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Activity data of pskosinski

Total distance: 6,160.41 km Number of activities: 487x
Total duration: 17d 18:27:48 First activity: 22.11.2015
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TimeTypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergyTRIMPVO2maxVO2maxVO2max (file)Recovery timeTECS
08.01. Mon
09.01. Tue
10.01. Wed
11.01. Thu
12.01. Fri
13.01. Sat18:079,1 km28:3419,1 km/h30 m290 kcal290h0.0
14.01. Sun19:0516,9 km48:3120,9 km/h57 m544 kcal490h0.0
2x Rower18:0725,9 km1:17:0520,2 km/h87 m834 kcal78

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