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Total distance: 15 712,04 km Number of activities: 1935x JoelH
Total duration: 65d 14:33:20

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TypeDistanceDurationPaceElev.avg. HRVO2maxVO2maxTRIMPCadenceStride lengthTemp.SplitsTitleEquipmentCS
01.02 MonFS10,86 km59:385:29/km226 m120 bpm55.3884178 spm1.02 m5 °CSegmentstaubsaugerSaucony Endorphin Speed2.9
02.02 TueWK5,58 km32:105:46/km385 m131 bpm62.0460186 spm0.93 m7 °CDonnersberg-Chall...Salming Speed 74.4
WA5,65 km30:255:23/km1 m99 bpm55.3722176 spm1.06 m6 °CUnn widder nunnerSalming Speed 71.1
03.02 WedRG11,31 km1:09:406:10/km140 m102 bpm56.6456176 spm0.92 m9 °CLaternenkontrolle...New Balance FuelCell Prism1.2
04.02 ThuTDL9,36 km42:244:32/km64 m128 bpm61.8475186 spm1.19 m8 °CTaxidienst eskali...Saucony Endorphin Speed0.0
05.02 FriDL15,55 km1:21:515:16/km242 m114 bpm61.2394182 spm1.04 m7 °C8*ErlenbachNewton Gravity 81.7
DL10,54 km1:01:595:53/km70 m104 bpm57.7752180 spm0.94 m8 °CWeidenthal mit GeliSalming Speed 70.0
06.02 SatFS13,42 km1:07:155:01/km207 m122 bpm59.69100184 spm1.08 m6 °CSegment-FahrtspielInov-8 Trailtalon 235v21.7
07.02 SunLL21,37 km1:58:225:32/km92 m108 bpm59.39113182 spm0.99 m6 °CWaldleiningenSalming Speed 70.0
08.02 MonDL12,39 km1:14:045:59/km380 m114 bpm55.4385178 spm0.94 m-4 °CFrankenstein im S...Salming Miles Lite (2019)4.5
09.02 TueDL10,30 km56:585:32/km235 m112 bpm60.4062180 spm1.00 m-7 °CEisige DreispitzNew Balance Vazee Summit2.8
IT7,57 km37:404:59/km217 m120 bpm68.6553178 spm1.13 mZwift - Up and do...Brooks Hyperion Tempo2.2
10.02 WedDL11,29 km1:08:256:04/km139 m103 bpm57.0557178 spm0.93 m-7 °CSportplatz, Glasb...New Balance FuelCell Prism1.0
11.02 ThuIT6,11 km30:114:56/km155 m116 bpm71.0837182 spm1.11 mZwift Workout - T...Saucony Endorphin Racer 21.9
DL14,01 km1:06:184:44/km111 m122 bpm62.3396186 spm1.14 m-4 °CRadweg Weidenthal...Saucony Endorphin Speed0.0
12.02 FriDL13,88 km1:20:525:50/km211 m106 bpm58.8974180 spm0.95 m-3 °CAlsenborn - Panor...Salming Speed 71.8
13.02 SatRG10,04 km1:00:085:59/km219 m107 bpm57.6057180 spm0.93 m-6 °CRunde um FischbachNew Balance FuelCell Prism2.9
IT6,09 km30:164:58/km184 m124 bpm66.3645176 spm1.14 mZwift - Up and downBrooks Hyperion Tempo2.1
14.02 SunLL19,02 km1:47:415:40/km116 m104 bpm60.5193184 spm0.96 m-3 °CSchifferstadt - N...Salming Speed 70.0
15.02 MonFS12,93 km1:00:414:42/km97 m125 bpm60.8797184 spm1.16 m2 °CRealrundeNike Pegasus 35 Turbo0.0
16.02 TueLL23,05 km2:03:335:22/km448 m115 bpm60.18151182 spm1.03 m13 °CZum PanoramawegInov-8 Trailtalon 235v23.5
17.02 WedDL9,81 km45:244:38/km109 m124 bpm64.0669188 spm1.15 m9 °CAuto in der Werks...Newton Distance 90.0
18.02 ThuDL14,04 km1:09:184:56/km110 m121 bpm59.87100184 spm1.10 m7 °C2*2km 10kRTHoka ONE ONE Evo Carbon Rocket0.0
19.02 FriFS9,85 km53:525:28/km149 m112 bpm59.7059180 spm1.02 m10 °CFAhrtspiel mit GeliNewton Gravity 80.7
20.02 SatTR14,11 km1:12:575:10/km363 m122 bpm59.56110182 spm1.06 m14 °CHusarensattelInov-8 Trailtalon 235v23.7
21.02 SunLL24,05 km2:22:105:55/km404 m109 bpm55.58144178 spm0.95 m11 °CFrankenstein - Ne...Salming Speed 73.2
WA1,67 km10:005:59/km24 m105 bpm58.559182 spm0.92 m15 °CAuslaufenSalming Speed 70.0
22.02 MonLL26,02 km2:18:045:18/km283 m113 bpm60.16158182 spm1.04 m10 °CFrankenstein - Ka...Saucony Endorphin Speed0.6
23.02 TueLL20,03 km1:39:554:59/km181 m118 bpm60.30130184 spm1.09 m17 °CFrankenstein - DÜ...Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo0.8
24.02 WedRG10,57 km1:01:215:48/km166 m106 bpm59.2456178 spm0.97 m13 °CHausberg, DeckerNike Pegasus 35 Turbo1.6
25.02 ThuFS14,08 km1:07:004:46/km145 m121 bpm63.1697184 spm1.14 m15 °CWeidenthalrundeSaucony Endorphin Pro0.1
26.02 FriDL12,19 km1:09:595:44/km188 m107 bpm59.3265178 spm0.98 m5 °CUm die Grün-WeissSalming Speed 72.1
27.02 SatLL23,02 km2:02:175:19/km427 m116 bpm59.89151184 spm1.02 m6 °CAlsenborn - Eiswo...Salming Speed 72.8
28.02 SunLL21,14 km1:56:405:31/km184 m107 bpm60.87110182 spm1.00 m5 °CRund um ErpolzheimNewton Gravity 80.0
34x Laufen450,90 km1d 16:29:285:23/km6.672 m113 bpm59.792821181 spm1.02 m6 °C

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