km160 bpm168 bpm220 m1571 kcalWitten180 spm391 W1.24 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
27.12 Sun
28.12 Mon3 °CLL32,8 km2:34:384:43/km185 m2948 kcalWitten176 spm365 W1.20 mHoka One One Bondi 6
29.12 Tue2 °CDL10,3 km47:454:39/km148 bpm153 bpm116 m754 kcalWitten178 spm370 W1.21 mHoka One One Carbon Rocket 3
30.12 Wed
31.12 Thu
141x Laufen15 °C3 156,9 km11d 06:45:165:09/km151 bpm231 bpm36.297 m234336 kcal170 spm333 W1.13 m
2x Radfahren21 °C83,7 km5:23:0915,5 km/h1.246 m3056 kcal68 W
3x Sonstiges31,7 km10:23:113,0 km/h1.906 m2081 kcal53 rpm

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