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Activity data of sjorswitjes

Total distance: 10,525.68 km Number of activities: 799x sjorswitjes
Total duration: 27d 17:34:34

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DistanceDurationPaceavg. HREnergyTRIMPVO2maxCSRE
23.02. Sun7,5 km40:555:30/km175 bpm600 kcal12238.680.0
12.03. Wed10,3 km58:565:43/km174 bpm864 kcal18037.380.0
17.03. Mon8,1 km43:075:21/km175 bpm632 kcal13240.340.6
26.03. Wed6,1 km30:425:03/km183 bpm450 kcal11240.160.0
30.03. Sun6,8 km33:104:53/km187 bpm486 kcal12540.030.0
06.04. Sun10,7 km56:515:18/km176 bpm834 kcal18240.300.0
14.04. Mon8,6 km44:165:08/km187 bpm649 kcal17737.640.0
17.04. Thu5,7 km28:004:55/km411 kcal66
20.04. Sun7,9 km39:575:05/km187 bpm586 kcal16038.110.0
27.04. Sun10,0 km48:374:53/km191 bpm713 kcal20738.740.0
30.04. Wed7,3 km35:034:48/km169 bpm514 kcal10048.150.0
04.05. Sun11,2 km55:234:56/km174 bpm812 kcal16244.850.2
10.05. Sat11,2 km56:175:01/km176 bpm825 kcal17043.180.0
14.05. Wed7,9 km38:344:53/km171 bpm566 kcal10546.500.0
01.06. Sun7,7 km36:584:50/km178 bpm542 kcal11944.040.0
08.06. Sun10,4 km55:325:22/km170 bpm814 kcal15441.780.0
11.06. Wed7,9 km37:434:48/km174 bpm553 kcal11046.070.0
15.06. Sun12,2 km1:01:045:01/km176 bpm896 kcal18943.030.0
25.06. Wed12,6 km1:03:515:05/km180 bpm936 kcal21841.041.1
07.07. Mon11,3 km55:334:55/km180 bpm815 kcal18542.400.0
11.07. Fri8,4 km42:135:02/km174 bpm619 kcal12343.450.0
20.07. Sun5,7 km31:415:34/km167 bpm465 kcal8142.242.6
30.07. Wed12,3 km1:03:325:11/km174 bpm932 kcal19042.060.0
02.08. Sat10,6 km53:295:02/km170 bpm784 kcal14345.610.8
04.08. Mon7,8 km37:284:47/km171 bpm550 kcal10247.600.0
06.08. Wed13,9 km1:10:275:03/km1033 kcal1670.0
11.08. Mon8,4 km40:224:48/km170 bpm592 kcal10947.890.0
19.08. Tue7,7 km37:374:55/km177 bpm552 kcal11643.600.0
23.08. Sat14,9 km1:12:484:54/km180 bpm1068 kcal24542.750.0
31.08. Sun12,6 km1:02:154:57/km175 bpm913 kcal19244.370.9
07.09. Sun8,4 km39:564:46/km178 bpm586 kcal12744.930.0
10.09. Wed11,7 km57:144:53/km839 kcal1360.0
14.09. Sun9,8 km48:514:58/km176 bpm716 kcal15143.520.0
17.09. Wed8,4 km42:195:03/km169 bpm621 kcal11445.270.0
21.09. Sun10,1 km48:154:47/km175 bpm708 kcal14546.030.0
27.09. Sat10,4 km55:425:21/km177 bpm817 kcal18239.620.2
01.10. Wed8,4 km41:434:58/km172 bpm612 kcal11745.090.0
04.10. Sat15,0 km1:21:595:27/km168 bpm1202 kcal22841.890.3
08.10. Wed13,3 km1:04:574:53/km172 bpm953 kcal18546.110.0
12.10. Sun8,4 km39:284:41/km190 bpm579 kcal16240.910.0
17.10. Fri7,7 km38:295:01/km174 bpm564 kcal11544.130.0
19.10. Sun10,4 km49:594:48/km175 bpm733 kcal15045.900.0
22.10. Wed13,3 km1:04:124:50/km172 bpm942 kcal17746.640.0
26.10. Sun8,4 km40:094:47/km181 bpm589 kcal13943.470.0
29.10. Wed12,8 km1:08:595:22/km173 bpm1012 kcal20340.580.0
02.11. Sun12,5 km1:00:554:52/km183 bpm893 kcal21742.110.7
05.11. Wed12,8 km1:03:334:57/km180 bpm932 kcal21642.100.0
13.11. Thu8,3 km39:554:47/km178 bpm585 kcal12744.630.0
16.11. Sun12,5 km1:00:404:51/km187 bpm890 kcal23240.840.6
24.11. Mon11,9 km57:254:50/km177 bpm842 kcal17944.490.0
01.12. Mon12,8 km1:06:185:10/km183 bpm972 kcal25038.880.0
04.12. Thu7,8 km36:394:43/km196 bpm538 kcal17238.440.0
11.12. Thu8,0 km37:504:46/km185 bpm555 kcal14242.060.0
15.12. Mon11,5 km55:474:51/km179 bpm818 kcal18343.550.0
24.12. Wed12,8 km1:04:475:05/km176 bpm950 kcal20042.330.0
26.12. Fri10,4 km50:144:50/km184 bpm737 kcal18241.960.6
30.12. Tue12,9 km1:03:264:54/km177 bpm930 kcal19943.800.0
57x Running574,1 km1d 23:52:025:00/km177 bpm42121 kcal907342.73

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