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Activity data of Tuttimbio

Total distance: 2,420.03 km Number of activities: 278x Tuttimbio
Total duration: 10d 18:53:24

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VO2maxmax. HRTemp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergySplitsTitleTRIMPStride lengthEquipment
03.01. Tue30.24171 bpm3 °CDL7,8 km55:297:07/km157 bpm69 m816 kcal121MT ASICS
06.01. Fri31.31171 bpm-2 °CDL10,2 km1:10:276:53/km158 bpm121 m1113 kcal159
09.01. Mon28.88183 bpm4 °CIT9,0 km1:05:477:18/km159 bpm129 m796 kcal156ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
12.01. Thu30.44160 bpm4 °CRL8,0 km1:01:307:41/km147 bpm107 m797 kcal102ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
15.01. Sun29.29166 bpm1 °CLL16,0 km1:57:077:19/km156 bpm61 m1764 kcal247ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
17.01. Tue30.76172 bpm-3 °CDL8,0 km56:087:01/km157 bpm74 m849 kcal124
19.01. Thu31.09179 bpm3 °CIT8,5 km1:01:227:12/km153 bpm109 m819 kcal126
22.01. Sun29.54166 bpm2 °CLL17,0 km2:07:527:31/km152 bpm109 m1754 kcal248
25.01. Wed30.82173 bpm-3 °CDL8,6 km1:03:257:22/km151 bpm107 m869 kcal123
27.01. Fri31.95178 bpm3 °CIT9,2 km1:03:396:55/km155 bpm93 m934 kcal135
29.01. Sun29.73163 bpm7 °CLL18,0 km2:18:107:41/km149 bpm165 m2026 kcal242
31.01. Tue2 °CDL6,0 km43:307:14/km75 m649 kcal78
02.02. Thu33.32166 bpm8 °CDL8,0 km56:457:05/km148 bpm104 m799 kcal103
05.02. Sun29.73171 bpm7 °CDL13,0 km1:35:087:19/km155 bpm91 m1373 kcal197
07.02. Tue31.32179 bpm4 °CIT8,0 km54:186:47/km160 bpm114 m796 kcal133
09.02. Thu31.88160 bpm0 °CDL8,0 km58:297:19/km148 bpm67 m858 kcal103
12.02. Sun28.93172 bpm2 °CLL20,0 km2:33:447:41/km152 bpm250 m2255 kcal299
14.02. Tue35.23162 bpm3 °CDL7,0 km46:336:37/km151 bpm93 m754 kcal89
16.02. Thu34.70177 bpm7 °CIT8,0 km52:486:36/km153 bpm105 m811 kcal107
18.02. Sat28.78169 bpm5 °CLL21,0 km2:42:387:45/km151 bpm158 m2385 kcal310
20.02. Mon32.57157 bpm10 °CDL8,0 km59:227:25/km144 bpm71 m871 kcal92
22.02. Wed31.42173 bpm10 °CDL8,0 km58:327:18/km150 bpm98 m852 kcal109
28.02. Tue32.40173 bpm4 °CDL10,0 km1:09:366:58/km153 bpm116 m1021 kcal143
02.03. Thu32.65173 bpm8 °CDL9,0 km1:00:506:45/km156 bpm99 m956 kcal133
04.03. Sat28.80170 bpm18 °CLL21,0 km2:40:457:39/km153 bpm240 m2116 kcal320
09.03. Thu31.18173 bpm13 °CFS7,3 km55:367:36/km145 bpm38 m745 kcal95
29.17173 bpm17 °CFS6,0 km40:446:47/km168 bpm97 m667 kcal116
10.03. Fri29.95168 bpm9 °CRL6,0 km44:427:27/km152 bpm49 m656 kcal84
12.03. Sun27.42182 bpm11 °CLL23,0 km2:55:427:38/km158 bpm241 m2577 kcal400
13.03. Mon155 bpm11 °C10,3 km37:1216,5 km/h133 bpm136 m477 kcal48
130 bpm18 °C10,6 km26:3124,1 km/h125 bpm45 m340 kcal24
14.03. Tue34.02165 bpm12 °CTDL7,0 km45:086:27/km158 bpm90 m662 kcal100
16.03. Thu32.45176 bpm10 °CIT9,4 km1:04:006:49/km156 bpm134 m896 kcal139
19.03. Sun30.26178 bpm12 °CTDL10,8 km1:09:366:27/km169 bpm60 m1200 kcal205
22.03. Wed33.99147 bpm9 °CWA2,0 km15:257:43/km135 bpm23 m185 kcal19
33.22182 bpm9 °CWK10,0 km59:235:56/km171 bpm132 m1091 kcal186
23.03. Thu30:00372 kcal31
24.03. Fri32.42148 bpm13 °CDL8,0 km1:01:247:39/km141 bpm88 m799 kcal84
26.03. Sun28.50178 bpm12 °CLL25,0 km3:11:107:39/km154 bpm259 m2804 kcal373ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
29.03. Wed32.59160 bpm13 °CDL8,0 km1:02:517:51/km137 bpm92 m922 kcal90
02.04. Sun33.28169 bpm14 °CLL14,0 km1:36:466:54/km151 bpm130 m1538 kcal183
05.04. Wed33.77183 bpm9 °CIT9,0 km1:02:016:54/km150 bpm103 m845 kcal119ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
07.04. Fri13 °CFS6,0 km41:316:54/km80 m642 kcal92
09.04. Sun28.87175 bpm16 °CLL21,0 km2:43:437:48/km150 bpm178 m2018 kcal304
13.04. Thu34.85169 bpm10 °CDL6,0 km39:026:30/km154 bpm54 m572 kcal80ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
18.04. Tue31.75181 bpm4 °CFS9,2 km1:06:267:13/km151 bpm155 m974 kcal138ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
20.04. Thu32.64179 bpm6 °CFS8,0 km57:087:08/km149 bpm87 m804 kcal107ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
23.04. Sun31.97174 bpm11 °CLL14,0 km1:34:456:46/km158 bpm151 m1537 kcal213ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
25.04. Tue34.60183 bpm9 °CFS8,0 km52:546:37/km153 bpm104 m776 kcal109ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
10.05. Wed14 °CDL6,0 km44:037:18/km47 m646 kcal79ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
12.05. Fri22 °CDL7,0 km47:106:44/km64 m692 kcal85ASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
15.05. Mon32.89171 bpm21 °CDL10,0 km1:09:196:56/km152 bpm110 m1017 kcal1340.87 mASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
17.05. Wed27.65177 bpm29 °CLL14,0 km1:45:237:32/km159 bpm140 m1546 kcal2460.82 mASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
22.05. Mon30.78177 bpm21 °CFS11,3 km1:21:277:13/km153 bpm68 m1160 kcal1620.84 mASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
23.05. Tue166 bpm19 °C10,2 km31:3919,4 km/h149 bpm126 m436 kcal57
26 °C10,3 km24:5025,0 km/h24 m469 kcal19
29.05. Mon171 bpm32 °C20,6 km45:5227,0 km/h150 bpm153 m610 kcal85
31.05. Wed32.34175 bpm23 °CFS10,3 km1:10:326:52/km154 bpm64 m1009 kcal1470.87 mASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
05.06. Mon29.14181 bpm18 °CDL13,1 km1:35:417:18/km159 bpm274 m1369 kcal2270.85 mASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
07.06. Wed32.11167 bpm16 °CDL8,0 km59:297:26/km146 bpm120 m782 kcal1000.83 mASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
11.06. Sun29.62183 bpm26 °CWK9,1 km56:386:13/km176 bpm37 m946 kcal1950.94 mASICS GT-2000 Ver. 2016
18.06. Sun31.12181 bpm22 °CTDL12,5 km1:21:396:32/km165 bpm129 m1225 kcal2260.91 m
21.06. Wed31.03173 bpm28 °CDL11,0 km1:19:107:11/km153 bpm103 m1097 kcal1610.84 m
23.06. Fri32.73183 bpm23 °CIT7,0 km47:136:42/km157 bpm92 m692 kcal1050.91 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
25.06. Sun31.45172 bpm17 °CLL13,8 km1:35:536:57/km156 bpm129 m1393 kcal2070.86 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
27.06. Tue33.49172 bpm20 °CDL10,0 km1:08:096:48/km153 bpm150 m978 kcal1370.88 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
30.06. Fri32.60159 bpm17 °CDL8,0 km59:517:28/km143 bpm72 m763 kcal890.84 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
02.07. Sun30.70170 bpm19 °CLL14,1 km1:39:167:02/km157 bpm121 m1438 kcal2150.87 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
04.07. Tue33.13174 bpm24 °CDL9,2 km1:03:186:53/km152 bpm95 m885 kcal1230.90 m
06.07. Thu32.35181 bpm24 °CIT7,2 km49:276:52/km155 bpm94 m715 kcal1050.89 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
09.07. Sun31.38160 bpm23 °CLL17,0 km2:08:477:34/km145 bpm126 m1627 kcal2060.82 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
11.07. Tue34.22165 bpm19 °CDL8,0 km55:076:53/km149 bpm98 m737 kcal1000.89 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
13.07. Thu34.48174 bpm17 °CDL9,0 km1:00:576:46/km150 bpm82 m867 kcal1130.87 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
20.07. Thu34.60175 bpm24 °CDL8,0 km55:006:52/km148 bpm96 m771 kcal970.88 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
06.09. Wed29.70181 bpm15 °CTDL9,3 km1:06:387:11/km158 bpm120 m1006 kcal1510.85 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
18.09. Mon30.25182 bpm11 °CFS7,4 km51:296:57/km161 bpm123 m787 kcal1300.87 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
20.09. Wed30.41171 bpm14 °CFS6,2 km44:167:11/km156 bpm102 m635 kcal950.84 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
24.09. Sun24.46178 bpm18 °CDL10,0 km1:21:548:11/km162 bpm188 m1210 kcal2040.74 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
17.11. Fri24.26177 bpm9 °CDL6,9 km55:298:02/km164 bpm76 m799 kcal1440.77 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
20.11. Mon25.74171 bpm7 °CDL6,2 km49:257:56/km160 bpm98 m661 kcal1160.77 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
23.11. Thu26.23168 bpm11 °CDL6,4 km51:137:59/km157 bpm83 m684 kcal1100.77 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
20.12. Wed24.37173 bpm7 °CDL5,8 km48:538:25/km158 bpm80 m659 kcal1110.73 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
26.12. Tue25.66174 bpm6 °CDL6,0 km48:428:06/km158 bpm101 m640 kcal1100.75 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
30.12. Sat26.95165 bpm10 °CDL6,0 km49:308:14/km151 bpm88 m616 kcal920.75 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
78x Laufen30.55183 bpm12 °C787,3 km3d 22:54:497:14/km154 bpm8.540 m81995 kcal117570.84 m
5x Radfahren171 bpm22 °C62,1 km2:46:0422,4 km/h141 bpm484 m2332 kcal233
1x Schwimmen30:00372 kcal31

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