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Activity data of KlausiHH

Total distance: 8,238.11 km Number of activities: 752x
Total duration: 25d 01:29:49 First activity: 20.04.2013

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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRmax. HRSplitsTRIMPVO2maxVO2maxCadence
01.06. Sat18 °CWK5,04 km26:205:13/km159 bpm178 bpm5839.51156 spm
02.06. Sun24 °CDL9,18 km1:06:047:12/km149 bpm159 bpm11529.27156 spm
03.06. Mon18 °CDL1,61 km9:486:05/km135 bpm152 bpm1240.96158 spm
04.06. Tue15 °CDL1,63 km9:275:48/km137 bpm151 bpm1242.76162 spm
05.06. Wed21 °CIT4,45 km25:265:43/km145 bpm169 bpm4140.39160 spm
06.06. Thu21 °CTDL2,51 km12:074:50/km145 bpm163 bpm1949.61164 spm
07.06. Fri13 °CDL1,62 km9:395:57/km127 bpm140 bpm945.42160 spm
08.06. Sat16 °CWK5,03 km25:535:09/km153 bpm168 bpm4942.58162 spm
09.06. Sun18 °CDL8,60 km52:416:08/km151 bpm160 bpm9535.10156 spm
10.06. Mon16 °CGA23,02 km16:245:26/km144 bpm164 bpm2643.38162 spm
11.06. Tue15 °CDL1,61 km9:225:49/km127 bpm142 bpm946.69158 spm
12.06. Wed17 °CDL1,61 km8:585:34/km133 bpm146 bpm1046.65162 spm
13.06. Thu15 °CIT3,21 km17:535:34/km145 bpm160 bpm2841.66162 spm
14.06. Fri15 °CDL5,14 km30:576:01/km138 bpm153 bpm4140.44158 spm
15.06. Sat20 °CDL1,69 km9:215:32/km139 bpm155 bpm1244.55160 spm
16.06. Sun21 °CWK9,89 km53:565:27/km159 bpm182 bpm11637.83160 spm
17.06. Mon13 °CDL3,53 km20:555:56/km136 bpm151 bpm2642.07162 spm
18.06. Tue19 °CGA23,55 km18:505:18/km144 bpm163 bpm3044.79162 spm
19.06. Wed19 °CDL1,62 km8:425:22/km132 bpm147 bpm1049.25162 spm
20.06. Thu17 °CDL5,07 km28:495:41/km145 bpm161 bpm4640.66160 spm
21.06. Fri14 °CDL2,21 km12:335:41/km132 bpm146 bpm1445.89162 spm
22.06. Sat18 °CWK5,00 km25:155:03/km154 bpm170 bpm5043.19164 spm
23.06. Sun22 °CDL10,37 km1:06:476:26/km147 bpm154 bpm10934.31130 spm
24.06. Mon17 °CTDL1,65 km8:205:03/km129 bpm147 bpm854.82168 spm
25.06. Tue19 °CGA26,25 km33:225:20/km146 bpm163 bpm5942.72160 spm
26.06. Wed22 °CDL4,08 km24:095:55/km136 bpm151 bpm3241.25160 spm
27.06. Thu15 °CGA22,34 km12:125:13/km136 bpm155 bpm1648.15162 spm
28.06. Fri14 °CDL3,56 km21:055:55/km138 bpm152 bpm3040.47156 spm
29.06. Sat17 °CWK5,02 km24:304:53/km155 bpm173 bpm5343.61164 spm
30.06. Sun28 °CDL11,03 km1:12:036:32/km144 bpm158 bpm6733.88156 spm
30x Laufen20 °C131,12 km12:41:485:49/km146 bpm182 bpm120241.00157 spm

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