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Activity data of Geordi

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TypeDistanceDurationPaceElev.Energyavg. HRVO2maxVO2maxTRIMPTemp.SplitsPartnerTERPECSSF
01.06. Sat52,78 km2:14:4823,5 km/h797 m1022 kcal114 bpm13521 °C2.21.4
02.06. Sun
03.06. MonDL11,62 km59:585:10/km148 m523 kcal118 bpm64.966315 °C2.1110.0
04.06. Tue
05.06. Wed
06.06. ThuDL14,95 km1:15:145:02/km258 m715 kcal124 bpm64.359323 °C2.6121.74
07.06. FriDL14,52 km1:21:195:36/km288 m758 kcal122 bpm58.209823 °CBasti2.492.35
08.06. SatDL15,19 km1:11:324:43/km157 m725 kcal128 bpm64.979720 °C2.3110.05
09.06. SunTR29,88 km3:08:046:18/km1.058 m1354 kcal116 bpm57.3419016 °C2.3156.15
10.06. MonRG3,73 km21:505:51/km34 m174 kcal107 bpm60.661720 °COle1.4110.05
0,82 km43:101,1 km/h2 m408 kcal114 bpm492.40.05
0,47 km16:231,7 km/h231 kcal146 bpm363.10.05
RG3,72 km22:165:59/km48 m211 kcal123 bpm51.622923 °COle2.3110.05
11.06. TueDL11,59 km1:00:575:16/km151 m537 kcal118 bpm63.556424 °C2.0120.04
12.06. Wed
13.06. ThuDL24,01 km2:16:025:40/km547 m1051 kcal114 bpm63.0513221 °C2.0133.45
14.06. FriLL30,37 km2:52:105:40/km660 m1412 kcal116 bpm61.4417521 °C2.2143.65
15.06. SatLL25,86 km2:08:484:59/km220 m1073 kcal116 bpm67.7712922 °C2.2140.03
16.06. Sun
17.06. MonDL11,66 km1:02:565:24/km156 m490 kcal108 bpm68.145019 °C1.5120.04
18.06. Tue
19.06. WedDL8,27 km43:335:16/km110 m320 kcal106 bpm71.703219 °C1.5110.03
20.06. Thu0,34 km16:491,2 km/h6 m229 kcal147 bpm333.00.05
21.06. Fri
22.06. SatTR24,37 km5:33:1213:40/km3.129 m2825 kcal124 bpm28.7142514 °CBasti3.11510.04
23.06. Sun1,31 km44:131,8 km/h14 m496 kcal120 bpm383.00.05
24.06. MonDL19,36 km1:41:405:15/km347 m814 kcal127 bpm59.4814918 °CGunter, Peter3.4130.95
DL5,01 km28:125:38/km55 m237 kcal114 bpm59.912728 °C1.7150.03
25.06. TueDL11,88 km1:07:105:39/km158 m530 kcal114 bpm60.566419 °C1.8130.02
26.06. Wed4,37 km13:4719,0 km/h33 m159 kcal1535 °C0.0
27.06. ThuDL7,44 km46:456:17/km79 m433 kcal121 bpm48.955424 °C2.20.05
28.06. Fri3,68 km11:4918,7 km/h38 m139 kcal1219 °C0.0
3,55 km11:4618,1 km/h25 m141 kcal1226 °C0.0
29.06. Sat
30.06. SunDL19,15 km1:58:446:12/km548 m904 kcal116 bpm56.7012417 °C2.54.4
4,09 km22:1011,1 km/h37 m72 kcal73 bpm529 °C1.10.0
0,29 km26:040,7 km/h2 m285 kcal123 bpm322.40.0
2,87 km16:5010,2 km/h40 m46 kcal70 bpm330 °C1.00.0
DL1,28 km9:097:09/km6 m140 kcal150 bpm30.271625 °C2.50.05
20x Laufen293,86 km1d 06:29:316:14/km8.157 m15226 kcal119 bpm55.32202819 °C4
6x Radfahren71,34 km3:31:1020,3 km/h970 m1579 kcal105 bpm18224 °C
5x Sonstiges3,23 km2:26:391,3 km/h24 m1649 kcal125 bpm1885

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