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Activity data of sjorswitjes

Total distance: 8,855.59 km Number of activities: 711x
Total duration: 25d 01:17:25 First activity: 15.11.2009

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Temp.DistanceDurationPaceavg. HRElev.EnergyVO2max
07.04. Sun9 °C10,1 km46:344:38/km183 bpm88 m683 kcal44.72
21.04. Sun14 °C8,5 km39:054:37/km185 bpm95 m573 kcal44.23
24.09. Tue14 °C4,7 km22:004:38/km178 bpm9 m323 kcal46.26
29.09. Sun13 °C9,4 km49:495:20/km176 bpm77 m731 kcal40.10
29.10. Tue9 °C5,4 km28:565:22/km167 bpm17 m424 kcal42.94
04.11. Mon6 °C7,1 km38:035:21/km180 bpm20 m558 kcal38.11
6x Running11 °C45,1 km3:44:274:58/km179 bpm306 m3292 kcal42.41

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