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Activity data of Tuttimbio

Total distance: 2,420.03 km Number of activities: 278x Tuttimbio
Total duration: 10d 18:53:24

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VO2maxmax. HRTemp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergySplitsTitleTRIMPStride lengthEquipment
06.01. Mon27.47181 bpm3 °C5,0 km38:527:45/km157 bpm88 m546 kcal860.80 m
08.01. Wed117 bpm15:06111 bpm112 kcal8
25.06154 bpm3,0 km26:458:55/km146 bpm349 kcal430.72 m
11.01. Sat27.97159 bpm1 °C5,0 km44:198:51/km137 bpm43 m502 kcal570.71 m
14.01. Tue28.00169 bpm9 °C5,0 km40:408:07/km149 bpm85 m536 kcal740.75 m
29.01. Wed27.53167 bpm4 °C6,0 km49:098:11/km150 bpm115 m651 kcal890.75 m
01.02. Sat28.99173 bpm10 °C7,0 km51:357:22/km157 bpm62 m730 kcal1140.80 m
05.02. Wed31.18167 bpm3 °CIT4,9 km36:207:29/km148 bpm72 m489 kcal640.81 mASICS GT-2000 Ver 2017
08.02. Sat29.47168 bpm9 °C6,0 km47:237:53/km148 bpm126 m652 kcal830.79 m
13.02. Thu27.39178 bpm6 °C5,0 km39:357:53/km155 bpm84 m581 kcal840.77 m
16.02. Sun27.45174 bpm12 °C5,0 km37:527:33/km158 bpm27 m554 kcal850.81 m
19.02. Wed28.77157 bpm5 °C5,0 km41:388:19/km144 bpm117 m540 kcal650.75 m
11x Laufen28.22181 bpm6 °C57,0 km7:34:087:58/km150 bpm819 m6130 kcal8440.77 m
1x Radfahren117 bpm15:06111 bpm112 kcal8

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