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Activity data of runningsoenke

Total distance: 3,412.18 km Number of activities: 414x runningsoenke
Total duration: 16d 07:42:04

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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRmax. HRElev.EnergySplitsTitleTRIMPVO2maxVertical oscillationVO2max (file)Recovery timeHRVElapsed timeVO2maxSwolfStride lengthStrokesVertical ratioGCBWindHumidityPressureWindchillTERPEGrad.PCHIPC startPC End
22.04. Mon
23.04. Tue16 °C6,01 km41:556:58/km147 bpm203 bpm45 m469 kcalLaufen8036.6843:120.94 m 643 %1009 hpa16 °C0.75 %
24.04. Wed
25.04. Thu
26.04. Fri13 °C6,01 km43:457:17/km130 bpm228 bpm48 m402 kcalLaufen5541.0843:450.92 m 491 %1009 hpa13 °C0.8 %
27.04. Sat
28.04. Sun
2x Laufen14 °C12,02 km1:25:407:08/km138 bpm228 bpm93 m871 kcal13538.931:26:570.93 m0.77 %

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