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Activity data of sjorswitjes

Total distance: 10,525.68 km Number of activities: 799x sjorswitjes
Total duration: 27d 17:34:34

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DistanceDurationPaceavg. HREnergyTRIMPVO2maxCSRE
04.01. Fri11,9 km54:284:35/km165 bpm800 kcal13954.110.0
06.01. Sun7,4 km32:314:24/km172 bpm503 kcal9153.280.0
13.01. Sun8,5 km38:394:32/km170 bpm593 kcal10952.380.0
16.01. Wed24,2 km42:2634,3 km/h155 bpm576 kcal860.2
23,8 km40:1835,4 km/h138 bpm421 kcal570.2
17.01. Thu24,3 km42:0534,6 km/h150 bpm539 kcal770.0
24,1 km39:5136,2 km/h141 bpm441 kcal600.2
19.01. Sat9,0 km1:52:474,8 km/h82 bpm940 kcal380.6
20.01. Sun12,9 km1:01:314:47/km170 bpm941 kcal16648.930.0
24.01. Thu11,8 km54:304:37/km169 bpm819 kcal14651.580.0
27.01. Sun14,3 km1:05:354:34/km168 bpm976 kcal17152.680.0
30.01. Wed11,9 km54:044:34/km168 bpm820 kcal14352.840.0
03.02. Sun14,6 km1:08:294:41/km170 bpm1062 kcal18750.190.0
06.02. Wed10,3 km46:454:33/km173 bpm744 kcal13550.490.0
17.02. Sun9,9 km45:484:37/km170 bpm700 kcal12351.050.0
18.02. Mon23,5 km39:4335,5 km/h147 bpm492 kcal680.1
23,7 km39:2836,0 km/h140 bpm451 kcal590.1
20.02. Wed24,3 km40:5935,6 km/h146 bpm504 kcal690.1
23,9 km39:3736,2 km/h141 bpm444 kcal600.0
28.02. Thu10,7 km49:494:39/km165 bpm737 kcal12353.480.1
03.03. Sun10,4 km48:364:40/km167 bpm734 kcal12352.180.1
05.03. Tue12,5 km56:424:31/km167 bpm807 kcal13753.940.0
08.03. Fri12,6 km57:334:34/km167 bpm668 kcal9453.120.0
13.03. Wed11,9 km54:004:32/km165 bpm808 kcal14354.760.0
18.03. Mon24,3 km43:0733,8 km/h147 bpm534 kcal730.1
23,8 km38:2937,1 km/h147 bpm474 kcal660.2
21.03. Thu24,3 km40:2636,1 km/h148 bpm519 kcal700.1
24,0 km42:0334,2 km/h146 bpm506 kcal700.1
24.03. Sun9,9 km45:474:37/km166 bpm680 kcal11452.940.0
27.03. Wed12,4 km57:064:37/km168 bpm837 kcal14452.510.7
31.03. Sun12,9 km59:464:39/km169 bpm910 kcal15951.170.0
03.04. Wed11,9 km53:554:33/km169 bpm822 kcal14553.200.9
04.04. Thu24,3 km41:1735,3 km/h140 bpm483 kcal600.2
24,2 km42:2634,2 km/h138 bpm463 kcal600.2
07.04. Sun9,8 km45:444:39/km167 bpm694 kcal11752.130.0
08.04. Mon23,6 km39:3935,8 km/h141 bpm460 kcal590.1
14.04. Sun14,4 km1:07:004:40/km166 bpm1012 kcal16952.380.0
15.04. Mon24,3 km40:1736,2 km/h135 bpm432 kcal530.1
24,1 km40:4235,5 km/h133 bpm413 kcal520.4
17.04. Wed23,9 km39:3436,3 km/h148 bpm504 kcal700.0
23,7 km39:3835,8 km/h137 bpm432 kcal540.3
18.04. Thu12,8 km58:384:36/km169 bpm906 kcal15651.810.0
21.04. Sun10,3 km46:214:31/km165 bpm698 kcal11654.780.0
24.04. Wed9,9 km44:484:31/km167 bpm692 kcal11653.980.0
27.04. Sat15,8 km1:11:114:30/km168 bpm1096 kcal18353.860.0
30.04. Tue23,9 km39:3436,3 km/h148 bpm504 kcal700.0
23,7 km39:3835,8 km/h137 bpm432 kcal540.3
01.05. Wed14,4 km1:05:444:33/km167 bpm1024 kcal17053.460.0
05.05. Sun13,2 km1:00:404:36/km166 bpm934 kcal15353.090.0
09.05. Thu13,0 km59:194:33/km167 bpm870 kcal15853.870.6
13.05. Mon14,4 km1:06:204:37/km160 bpm968 kcal15356.040.0
16.05. Thu14,4 km1:06:034:35/km168 bpm1028 kcal17452.610.0
17.05. Fri24,0 km39:2636,4 km/h134 bpm423 kcal510.0
23,4 km39:0235,9 km/h136 bpm428 kcal540.2
19.05. Sun14,6 km1:06:314:34/km168 bpm990 kcal15952.790.0
21.05. Tue13,5 km1:01:024:31/km162 bpm895 kcal15056.470.0
26.05. Sun14,5 km1:07:404:40/km163 bpm1009 kcal16054.060.8
29.05. Wed14,3 km1:05:394:35/km167 bpm1027 kcal16653.010.0
04.06. Tue15,4 km1:13:514:48/km164 bpm1103 kcal18051.490.0
07.06. Fri21,8 km38:4433,8 km/h130 bpm379 kcal450.6
24,1 km42:5133,8 km/h116 bpm320 kcal360.2
11.06. Tue23,5 km40:5934,3 km/h125 bpm378 kcal430.2
24,2 km41:5034,7 km/h126 bpm379 kcal460.0
12.06. Wed12,8 km58:244:33/km166 bpm893 kcal15253.910.0
13.06. Thu24,3 km41:3035,2 km/h124 bpm364 kcal430.1
14.06. Fri22,7 km37:3836,1 km/h129 bpm361 kcal430.5
19,2 km31:2236,8 km/h130 bpm310 kcal370.1
17.06. Mon24,7 km43:3234,1 km/h122 bpm360 kcal430.3
24,0 km40:3935,5 km/h125 bpm360 kcal430.2
18.06. Tue25,2 km44:1234,3 km/h117 bpm333 kcal390.5
24,5 km40:4636,0 km/h125 bpm361 kcal440.2
20.06. Thu23,8 km40:0835,5 km/h120 bpm333 kcal380.0
24,5 km41:2335,5 km/h126 bpm373 kcal450.0
23.06. Sun9,9 km47:104:46/km165 bpm718 kcal11751.410.0
25.06. Tue22,8 km36:5237,0 km/h128 bpm351 kcal420.1
24,3 km39:4636,6 km/h131 bpm397 kcal480.2
27.06. Thu24,3 km41:0735,5 km/h127 bpm387 kcal470.0
23,5 km39:3035,7 km/h122 bpm330 kcal390.1
29.06. Sat16,1 km4:23:443,7 km/h78 bpm1307 kcal774.2
06.07. Sat9,1 km2:04:264,4 km/h78 bpm726 kcal640.0
07.07. Sun9,9 km46:394:44/km163 bpm687 kcal11052.870.0
08.07. Mon24,0 km40:2635,7 km/h133 bpm414 kcal510.0
22,4 km36:4036,7 km/h130 bpm353 kcal430.2
09.07. Tue24,3 km40:2636,0 km/h133 bpm418 kcal500.1
24,5 km40:4736,0 km/h130 bpm394 kcal480.0
10.07. Wed10,2 km48:084:42/km156 bpm684 kcal9956.710.0
20.07. Sat10,0 km47:174:45/km174 bpm773 kcal13948.171.5
02.08. Fri5,1 km24:324:49/km176 bpm395 kcal7646.300.6
04.08. Sun7,0 km33:184:45/km179 bpm534 kcal10945.550.0
07.08. Wed4,8 km23:414:54/km175 bpm359 kcal7045.760.0
10.08. Sat6,1 km29:444:53/km177 bpm451 kcal9244.880.0
13.08. Tue8,8 km45:245:11/km175 bpm672 kcal13642.541.1
16.09. Mon9,9 km50:415:08/km171 bpm712 kcal13944.440.0
19.09. Thu20,2 km33:0836,6 km/h151 bpm403 kcal610.0
24,0 km40:4235,4 km/h149 bpm464 kcal720.2
22.09. Sun9,8 km48:414:58/km176 bpm705 kcal14744.260.0
23.09. Mon21,7 km37:5234,4 km/h133 bpm352 kcal480.6
23,0 km39:5534,6 km/h134 bpm387 kcal520.3
26.09. Thu23,8 km40:2735,3 km/h143 bpm440 kcal630.2
23,0 km38:3535,8 km/h143 bpm404 kcal600.3
27.09. Fri24,0 km40:4535,3 km/h144 bpm437 kcal650.3
18,2 km29:2137,1 km/h133 bpm278 kcal370.0
30.09. Mon9,9 km47:064:47/km166 bpm643 kcal11950.850.0
02.10. Wed0,2 km9:103:49/100m120 bpm114 kcal0
0,2 km7:103:46/100m120 bpm89 kcal0
0,1 km7:255:42/100m120 bpm92 kcal0
03.10. Thu24,3 km41:5734,8 km/h138 bpm437 kcal590.0
20,3 km34:1735,5 km/h130 bpm312 kcal400.1
06.10. Sun9,6 km44:314:39/km173 bpm653 kcal12849.360.0
08.10. Tue22,9 km41:0733,4 km/h142 bpm450 kcal620.1
21,7 km42:0631,0 km/h128 bpm369 kcal470.0
10.10. Thu22,4 km37:4735,6 km/h144 bpm433 kcal600.0
17,0 km28:1936,0 km/h137 bpm295 kcal390.0
11.10. Fri23,8 km42:4833,4 km/h132 bpm401 kcal520.0
24,0 km42:0334,3 km/h125 bpm353 kcal440.1
13.10. Sun9,9 km46:324:43/km174 bpm690 kcal13948.130.00.77
15.10. Tue23,5 km40:0035,2 km/h131 bpm370 kcal480.0
21,9 km37:1535,3 km/h118 bpm271 kcal330.2
16.10. Wed0,9 km30:303:35/100m120 bpm378 kcal28
17.10. Thu24,3 km42:5833,9 km/h124 bpm349 kcal440.1
21.10. Mon9,9 km46:154:39/km167 bpm656 kcal11951.990.00.76
28.10. Mon24,3 km42:3234,3 km/h138 bpm461 kcal610.0
24,0 km41:0935,0 km/h131 bpm392 kcal500.1
29.10. Tue24,2 km41:1635,2 km/h137 bpm432 kcal570.2
24,0 km40:0835,9 km/h137 bpm427 kcal550.2
03.11. Sun14,1 km1:07:194:47/km165 bpm949 kcal17551.080.00.77
05.11. Tue24,3 km42:4334,1 km/h146 bpm499 kcal720.0
24,1 km41:3434,7 km/h131 bpm392 kcal510.1
06.11. Wed24,2 km41:4734,8 km/h142 bpm466 kcal640.0
20,7 km37:2233,2 km/h140 bpm412 kcal540.0
07.11. Thu24,2 km41:3135,0 km/h135 bpm423 kcal550.1
24,1 km42:0134,4 km/h129 bpm382 kcal490.1
10.11. Sun12,9 km1:03:324:56/km168 bpm913 kcal16447.930.00.77
11.11. Mon23,6 km41:4233,9 km/h132 bpm390 kcal520.1
24,0 km42:2734,0 km/h133 bpm426 kcal530.2
13.11. Wed24,3 km42:5134,0 km/h140 bpm473 kcal630.1
24,0 km42:1834,1 km/h124 bpm345 kcal430.2
14.11. Thu24,3 km41:5734,7 km/h140 bpm463 kcal630.2
24,0 km40:1635,7 km/h135 bpm403 kcal530.2
17.11. Sun12,9 km59:544:40/km171 bpm882 kcal16450.050.00.76
18.11. Mon23,4 km41:4233,6 km/h142 bpm472 kcal640.2
22,0 km38:3234,2 km/h131 bpm363 kcal470.3
19.11. Tue24,3 km43:3733,4 km/h141 bpm476 kcal660.1
26,1 km48:2032,3 km/h127 bpm423 kcal540.0
24.11. Sun12,1 km56:254:40/km170 bpm833 kcal15350.810.80.76
09.12. Mon23,4 km39:5635,1 km/h149 bpm504 kcal710.1
24,0 km40:4635,3 km/h145 bpm481 kcal670.2
10.12. Tue24,2 km43:1033,7 km/h147 bpm526 kcal740.1
24,0 km42:3933,7 km/h148 bpm533 kcal740.2
11.12. Wed24,3 km42:4734,1 km/h148 bpm532 kcal750.2
24,0 km41:5634,4 km/h145 bpm494 kcal690.2
13.12. Fri24,2 km41:1235,3 km/h151 bpm529 kcal770.0
23,8 km40:2035,4 km/h145 bpm475 kcal670.3
15.12. Sun9,9 km46:434:43/km167 bpm692 kcal12051.100.00.76
18.12. Wed24,0 km41:2134,8 km/h139 bpm457 kcal600.2
19.12. Thu24,2 km41:2635,1 km/h147 bpm510 kcal700.1
24,0 km41:1134,9 km/h133 bpm404 kcal520.3
22.12. Sun9,8 km47:124:48/km167 bpm702 kcal12150.050.00.77
24.12. Tue10,3 km47:114:36/km164 bpm677 kcal12054.090.00.77
27.12. Fri10,3 km46:334:32/km165 bpm674 kcal11754.450.00.77
30.12. Mon15,9 km1:13:494:38/km172 bpm1125 kcal21150.000.00.77
60x Running684,8 km2d 05:08:464:39/km168 bpm47579 kcal830851.71
4x Swimming1,4 km54:153:51/100m120 bpm673 kcal28
94x Biking2.213,5 km2d 15:14:4435,0 km/h136 bpm39700 kcal5233
3x Walking34,2 km8:20:574,1 km/h79 bpm2973 kcal179

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