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Activity data of OliverStoll

Total distance: 4,074.41 km Number of activities: 523x
Total duration: 17d 13:47:49 First activity: 01.01.2018

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TypeTimeDistanceDurationPaceElev.Energyavg. HRVO2maxTRIMPGroundcontactVertical oscillationTemp.SplitsTitleGCBCS
01.03. FriDL15:175,2 km33:006:21/km484 kcal479 °C
02.03. SatRG14:536,7 km47:367:09/km698 kcal416 °C
03.03. SunIT11:355,1 km32:336:25/km477 kcal875 °C
04.03. MonRG14:465,0 km31:006:12/km455 kcal2713 °C
05.03. TueDL09:424,1 km26:346:29/km390 kcal374 °C
06.03. WedDL17:535,2 km32:046:10/km470 kcal4515 °C
07.03. ThuDL16:045,1 km35:026:52/km514 kcal5015 °C
08.03. FriDL14:467,5 km48:056:27/km705 kcal6813 °C
09.03. SatDL17:519,2 km1:02:326:48/km917 kcal8913 °C
10.03. SunDL13:1613,1 km1:43:237:53/km1516 kcal1476 °C
11.03. MonDL12:344,8 km29:556:14/km439 kcal426 °C
12.03. TueDL15:184,9 km27:575:46/km410 kcal395 °C
13.03. WedDL16:184,1 km25:526:19/km379 kcal369 °C
14.03. ThuDL08:156,0 km36:456:08/km539 kcal526 °C
15.03. FriDL19:036,3 km40:066:25/km588 kcal5710 °C
16.03. SatDL14:189,8 km59:576:09/km879 kcal859 °C
17.03. SunRG14:469,3 km1:03:376:53/km933 kcal5512 °C
14:4719,0 km1:12:0015,8 km/h924 kcal4712 °C
18.03. MonTDL14:189,6 km55:265:46/km813 kcal1499 °C
19.03. TueRG17:183,6 km28:187:52/km415 kcal249 °C
20.03. WedDL12:437,1 km43:336:08/km639 kcal6212 °C
21.03. Thu09:2310,0 km31:0019,4 km/h398 kcal205 °C
TDL16:2110,0 km55:135:31/km810 kcal14914 °C
22.03. FriDL11:547,1 km41:585:55/km616 kcal5914 °C
14:566,0 km20:0018,0 km/h257 kcal1314 °C
23.03. SatTDL15:209,0 km47:135:14/km693 kcal12718 °C
24.03. SunDL13:1511,0 km1:17:087:01/km1131 kcal11010 °C
25.03. MonDL17:344,1 km23:265:46/km344 kcal339 °C
26.03. TueDL11:426,1 km37:186:09/km547 kcal537 °C
27.03. WedDL12:487,3 km41:285:40/km608 kcal5910 °C
28.03. ThuDL16:505,0 km30:516:09/km452 kcal4413 °C
29.03. FriIT17:526,2 km35:455:44/km524 kcal9615 °C
30.03. SatDL13:5410,0 km59:005:54/km865 kcal8418 °C
31.03. SunDL07:003,5 km24:457:04/km363 kcal356 °C
31x Laufen15:17210,7 km22:17:206:21/km19613 kcal208811 °C
3x Radfahren14:4735,0 km2:03:0017,1 km/h1579 kcal8011 °C

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