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Activity data of Lennetaler

Total distance: 23,993.56 km Number of activities: 1811x Lennetaler
Total duration: 119d 15:58:27

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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.CSEnergySplitsTitleTRIMPVO2maxGroundcontactGCBVertical oscillation
01.10. Tue16 °C11,6 km1:11:286:11/km229 m2.51058 kcal116
02.10. Wed
03.10. Thu
04.10. Fri
05.10. Sat
06.10. Sun7 °C31,0 km4:03:257:52/km608 m4.22761 kcal397
07.10. Mon12 °C11,3 km1:09:276:08/km241 m3.11022 kcal113
08.10. Tue14 °C11,8 km1:17:496:37/km215 m2.51087 kcal127
09.10. Wed
10.10. Thu15 °C11,5 km1:14:576:30/km232 m3.01035 kcal122
11.10. Fri
12.10. Sat
13.10. Sun17 °C34,5 km4:46:068:17/km804 m5.33036 kcal467
14.10. Mon
15.10. Tue16 °C12,8 km1:22:276:26/km251 m3.21162 kcal134
16.10. Wed
17.10. Thu15 °C12,7 km1:26:146:46/km190 m2.41137 kcal140
18.10. Fri
19.10. Sat
20.10. Sun11 °C25,4 km3:02:577:12/km164 m0.02336 kcal299
21.10. Mon
22.10. Tue13 °C11,7 km1:13:476:18/km209 m2.41081 kcal120
23.10. Wed
24.10. Thu
25.10. Fri
26.10. Sat
27.10. Sun7 °C65,8 km8:17:037:33/km1.682 m5.95826 kcal812
28.10. Mon
29.10. Tue
30.10. Wed
31.10. Thu6 °C11,3 km1:20:067:04/km225 m3.1998 kcal130
12x Running11 °C251,4 km1d 06:25:467:16/km5.050 m22539 kcal2977

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