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Activity data of Tuttimbio

Total distance: 2,420.03 km Number of activities: 278x Tuttimbio
Total duration: 10d 18:53:24

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VO2maxmax. HRTemp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergySplitsTitleTRIMPStride lengthEquipment
04.01. Thu24.94183 bpm11 °CIT6,6 km52:317:56/km163 bpm81 m726 kcal1380.77 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
07.01. Sun26.42168 bpm3 °CDL8,4 km1:07:157:59/km156 bpm73 m870 kcal1440.76 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
09.01. Tue27.74180 bpm6 °CIT5,0 km38:497:45/km156 bpm91 m505 kcal830.78 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
11.01. Thu26.10158 bpm6 °CDL5,3 km46:468:53/km144 bpm69 m554 kcal730.70 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
14.01. Sun26.95169 bpm3 °CFS8,4 km1:05:297:48/km157 bpm74 m864 kcal1440.77 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
17.01. Wed29.95176 bpm3 °CIT6,4 km48:137:32/km152 bpm119 m633 kcal950.81 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
19.01. Fri26.61156 bpm2 °CDL6,0 km51:388:36/km146 bpm68 m647 kcal830.73 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
21.01. Sun28.11177 bpm2 °CFS8,4 km1:03:497:36/km156 bpm78 m873 kcal1380.78 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
24.01. Wed27.47184 bpm12 °CIT7,5 km55:257:22/km163 bpm96 m824 kcal1430.82 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
26.01. Fri27.67155 bpm7 °CDL6,2 km53:258:38/km142 bpm86 m655 kcal790.72 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
28.01. Sun28.65171 bpm9 °CFS10,2 km1:19:117:47/km151 bpm97 m1045 kcal1480.77 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
30.01. Tue30.57179 bpm5 °CIT6,0 km44:077:21/km152 bpm77 m600 kcal880.82 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
01.02. Thu28.23148 bpm2 °CDL7,2 km1:02:458:44/km138 bpm89 m716 kcal820.72 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
04.02. Sun28.17164 bpm0 °CDL10,2 km1:19:467:49/km153 bpm132 m1095 kcal1580.76 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
06.02. Tue30.11178 bpm-1 °CFS6,9 km50:157:20/km154 bpm75 m693 kcal1070.81 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
15x Laufen27.82184 bpm5 °C108,7 km14:19:247:55/km152 bpm1.305 m11300 kcal17030.77 m

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