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Activity data of Marathom

Total distance: 18 726,37 km Number of activities: 2036x Marathom
Total duration: 82d 01:41:13

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Temp.WindTypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRTitleEnergyVO2maxVO2maxTERPEGCBEquipment
01.01 Mon
02.01 TueCt-S12,4 km1:40:367,4 km/h151 bpm889 kcal3.8
03.01 Wed
04.01 ThuTRX30:04101 bpm110 kcal1.2
BE21:34100 bpm79 kcal1.2
05.01 Fri8 °C 3GA15,5 km30:305:34/km150 bpm347 kcal45.273.248.3L/51.7R %Asics Pursue 3
06.01 Sat
07.01 Sun0 °C 3GA15,6 km32:145:45/km148 bpm359 kcal44.353.148.6L/51.4R %
08.01 MonCt-S12,2 km1:41:197,2 km/h152 bpm895 kcal4.0
09.01 Tue4 °C 3GA15,3 km30:235:47/km147 bpm332 kcal44.373.148.5L/51.5R %Asics Pursue 3
10.01 Wed
11.01 ThuTRX28:26103 bpm104 kcal1.2
BE21:4596 bpm80 kcal1.1
12.01 Fri
13.01 Sat
14.01 Sun
15.01 MonCt-S12,3 km1:40:597,3 km/h150 bpm892 kcal3.8
16.01 Tue
17.01 Wed
18.01 ThuTRX30:07115 bpm110 kcal1.4
BE21:48103 bpm80 kcal1.1
19.01 Fri
20.01 Sat
21.01 Sun1 °C 0GA25,8 km31:185:25/km154 bpm366 kcal45.113.447.6L/52.4R %Asics Pursue 3
22.01 MonCt-S12,3 km1:43:087,1 km/h153 bpm911 kcal4.3
23.01 Tue
24.01 Wed
25.01 ThuTRX30:18120 bpm111 kcal1.6
BE24:07100 bpm88 kcal1.1
26.01 Fri6 °C 1GA25,8 km30:285:14/km159 bpm365 kcal44.893.647.6L/52.4R %Asics Pursue 3
27.01 Sat
28.01 Sun8 °C 4GA27,5 km40:085:20/km158 bpm479 kcal44.313.947.4L/52.6R %
29.01 MonCt-S7,9 km1:05:177,3 km/h153 bpm577 kcal4.2
30.01 Tue
31.01 Wed
6x Laufen5 °C35,5 km3:15:015:30/km153 bpm2248 kcal44.7048.0L/52.0R %
5x Crosstrainer57,1 km7:51:197,3 km/h152 bpm4164 kcal
8x Kraft / Rumpfstabi3:28:09106 bpm762 kcal

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