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Total distance: 20,707.27 km Number of activities: 2146x brennr
Total duration: 73d 08:20:43

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TypeDistanceDurationPaceElev.Energyavg. HRmax. HRVO2maxTRIMPTemp.SplitsTitleCS
01.01. Mon
02.01. TueTDL11,33 km50:014:25/km832 kcal140 bpm153 bpm115
03.01. Wed
04.01. Thu
05.01. FriDL13,87 km1:10:545:07/km1064 kcal131 bpm145 bpm132
06.01. Sat
07.01. SunDL10,01 km57:335:45/km4 m818 kcal128 bpm140 bpm997 °C0.0
08.01. Mon
09.01. TueDL10,04 km52:025:11/km94 m854 kcal139 bpm151 bpm1176 °C0.0
10.01. Wed
11.01. ThuDL10,01 km52:515:17/km749 kcal127 bpm138 bpm88
12.01. Fri
13.01. Sat
14.01. SunWK15,00 km1:04:534:20/km20 m952 kcal155 bpm164 bpm2063 °CRheinzabern Winte...0.0
15.01. Mon
16.01. TueTDL12,01 km54:504:34/km863 kcal132 bpm145 bpm105
17.01. Wed
18.01. Thu
19.01. FriDL13,51 km1:09:435:10/km16 m1142 kcal143 bpm153 bpm1716 °C0.0
20.01. Sat
21.01. SunTDL14,40 km1:11:254:58/km217 m1173 kcal143 bpm154 bpm1755 °C0.6
22.01. Mon
23.01. TueTDL12,01 km55:044:35/km768 kcal130 bpm141 bpm99
24.01. Wed
25.01. ThuLL16,01 km1:26:015:22/km189 m1185 kcal133 bpm147 bpm16811 °C0.7
26.01. Fri
27.01. SatDL14,12 km1:11:565:06/km191 m1233 kcal169 bpm201 bpm3415 °C1.2
28.01. SunRG4,01 km29:537:27/km98 m268 kcal108 bpm161 bpm328 °C1.8
RG4,28 km25:496:02/km4 m359 kcal127 bpm158 bpm448 °C0.0
29.01. MonBS0,35 km10:343:01/100m131 kcal129 bpm147 bpm23
30.01. TueTDL10,48 km52:064:58/km138 m866 kcal144 bpm167 bpm1339 °C1.1
RG0,42 km2:285:52/km7 m30 kcal118 bpm136 bpm38 °C1.3
RG4,00 km26:596:45/km56 m309 kcal117 bpm128 bpm358 °C0.3
31.01. Wed
01.02. ThuDL10,20 km53:015:12/km728 kcal129 bpm138 bpm94
02.02. FriSR1,02 km4:011:58/500m41 kcal3
LR2,46 km12:592:38/500m110 kcal121 bpm141 bpm19
SR1,02 km3:591:57/500m34 kcal132 bpm151 bpm8
SR0,50 km1:491:49/500m15 kcal123 bpm170 bpm4
03.02. Sat
04.02. SunTW15,12 km1:21:165:22/km45 m1224 kcal138 bpm150 bpm1771 °C0.0
05.02. MonDL10,02 km53:085:18/km94 m774 kcal134 bpm143 bpm1051 °C0.5
06.02. Tue
07.02. Wed
08.02. ThuDL10,01 km51:105:07/km787 kcal135 bpm145 bpm105
09.02. FriBS0,35 km10:002:51/100m124 kcal8
10.02. Sat
11.02. SunWK20,00 km1:29:304:29/km22 m1313 kcal157 bpm180 bpm3012 °CRheinzabern 20km0.0
12.02. Mon
13.02. Tue
14.02. WedTDL12,01 km53:434:28/km776 kcal131 bpm144 bpm100
15.02. Thu
16.02. FriBS0,10 km2:332:33/100m32 kcal74 bpm90 bpm1
KS0,03 km0:351:57/100m7 kcal95 bpm121 bpm0
17.02. SatDL10,02 km53:575:23/km141 m765 kcal131 bpm150 bpm1002 °C0.8
18.02. SunLL15,20 km1:21:365:22/km192 m1138 kcal134 bpm160 bpm1654 °C0.7
19.02. Mon
20.02. TueTDL11,32 km54:324:49/km835 kcal135 bpm147 bpm111
21.02. Wed
22.02. ThuDL11,10 km56:205:05/km749 kcal128 bpm138 bpm97
23.02. Fri
24.02. SatLL16,22 km1:24:385:13/km256 m1265 kcal138 bpm148 bpm1825 °C1.3
25.02. Sun
26.02. MonTDL11,70 km54:314:40/km797 kcal131 bpm143 bpm103
27.02. TueDL8,30 km44:075:19/km116 m726 kcal140 bpm161 bpm102-4 °C0.3
28.02. Wed
01.03. Thu
02.03. FriIT12,01 km56:354:43/km850 kcal135 bpm158 bpm117
03.03. Sat
04.03. SunLL17,63 km1:29:035:03/km18 m1335 kcal137 bpm143 bpm19210 °C0.0
05.03. Mon
06.03. Tue
07.03. WedDL11,01 km54:264:57/km742 kcal128 bpm149 bpm90
08.03. Thu
09.03. FriDL4,03 km22:015:28/km6 m330 kcal130 bpm141 bpm399 °C0.0
10.03. Sat
11.03. SunWK21,10 km1:33:284:26/km88 m1371 kcal160 bpm179 bpm3338 °CHalbmarathon Kandel0.0
12.03. Mon
13.03. Tue
14.03. WedTDL11,01 km53:024:49/km757 kcal131 bpm147 bpm93
15.03. Thu
16.03. FriDL10,08 km52:395:13/km4 m846 kcal138 bpm146 bpm1119 °C0.0
17.03. Sat
18.03. Sun
19.03. MonTDL15,01 km1:10:094:40/km920 kcal128 bpm138 bpm115
20.03. Tue
21.03. WedTDL14,01 km1:07:214:48/km1203 kcal151 bpm180 bpm1957 °C0.0
22.03. Thu
23.03. FriTDL11,30 km50:314:28/km683 kcal128 bpm142 bpm836 °C
24.03. Sat
25.03. SunTW15,11 km1:18:095:10/km93 m1265 kcal142 bpm165 bpm18512 °C0.0
26.03. Mon
27.03. TueTDL11,58 km56:434:54/km22 m941 kcal143 bpm167 bpm13610 °C0.0
28.03. WedDL8,46 km42:205:00/km713 kcal142 bpm158 bpm9811 °C0.0
29.03. Thu
30.03. FriLL15,16 km1:16:225:02/km8 m1239 kcal141 bpm152 bpm17314 °C0.0
31.03. Sat
01.04. Sun
02.04. MonTDL3,21 km15:534:57/km2 m256 kcal135 bpm171 bpm3114 °C0.0
LL16,90 km1:21:584:51/km35 m1383 kcal145 bpm159 bpm20815 °C0.0
03.04. Tue
04.04. WedDL10,01 km50:165:01/km3 m845 kcal141 bpm172 bpm11412 °C0.0
05.04. Thu
06.04. Fri
07.04. SatDL10,02 km52:155:13/km7 m851 kcal138 bpm166 bpm11120 °C0.0
08.04. SunIT5,18 km24:274:43/km3 m437 kcal142 bpm166 bpm5823 °C0.0
09.04. Mon
10.04. TueDL10,01 km50:405:04/km4 m834 kcal134 bpm143 bpm9715 °C0.0
11.04. Wed
12.04. ThuFS10,01 km50:135:01/km7 m901 kcal144 bpm192 bpm12519 °C0.0
13.04. Fri
14.04. Sat
15.04. SunTW6,67 km44:556:44/km402 m660 kcal133 bpm159 bpm8516 °CSalomon Trailwork...5.0
TW7,05 km44:346:19/km428 m712 kcal140 bpm161 bpm9918 °CSalomon Trailwork...5.6
16.04. Mon
17.04. TueDL10,08 km51:215:06/km4 m778 kcal133 bpm162 bpm9822 °C0.0
18.04. Wed
19.04. ThuDL10,01 km53:205:20/km3 m876 kcal139 bpm175 bpm11523 °C0.0
20.04. Fri
21.04. Sat
22.04. SunWK21,10 km1:45:184:59/km605 m1544 kcal154 bpm196 bpm33718 °CHeidelberg Halbma...4.8
23.04. Mon
24.04. Tue
25.04. WedDL17,01 km1:25:315:02/km1335 kcal138 bpm151 bpm18019 °C0.0
26.04. Thu
27.04. FriDL10,03 km54:005:23/km7 m845 kcal134 bpm165 bpm10421 °C0.0
28.04. Sat
29.04. SunTW15,17 km1:20:105:17/km106 m1321 kcal142 bpm158 bpm18825 °C0.0
30.04. Mon
01.05. TueWK10,00 km42:394:16/km73 m626 kcal158 bpm181 bpm14610 °CSoprema Neckar Run0.0
0,55 km3:206:04/km7 m47 kcal123 bpm134 bpm513 °C0.4
02.05. Wed
03.05. ThuTBL10,00 km1:00:006:00/km500 m880 kcal139 bpm148 bpm132
04.05. FriDL5,08 km28:015:31/km4 m422 kcal130 bpm140 bpm4821 °C0.0
05.05. Sat
06.05. SunRG8,32 km52:086:16/km717 kcal126 bpm168 bpm8225 °C0.0
07.05. Mon
08.05. TueDL10,08 km54:555:27/km8 m828 kcal135 bpm145 bpm10925 °C0.0
09.05. Wed
10.05. ThuDL10,01 km52:535:17/km7 m806 kcal135 bpm146 bpm10414 °C0.0
11.05. Fri
12.05. SatWK21,10 km1:41:514:50/km63 m1494 kcal159 bpm184 bpm35425 °CMannheim Halbmara...0.0
13.05. Sun
14.05. Mon
15.05. TueDL10,01 km54:135:25/km8 m734 kcal127 bpm157 bpm8721 °C0.0
16.05. Wed
17.05. ThuDL6,26 km34:225:29/km464 kcal123 bpm143 bpm5014 °C0.0
18.05. FriTDL10,01 km48:234:50/km3 m805 kcal142 bpm168 bpm11412 °C0.0
19.05. Sat
20.05. SunTW27,23 km2:48:066:10/km1.443 m2340 kcal138 bpm189 bpm37415 °C7.6
21.05. Mon
22.05. TueDL10,01 km54:065:24/km8 m762 kcal129 bpm141 bpm9117 °C0.0
23.05. Wed
24.05. ThuDL12,70 km1:03:415:01/km8 m1028 kcal139 bpm160 bpm13921 °C0.0
25.05. Fri
26.05. Sat
27.05. SunDL10,20 km52:285:09/km152 m881 kcal143 bpm171 bpm12727 °CSalo1.3
28.05. Mon
29.05. TueDL9,27 km48:245:13/km166 m756 kcal137 bpm168 bpm10425 °CSan Felice de Ben...1.4
30.05. Wed
31.05. ThuTBL25,90 km2:56:396:49/km1.015 m2314 kcal132 bpm174 bpm34722 °CMonte Lavino6.9
01.06. Fri
02.06. Sat
03.06. SunTDL10,01 km50:245:02/km4 m810 kcal141 bpm155 bpm11625 °C0.0
04.06. Mon
05.06. TueDL5,60 km30:255:26/km5 m456 kcal130 bpm143 bpm5224 °C0.0
WA0,42 km2:195:31/km33 kcal126 bpm162 bpm323 °C0.0
06.06. Wed
07.06. ThuWK5,60 km24:244:21/km21 m358 kcal150 bpm181 bpm7024 °CJPMCCC0.0
WA1,45 km7:144:59/km124 kcal147 bpm154 bpm1823 °C0.0
08.06. Fri
09.06. Sat
10.06. SunTW15,19 km1:24:195:33/km96 m1318 kcal138 bpm169 bpm17927 °C0.0
11.06. MonDL8,77 km48:125:30/km5 m687 kcal129 bpm159 bpm8118 °C0.0
12.06. Tue
13.06. WedDL8,33 km44:155:19/km632 kcal128 bpm163 bpm7416 °C0.0
14.06. Thu
15.06. Fri
16.06. SatWK24,90 km4:21:2610:30/km1.824 m3834 kcal145 bpm181 bpm67119 °CZUT Basetrail9.4
17.06. Sun
18.06. Mon
19.06. TueDL8,24 km46:385:40/km602 kcal122 bpm136 bpm6719 °C0.0
20.06. Wed
21.06. ThuTBL0,05 km1:2829:20/km22 kcal131 bpm145 bpm220 °CFI-Treppenlauf
22.06. Fri
23.06. SatDL5,23 km26:585:09/km3 m444 kcal138 bpm158 bpm5717 °C0.0
24.06. Sun10,01 km51:405:10/km7 m813 kcal134 bpm152 bpm10120 °C0.0
25.06. Mon
26.06. Tue
27.06. Wed14,29 km31:0127,6 km/h8 m523 kcal143 bpm163 bpm7524 °C0.0
TDL3,20 km15:034:42/km275 kcal153 bpm164 bpm4522 °CKoppeltraining0.0
28.06. Thu
29.06. Fri21,30 km44:2528,8 km/h19 m748 kcal143 bpm173 bpm10830 °C0.0
WA0,40 km2:075:18/km35 kcal144 bpm152 bpm530 °C0.0
30.06. Sat
01.07. SunTDL10,03 km49:254:56/km4 m838 kcal143 bpm156 bpm11824 °C0.0
02.07. Mon
03.07. TueTDL10,01 km49:044:54/km3 m849 kcal146 bpm157 bpm12726 °C0.0
04.07. Wed
05.07. Thu15,75 km33:1628,4 km/h34 m541 kcal139 bpm154 bpm7322 °C0.0
14,78 km30:5528,7 km/h30 m530 kcal146 bpm162 bpm8022 °C0.0
06.07. Fri
07.07. Sat
08.07. Sun6,99 km16:1725,8 km/h5 m243 kcal129 bpm142 bpm2721 °C0.0
BS0,50 km14:382:56/100m181 kcal73 bpm90 bpm4Ladenburg Freibad
6,10 km12:4328,8 km/h12 m209 kcal140 bpm153 bpm2821 °C0.0
TDL5,44 km25:384:43/km4 m436 kcal145 bpm150 bpm6421 °C0.0
09.07. Mon
10.07. TueTDL8,33 km39:404:46/km679 kcal145 bpm168 bpm9821 °C0.0
11.07. Wed
12.07. ThuDL4,82 km25:145:14/km398 kcal133 bpm146 bpm4724 °C0.0
13.07. FriBS0,50 km15:003:00/100m186 kcal129 bpm158 bpm28
14.07. Sat
15.07. SunTDL9,11 km44:004:50/km774 kcal147 bpm170 bpm11830 °C0.0
16.07. Mon
17.07. TueTDL10,03 km49:504:58/km8 m827 kcal142 bpm162 bpm11628 °CSegmentejagd0.0
18.07. Wed
19.07. ThuDL5,56 km31:025:35/km4 m458 kcal128 bpm140 bpm5128 °C0.0
20.07. Fri
21.07. SatBS500m14:362:55/100m181 kcal133 bpm189 bpm32Ladenburg Triathlon0.0
22,89 km44:1931,0 km/h799 kcal153 bpm173 bpm13320 °CLadenburg Triathlon0.0
TDL4,58 km21:394:44/km399 kcal155 bpm169 bpm6720 °CLadenburg Triathlon0.0
22.07. Sun
23.07. Mon
24.07. TueDL4,84 km26:265:28/km360 kcal124 bpm164 bpm4032 °C0.0
25.07. Wed
26.07. ThuDL10,02 km54:155:25/km7 m820 kcal132 bpm164 bpm9930 °C0.0
27.07. Fri
28.07. SatDL6,82 km35:255:12/km4 m563 kcal135 bpm146 bpm6929 °C0.0
29.07. Sun
30.07. MonTDL6,66 km33:295:02/km545 kcal137 bpm151 bpm7032 °C0.0
31.07. TueIT4,01 km19:034:45/km3 m332 kcal146 bpm170 bpm5033 °C0.0
01.08. WedRG1,63 km8:165:04/km127 kcal130 bpm140 bpm1424 °C0.0
02.08. ThuDL10,01 km53:105:19/km4 m844 kcal136 bpm166 bpm11133 °C0.0
03.08. FriRG1,64 km9:475:58/km1 m134 kcal120 bpm127 bpm1335 °C0.0
04.08. SatRG1,63 km9:265:47/km139 kcal126 bpm135 bpm1433 °C0.0
05.08. SunRG1,63 km8:535:27/km1 m130 kcal126 bpm161 bpm1430 °C0.0
06.08. MonDL5,23 km28:515:31/km444 kcal131 bpm140 bpm5133 °C0.0
07.08. TueBS0,03 km0:281:33/100m6 kcal79 bpm85 bpm0
RG1,63 km8:305:13/km1 m131 kcal130 bpm141 bpm1431 °C0.0
08.08. WedFS6,01 km33:025:30/km518 kcal133 bpm170 bpm6230 °C0.0
09.08. Thu
10.08. Fri
11.08. Sat
12.08. Sun
13.08. Mon
14.08. Tue
15.08. Wed36,52 km1:43:0121,3 km/h628 m1431 kcal136 bpm158 bpm21825 °C3.6
16.08. Thu
17.08. Fri
18.08. Sat
19.08. Sun26,03 km55:5128,0 km/h34 m350 kcal91 bpm92 bpm3230 °C0.0
20.08. Mon
21.08. Tue
22.08. Wed
23.08. Thu
24.08. Fri
25.08. Sat
26.08. Sun
27.08. Mon
28.08. Tue
29.08. Wed
30.08. Thu
31.08. FriDL3,07 km18:135:56/km12 m254 kcal125 bpm136 bpm2926 °C0.0
01.09. Sat
02.09. Sun
03.09. Mon
04.09. Tue
05.09. Wed
06.09. ThuRG5,01 km28:195:39/km17 m491 kcal150 bpm162 bpm7929 °C0.0
07.09. Fri
08.09. Sat
09.09. Sun1,91 km4:3325,2 km/h6 m55 kcal116 bpm130 bpm523 °C0.0
TW10,23 km1:01:576:03/km75 m952 kcal140 bpm209 bpm14023 °C0.0
1,91 km5:0622,5 km/h77 kcal139 bpm192 bpm1225 °C0.0
10.09. MonRG5,08 km31:076:08/km3 m418 kcal127 bpm139 bpm5026 °C0.0
11.09. Tue
12.09. WedDL5,13 km30:195:55/km4 m433 kcal132 bpm141 bpm5528 °C0.0
13.09. Thu
14.09. Fri
15.09. Sat
16.09. SunTW8,75 km1:09:097:54/km636 m1239 kcal160 bpm185 bpm24319 °CHimmelsleiter Trail6.5
17.09. Mon
18.09. Tue
19.09. Wed
20.09. Thu
21.09. Fri
22.09. Sat
23.09. SunDL9,50 km50:025:16/km4 m761 kcal146 bpm173 bpm12923 °C0.0
24.09. Mon
25.09. TueDL10,01 km54:445:28/km4 m820 kcal142 bpm169 bpm12914 °C0.0
26.09. Wed
27.09. Thu
28.09. Fri
29.09. Sat
30.09. SunDL14,25 km1:17:575:28/km8 m1214 kcal146 bpm160 bpm19919 °C0.0
01.10. MonTDL5,10 km25:355:01/km4 m412 kcal148 bpm170 bpm7012 °C0.0
02.10. TueDL5,08 km26:465:16/km3 m414 kcal143 bpm150 bpm636 °C0.0
03.10. WedDL10,01 km53:085:18/km4 m830 kcal143 bpm154 bpm12718 °C0.0
04.10. Thu
05.10. FriDL5,22 km28:595:33/km3 m443 kcal138 bpm147 bpm6116 °C0.0
06.10. SatWA1,62 km9:195:45/km4 m135 kcal130 bpm137 bpm1624 °C0.0
07.10. SunWA1,61 km9:466:04/km2 m139 kcal130 bpm159 bpm1717 °C0.0
WK14,24 km1:10:234:57/km24 m1253 kcal157 bpm180 bpm23517 °C0.0
WA1,68 km10:386:20/km166 kcal142 bpm164 bpm2419 °C0.0
08.10. Mon
09.10. TueDL10,15 km54:495:24/km5 m788 kcal135 bpm155 bpm10721 °C0.0
10.10. Wed4,05 km21:495:23/km5 m310 kcal130 bpm149 bpm3924 °C0.0
11.10. Thu
12.10. FriDL10,34 km57:385:34/km5 m881 kcal137 bpm155 bpm11823 °C0.0
13.10. Sat
14.10. SunTW7,76 km43:495:39/km560 m806 kcal159 bpm183 bpm15122 °C6.5
WA1,61 km10:236:27/km28 m156 kcal133 bpm148 bpm1924 °C0.9
15.10. Mon
16.10. TueDL10,03 km56:155:36/km4 m791 kcal130 bpm144 bpm9819 °C0.0
17.10. WedDL2,41 km14:115:53/km4 m201 kcal127 bpm161 bpm2319 °C0.0
18.10. Thu
19.10. Fri10,02 km54:455:28/km4 m813 kcal134 bpm162 bpm10617 °C0.0
WA1,69 km9:145:28/km149 kcal141 bpm164 bpm2119 °C0.0
20.10. Sat
21.10. SunDL9,01 km52:275:49/km3 m739 kcal129 bpm143 bpm9017 °C0.0
22.10. Mon
23.10. Tue
24.10. Wed
25.10. Thu
26.10. Fri
27.10. Sat
28.10. Sun
29.10. MonRG1,61 km9:506:06/km3 m142 kcal127 bpm132 bpm157 °C0.0
30.10. TueDL10,04 km55:505:34/km7 m867 kcal138 bpm162 bpm1198 °C0.0
31.10. WedDL10,01 km51:125:07/km1 m837 kcal145 bpm166 bpm12911 °C0.0
01.11. ThuTW12,02 km1:05:285:27/km75 m1097 kcal150 bpm178 bpm18312 °C0.0
02.11. FriDL11,55 km1:01:335:20/km974 kcal144 bpm172 bpm15213 °C0.0
03.11. Sat
04.11. SunDL10,34 km57:445:35/km8 m862 kcal136 bpm148 bpm11713 °C0.0
05.11. Mon
06.11. TueDL15,16 km1:23:045:29/km1289 kcal142 bpm153 bpm192Laufband
07.11. Wed
08.11. Thu
09.11. FriDL13,00 km1:07:405:12/km907 kcal129 bpm163 bpm11414 °CLaufband
10.11. Sat
11.11. SunTW15,17 km1:19:395:15/km88 m1210 kcal141 bpm156 bpm18417 °C0.0
12.11. Mon
13.11. Tue
14.11. WedTDL13,00 km1:03:134:52/km902 kcal132 bpm147 bpm1164 °C
15.11. Thu
16.11. FriDL12,39 km1:06:145:21/km3 m1027 kcal141 bpm169 bpm15010 °C0.0
17.11. Sat
18.11. SunDL13,02 km1:07:415:12/km12 m1082 kcal144 bpm174 bpm1676 °C0.0
19.11. Mon
20.11. Tue
21.11. WedDL10,02 km54:125:25/km31 m797 kcal136 bpm148 bpm110-2 °C0.0
22.11. Thu
23.11. FriTDL10,01 km46:504:41/km7 m794 kcal150 bpm163 bpm1326 °C0.0
24.11. Sat
25.11. SunDL12,18 km1:05:145:21/km6 m1072 kcal145 bpm171 bpm1649 °C0.0
DL3,08 km15:545:10/km4 m269 kcal150 bpm165 bpm449 °C0.0
26.11. Mon
27.11. Tue
28.11. WedTDL12,12 km56:314:40/km865 kcal138 bpm149 bpm1196 °C
29.11. Thu
30.11. FriDL10,02 km52:305:14/km3 m837 kcal143 bpm154 bpm1257 °C0.0
01.12. Sat
02.12. SunWA0,65 km3:505:54/km94 m59 kcal138 bpm157 bpm89 °C3.2
TBL0,76 km16:4822:06/km217 m263 kcal139 bpm164 bpm389 °CHmmelsleiter Spen...5.1
TW2,79 km20:237:18/km67 m406 kcal167 bpm184 bpm848 °C1.1
03.12. Mon
04.12. TueTDL14,01 km1:08:544:55/km1015 kcal136 bpm146 bpm137
05.12. Wed
06.12. Thu
07.12. FriTDL14,01 km1:08:174:52/km975 kcal134 bpm176 bpm13011 °C
08.12. Sat
09.12. SunDL10,01 km55:245:32/km3 m824 kcal137 bpm175 bpm1149 °C0.0
10.12. Mon
11.12. Tue
12.12. WedTDL12,00 km58:114:51/km852 kcal133 bpm148 bpm1105 °C
13.12. Thu
14.12. FriTDL14,01 km1:08:154:52/km1027 kcal136 bpm151 bpm139
15.12. Sat
16.12. SunDL10,01 km54:025:24/km8 m826 kcal138 bpm147 bpm1140 °C0.0
17.12. Mon
18.12. Tue
19.12. WedTDL18,00 km1:26:004:47/km1321 kcal139 bpm153 bpm1856 °C
20.12. Thu
21.12. Fri
22.12. SatDL7,01 km39:365:39/km6 m629 kcal141 bpm165 bpm9211 °C0.0
23.12. Sun
24.12. MonTDL8,45 km41:314:55/km1 m667 kcal145 bpm170 bpm1037 °C0.0
25.12. Tue
26.12. WedDL10,02 km55:395:33/km3 m845 kcal136 bpm164 bpm1112 °C0.0
27.12. Thu
28.12. Fri
29.12. SatDL10,03 km50:325:02/km4 m831 kcal145 bpm155 bpm1273 °C0.0
30.12. Sun
31.12. MonWK7,70 km32:364:14/km12 m478 kcal162 bpm184 bpm1224 °CSilvesterlauf Hed...0.0
173x Laufen1.627,35 km6d 00:02:415:19/km11.317 m132063 kcal139 bpm209 bpm1948015 °C
8x Schwimmen2,36 km1:08:242:54/100m848 kcal113 bpm189 bpm96
11x Radfahren168,47 km6:21:2726,5 km/h776 m5506 kcal133 bpm192 bpm79125 °C
4x Rudern5,00 km22:482:17/500m200 kcal124 bpm170 bpm34

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