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Activity data of kappel1719

Total distance: 17,450.22 km Number of activities: 1466x kappel1719
Total duration: 58d 01:33:35

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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergySplitsTitleTRIMPVO2maxVO2maxStride length
01.07. Wed24 °C11,0 km53:414:53/km131 bpm74 m667 kcal6960.021.26 m
02.07. Thu17 °C8,5 km42:024:58/km128 bpm65 m499 kcal4960.601.24 m
03.07. Fri15 °C10,8 km48:184:29/km146 bpm60 m716 kcal8857.871.34 m
04.07. Sat
05.07. Sun19 °C21,9 km1:48:164:57/km134 bpm217 m1259 kcal14657.681.23 m
06.07. Mon17 °C10,2 km51:195:03/km129 bpm91 m585 kcal6058.891.24 m
07.07. Tue14 °C10,3 km50:284:54/km126 bpm44 m570 kcal5562.591.25 m
16 °C1,1 km13:3612:50/km98 bpm5 m85 kcal724.620.61 m
08.07. Wed22 °C11,3 km52:424:41/km143 bpm71 m721 kcal9156.491.30 m
09.07. Thu19 °C10,4 km51:264:57/km135 bpm70 m671 kcal7156.911.25 m
10.07. Fri17 °C29,0 km2:22:534:56/km131 bpm99 m1557 kcal17959.081.24 m
11.07. Sat
12.07. Sun
13.07. Mon
14.07. Tue
15.07. Wed
16.07. Thu
17.07. Fri
18.07. Sat
19.07. Sun
20.07. Mon
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22.07. Wed
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25.07. Sat
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27.07. Mon
28.07. Tue
29.07. Wed
30.07. Thu
31.07. Fri
10x Laufen18 °C124,3 km10:14:414:57/km133 bpm796 m7330 kcal81558.791.24 m

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