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Activity data of spaceman_t

Total distance: 4,223.04 km Number of activities: 592x spaceman_t
Total duration: 17d 16:24:22

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TypeDistanceDurationPaceElev.Energyavg. HRmax. HRTemp.VO2maxVO2maxVO2max (file)TRIMPGroundcontactVertical oscillationSplitsTitleGCBTECS
01.01. MonDL12,00 km1:08:125:41/km16 m856 kcal148 bpm158 bpm7 °C44.001010.0
02.01. TueWA1,09 km7:447:06/km84 kcal153 bpm171 bpm7 °C31.92130.0
TDL3,14 km14:574:46/km5 m221 kcal164 bpm176 bpm7 °C47.25330.0
IT1,00 km4:504:50/km3 m70 kcal167 bpm176 bpm7 °C45.1290.0
IT0,90 km4:064:33/km60 kcal163 bpm179 bpm7 °C50.3590.0
WA1,67 km11:326:54/km4 m123 kcal144 bpm151 bpm7 °C35.89150.0
03.01. Wed
04.01. ThuDL15,40 km1:27:115:40/km21 m1118 kcal153 bpm180 bpm7 °C42.241460.0
05.01. Fri
06.01. SatRG8,13 km55:186:48/km12 m617 kcal138 bpm168 bpm5 °C38.6663Regi-Lauf mit lau...0.0
07.01. Sun
08.01. MonDL8,15 km45:335:35/km13 m593 kcal152 bpm166 bpm-1 °C43.31740.0
09.01. Tue
10.01. WedTDL5,01 km24:444:56/km5 m352 kcal170 bpm193 bpm5 °C42.71620.0
WA4,23 km25:145:58/km8 m305 kcal153 bpm159 bpm5 °C39.63420.0
11.01. Thu
12.01. Fri
13.01. SatDL14,38 km1:19:555:33/km21 m1061 kcal155 bpm164 bpm1 °C42.401400.0
14.01. Sun
15.01. Mon
16.01. TueDL10,73 km1:05:256:06/km1 m807 kcal143 bpm153 bpm2 °C42.25810.0
17.01. Wed
18.01. ThuDL4,04 km27:136:44/km308 kcal151 bpm175 bpm1 °C34.7343Matschlauf0.0
19.01. Fri
20.01. Sat
21.01. SunDL10,09 km57:425:43/km13 m723 kcal150 bpm158 bpm1 °C42.86890.0
WA0,41 km2:587:14/km4 m32 kcal147 bpm149 bpm0 °C33.2430.0
22.01. MonFS8,13 km47:345:51/km12 m591 kcal153 bpm178 bpm1 °C40.54800.0
23.01. Tue
24.01. WedDL10,65 km1:02:205:51/km4 m776 kcal150 bpm169 bpm13 °C41.65950.0
25.01. ThuDL5,00 km28:045:37/km354 kcal153 bpm180 bpm7 °C42.67500.0
26.01. Fri
27.01. Sat
28.01. SunTDL6,00 km32:045:21/km40 m470 kcal3 °C710.0
WA1,16 km6:535:56/km12 m101 kcal4 °C50.3
29.01. Mon
30.01. Tue
31.01. WedFS5,02 km31:056:12/km119 m456 kcal4 °C472.3
01.02. Thu
02.02. Fri
03.02. Sat
04.02. Sun
05.02. Mon
06.02. Tue
07.02. Wed
08.02. ThuDL9,27 km54:465:54/km12 m832 kcal153 bpm165 bpm1 °C40.06920.0
09.02. Fri
10.02. SatTDL7,11 km40:065:38/km10 m512 kcal161 bpm181 bpm-2 °C39.41750.0
WA2,07 km13:576:44/km1 m162 kcal161 bpm179 bpm-1 °C31.60280.0
11.02. SunDL13,06 km1:14:345:43/km19 m945 kcal153 bpm175 bpm5 °C41.791320.0
WA1,29 km9:357:26/km1 m101 kcal144 bpm165 bpm5 °C32.78120.0
12.02. Mon
13.02. TueDL11,01 km1:05:215:56/km16 m815 kcal147 bpm157 bpm1 °C42.09940.0
14.02. Wed
15.02. ThuTDL7,03 km36:525:15/km10 m541 kcal159 bpm175 bpm1 °C43.9173Activity0.0
WA3,24 km20:536:27/km8 m306 kcal146 bpm151 bpm1 °C38.3729Activity0.0
16.02. Fri
17.02. SatDL15,55 km1:29:265:45/km24 m1312 kcal150 bpm172 bpm5 °C42.571400.0
18.02. Sun
19.02. MonTDL5,00 km25:505:10/km46 m354 kcal155 bpm171 bpm8 °C46.40450.0
WA1,71 km12:447:27/km36 m135 kcal140 bpm164 bpm8 °C33.92150.7
20.02. Tue
21.02. Wed
22.02. Thu
23.02. FriFS11,84 km1:11:486:04/km16 m869 kcal155 bpm178 bpm0 °C38.081250.0
24.02. Sat
25.02. SunTDL10,01 km52:065:12/km14 m721 kcal159 bpm179 bpm-3 °C44.33970.0
LL4,41 km31:127:04/km2 m341 kcal141 bpm174 bpm-3 °C35.81370.0
26.02. Mon
27.02. TueDL10,36 km1:02:456:03/km16 m777 kcal143 bpm150 bpm-4 °C42.60800.0
28.02. Wed
01.03. ThuTDL5,01 km25:135:02/km5 m357 kcal157 bpm174 bpm-4 °C47.05470.0
WA3,00 km21:077:02/km8 m224 kcal147 bpm178 bpm-5 °C34.09300.0
02.03. Fri
03.03. Sat
04.03. SunDL10,00 km57:185:44/km14 m723 kcal150 bpm160 bpm-5 °C42.77880.0
FS1,82 km10:465:55/km2 m141 kcal155 bpm166 bpm-3 °C39.27180.0
05.03. Mon
06.03. TueDL14,45 km1:26:075:58/km20 m1076 kcal143 bpm163 bpm7 °C43.451100.0
07.03. Wed
08.03. ThuIT10,76 km1:04:175:58/km16 m771 kcal151 bpm180 bpm9 °C40.251050.0
09.03. Fri
10.03. SatDL10,19 km55:095:25/km13 m738 kcal152 bpm176 bpm6 °C45.05890.0
WA1,33 km8:486:37/km4 m102 kcal143 bpm149 bpm6 °C38.19110.0
11.03. Sun
12.03. MonDL8,17 km48:145:54/km12 m707 kcal143 bpm175 bpm8 °C43.9767Activity0.0
13.03. Tue
14.03. Wed
15.03. ThuDL9,00 km49:255:29/km179 m663 kcal154 bpm184 bpm19 °C43.45902.7
WA0,93 km6:286:57/km24 m72 kcal143 bpm170 bpm19 °C35.9290.3
16.03. Fri
17.03. SatDL7,39 km44:155:59/km165 m548 kcal153 bpm197 bpm7 °C39.4082Berglauf2.4
IT0,78 km10:2513:21/km18 m63 kcal126 bpm146 bpm8 °C18.459Bergsprints0.0
18.03. Sun
19.03. MonDL9,04 km54:546:04/km156 m672 kcal149 bpm175 bpm16 °C40.18882.9
20.03. Tue
21.03. Wed
22.03. Thu
23.03. FriFS5,38 km32:256:02/km97 m400 kcal146 bpm172 bpm12 °C41.70462.4
IT0,45 km5:2011:51/km14 m34 kcal136 bpm155 bpm13 °C19.5650.0
24.03. Sat
25.03. SunDL2,07 km12:195:57/km1 m151 kcal144 bpm155 bpm9 °C43.14170.0
DL7,67 km45:465:58/km18 m565 kcal150 bpm160 bpm9 °C40.68700.0
26.03. Mon
27.03. Tue
28.03. Wed
29.03. ThuWA2,78 km18:006:28/km6 m208 kcal145 bpm166 bpm4 °C38.51260.0
TDL2,92 km13:524:45/km6 m203 kcal170 bpm181 bpm4 °C44.85340.0
WA2,74 km18:136:39/km5 m211 kcal150 bpm155 bpm4 °C35.59290.0
TDL0,51 km2:064:07/km33 kcal171 bpm179 bpm4 °C52.9950.0
WA4,16 km27:316:37/km12 m313 kcal148 bpm169 bpm4 °C36.48420.0
30.03. FriDL11,11 km1:06:325:59/km20 m827 kcal147 bpm159 bpm4 °C41.631010.0
31.03. Sat
01.04. Sun
02.04. MonDL7,95 km47:546:02/km18 m600 kcal144 bpm173 bpm6 °C42.48660.0
03.04. Tue
04.04. WedTDL5,01 km25:295:05/km12 m355 kcal160 bpm175 bpm15 °C45.18540.0
WA5,50 km37:586:54/km6 m437 kcal144 bpm170 bpm15 °C35.91530.0
05.04. Thu
06.04. FriDL8,01 km49:196:09/km18 m604 kcal149 bpm192 bpm12 °C39.5080lockerer DL mit 2...0.0
07.04. SatDL10,03 km56:065:36/km24 m718 kcal155 bpm169 bpm19 °C42.081040.0
WA3,00 km21:217:07/km6 m238 kcal140 bpm149 bpm19 °C35.88270.0
08.04. Sun
09.04. MonDL7,99 km47:566:00/km18 m703 kcal145 bpm174 bpm19 °C42.3269lockerer DL mit 2...0.0
10.04. TueTDL5,00 km24:544:59/km12 m352 kcal156 bpm175 bpm14 °C48.12475km TDL - Vorfußl...0.0
WA2,89 km20:337:07/km4 m225 kcal143 bpm155 bpm16 °C34.93270.0
11.04. Wed
12.04. ThuRG10,52 km1:05:196:13/km24 m776 kcal138 bpm165 bpm15 °C43.2679Rekomm mit 2 Stri...0.0
13.04. Fri
14.04. Sat
15.04. SunDL10,01 km54:035:24/km24 m718 kcal153 bpm163 bpm12 °C44.77950.0
WA3,03 km18:376:09/km6 m230 kcal147 bpm158 bpm12 °C40.33120.0
16.04. Mon
17.04. Tue
18.04. WedDL10,50 km1:03:346:03/km22 m787 kcal149 bpm172 bpm22 °C40.331010.0
19.04. Thu
20.04. Fri
21.04. SatIT5,65 km32:565:50/km12 m399 kcal156 bpm180 bpm8 °C39.62620.0
WA2,13 km14:346:50/km6 m167 kcal146 bpm150 bpm10 °C35.66200.0
22.04. SunDL13,02 km1:17:025:55/km31 m962 kcal144 bpm171 bpm21 °C43.441080.0
23.04. Mon
24.04. TueDL10,01 km52:095:13/km9 m720 kcal154 bpm175 bpm11 °C46.36950.0
WA2,87 km18:526:34/km4 m214 kcal142 bpm150 bpm11 °C38.8590.0
25.04. Wed
26.04. ThuDL10,45 km1:05:186:15/km22 m776 kcal136 bpm162 bpm10 °C43.7276Jogging0.0
27.04. FriFS7,98 km52:016:31/km18 m582 kcal150 bpm172 bpm14 °C36.47860.0
28.04. Sat
29.04. SunDL8,01 km47:195:54/km18 m587 kcal147 bpm180 bpm18 °C42.35530.0
30.04. Mon
01.05. TueDL15,61 km1:37:446:16/km36 m1155 kcal142 bpm148 bpm9 °C41.27980.0
02.05. Wed
03.05. ThuTDL6,01 km30:455:07/km12 m428 kcal157 bpm173 bpm14 °C46.1140TDL mit 1km einla...0.0
WA1,85 km11:506:24/km4 m138 kcal148 bpm171 bpm13 °C38.0270.0
04.05. Fri
05.05. SatDL10,50 km1:05:416:15/km24 m763 kcal138 bpm146 bpm19 °C42.86700.0
06.05. Sun
07.05. MonDL8,00 km46:005:45/km18 m578 kcal146 bpm173 bpm23 °C44.1852DL schneller mit ...0.0
08.05. Tue
09.05. Wed
10.05. ThuDL10,01 km1:01:576:11/km24 m758 kcal137 bpm144 bpm15 °C43.84490.0
WA1,57 km11:207:13/km2 m111 kcal131 bpm157 bpm14 °C38.3165 Strides nach 10...0.0
11.05. Fri
12.05. SatIT7,94 km45:095:41/km18 m582 kcal153 bpm176 bpm20 °C42.0079IV 4x4min, 2min T...0.0
13.05. Sun
14.05. MonDL9,69 km1:00:246:14/km19 m700 kcal138 bpm144 bpm24 °C43.0628langsamer DL0.0
15.05. Tue
16.05. WedDL6,23 km35:025:37/km12 m437 kcal145 bpm154 bpm23 °C45.834135 min ruhiger DL0.0
IT1,57 km11:397:25/km2 m109 kcal140 bpm162 bpm22 °C34.075Strides + Auslaufen0.0
17.05. Thu
18.05. FriIT6,11 km35:145:46/km12 m435 kcal145 bpm172 bpm15 °C44.44513x3min IV mit 10m...0.0
19.05. Sat
20.05. Sun
21.05. MonDL3,28 km20:056:07/km6 m246 kcal139 bpm147 bpm23 °C43.6119langsamer DL0.0
FS0,69 km5:247:50/km46 kcal145 bpm163 bpm23 °C30.4323 Strides0.0
22.05. Tue
23.05. WedWK5,60 km26:474:47/km71 m393 kcal177 bpm188 bpm23 °C41.69815.6km Wettkampf B...0.7
24.05. ThuRG7,09 km45:266:24/km13 m521 kcal134 bpm142 bpm23 °C43.1747Regenerationslauf0.0
25.05. Fri
26.05. Sat
27.05. SunTDL10,02 km51:145:07/km18 m713 kcal159 bpm176 bpm19 °C45.31970.0
WA1,31 km8:396:36/km6 m100 kcal154 bpm173 bpm20 °C34.585Auslaufen0.0
28.05. Mon
29.05. TueDL10,62 km1:06:356:16/km25 m777 kcal142 bpm151 bpm28 °C41.20740.0
30.05. Wed
31.05. ThuDL5,08 km27:295:25/km12 m368 kcal151 bpm164 bpm28 °C45.48450.0
WA2,88 km18:156:20/km4 m217 kcal149 bpm154 bpm28 °C38.12110.0
01.06. Fri
02.06. SatDL6,38 km36:565:47/km12 m466 kcal144 bpm151 bpm18 °C44.63480.0
WA6,01 km40:036:40/km16 m456 kcal151 bpm159 bpm20 °C35.15400.0
03.06. Sun
04.06. MonIT7,14 km41:145:46/km17 m515 kcal150 bpm179 bpm19 °C42.36554x1000m IV mit 2 ...0.0
05.06. TueDL7,51 km47:406:21/km17 m553 kcal134 bpm142 bpm24 °C43.68200.0
WA0,46 km2:435:54/km33 kcal140 bpm152 bpm22 °C45.171Strides + Auslaufen0.0
06.06. Wed
07.06. Thu
08.06. Fri8,00 km45:505:44/km19 m580 kcal157 bpm174 bpm26 °C40.1058zügiger DL 2x 10m...0.0
09.06. Sat
10.06. SunDL10,01 km1:02:586:17/km23 m727 kcal139 bpm146 bpm23 °C42.18750.0
FS1,21 km9:267:48/km2 m92 kcal143 bpm161 bpm22 °C31.1545 Strides nach 10...0.0
11.06. MonDL5,52 km36:386:38/km12 m407 kcal134 bpm153 bpm19 °C41.34285km langsamer DL ...0.0
12.06. Tue
13.06. WedIT8,49 km50:576:00/km19 m608 kcal148 bpm180 bpm16 °C41.148010x400m IV mit 10...0.0
14.06. Thu
15.06. FriDL6,41 km37:405:53/km16 m470 kcal148 bpm165 bpm22 °C42.2341lockerer DL0.0
16.06. Sat
17.06. SunDL5,55 km34:186:11/km12 m408 kcal140 bpm165 bpm20 °C42.7243langsamer DL mit ...0.0
18.06. Mon
19.06. TueIT7,16 km43:016:00/km12 m524 kcal150 bpm180 bpm20 °C40.34710.0
20.06. Wed
21.06. ThuDL5,00 km29:045:49/km12 m361 kcal142 bpm152 bpm13 °C45.23395km lockerer DL0.0
FS1,21 km8:537:20/km2 m83 kcal144 bpm160 bpm12 °C33.2745 Strides nach 5k...0.0
22.06. Fri
23.06. SatFS2,71 km18:316:50/km6 m185 kcal147 bpm167 bpm14 °C35.3628Footing mit Lauf-...0.0
24.06. SunWA1,65 km10:346:24/km4 m119 kcal13 °C9EL vor WK0.0
WK5,00 km22:464:33/km15 m334 kcal176 bpm186 bpm14 °C44.70665km WK0.0
25.06. MonRG5,24 km33:096:20/km12 m388 kcal134 bpm146 bpm14 °C43.86350.0
26.06. Tue
27.06. Wed
28.06. ThuDL5,38 km32:516:06/km20 m402 kcal142 bpm152 bpm18 °C42.57435km lockerer DL0.0
29.06. Fri
30.06. SatDL5,11 km30:135:55/km20 m374 kcal141 bpm150 bpm16 °C44.69355km lockerer DL0.0
01.07. SunDL4,00 km25:176:19/km20 m294 kcal135 bpm148 bpm16 °C43.50274km Strandlauf - ...0.0
02.07. Mon
03.07. Tue
04.07. WedDL6,02 km37:216:12/km12 m451 kcal143 bpm156 bpm25 °C41.35500.0
05.07. Thu
06.07. FriIT10,26 km1:00:405:55/km24 m754 kcal149 bpm176 bpm18 °C41.52975x3min IV mit 4mi...0.0
07.07. Sat
08.07. SunLL16,02 km1:38:376:09/km36 m1216 kcal146 bpm156 bpm22 °C40.621060.0
09.07. Mon
10.07. TueDL8,02 km50:156:16/km18 m580 kcal143 bpm150 bpm18 °C40.85670.0
11.07. Wed
12.07. ThuIT10,44 km1:02:025:57/km24 m759 kcal156 bpm184 bpm23 °C38.701184x5min IV mit 10m...0.0
13.07. Fri
14.07. SatLL14,27 km1:29:296:16/km30 m1047 kcal142 bpm147 bpm19 °C41.19115langer Lauf0.0
15.07. Sun
16.07. MonRG10,00 km1:08:506:53/km23 m783 kcal137 bpm143 bpm27 °C38.4473sehr langsamer DL0.0
17.07. Tue
18.07. WedIT8,32 km49:395:58/km18 m601 kcal148 bpm178 bpm21 °C41.43784x3min IV mit 3mi...0.0
19.07. Thu
20.07. FriLL16,02 km1:38:276:09/km36 m1213 kcal145 bpm152 bpm27 °C41.08139langer DL - 16km0.0
21.07. Sat
22.07. Sun
23.07. Mon
24.07. Tue
25.07. WedDL7,00 km43:446:15/km17 m519 kcal157 bpm170 bpm26 °C36.03847km DL0.0
26.07. Thu
27.07. FriIT11,77 km1:10:556:02/km25 m852 kcal153 bpm179 bpm24 °C39.101265x5min IV @ 10k W...0.0
28.07. Sat
29.07. Sun
30.07. MonLL18,01 km1:46:415:55/km42 m1322 kcal150 bpm166 bpm22 °C41.0517218km laLa0.0
31.07. Tue
01.08. Wed
02.08. Thu
03.08. Fri
04.08. Sat
05.08. Sun
06.08. Mon
07.08. Tue
08.08. WedDL5,54 km34:246:13/km12 m409 kcal141 bpm154 bpm24 °C42.0844langsamer DL0.0
09.08. Thu
10.08. FriIT8,71 km52:556:05/km19 m634 kcal145 bpm176 bpm17 °C41.66714x3min IV mit 3mi...0.0
11.08. Sat
12.08. SunLL15,15 km1:28:565:52/km30 m1103 kcal146 bpm151 bpm22 °C43.072715km laLa0.0
13.08. Mon
14.08. TueDL5,02 km30:506:09/km12 m382 kcal139 bpm147 bpm20 °C43.44145km lockerer DL0.0
WA1,67 km11:336:55/km117 kcal146 bpm166 bpm20 °C35.166Lauf ABC + Auslau...0.0
15.08. Wed
16.08. ThuWA1,20 km8:407:13/km13 m94 kcal140 bpm159 bpm28 °C35.2311EL0.0
WK5,00 km24:064:49/km45 m353 kcal173 bpm183 bpm28 °C42.8466Mopo Run 5km Staf...0.0
WA1,28 km9:197:17/km13 m104 kcal26 °C8AL0.8
17.08. Fri
18.08. SatDL15,77 km1:30:195:44/km37 m1119 kcal147 bpm156 bpm23 °C43.9911590min DL0.0
19.08. Sun
20.08. Mon
21.08. Tue
22.08. WedRG9,01 km1:01:226:49/km18 m698 kcal131 bpm144 bpm26 °C41.165960min laDL0.0
23.08. Thu
24.08. FriIT13,26 km1:17:105:49/km30 m954 kcal149 bpm175 bpm16 °C42.351236x5min IV @ 10k W...0.0
25.08. Sat
26.08. SunLL18,35 km1:48:375:55/km42 m1346 kcal142 bpm150 bpm18 °C44.22130110min DL @ 6:02 ...0.0
27.08. Mon
28.08. Tue4,90 km32:306:38/km11 m358 kcal136 bpm154 bpm19 °C40.6236lockerer DL + Lau...0.0
WA1,57 km9:596:22/km2 m115 kcal139 bpm147 bpm19 °C41.626Auslaufen0.0
29.08. Wed
30.08. ThuIT9,05 km53:025:52/km19 m657 kcal146 bpm180 bpm18 °C43.16815x3min IV mit 2mi...0.0
31.08. Fri
01.09. SatDL11,05 km1:10:136:21/km25 m806 kcal136 bpm147 bpm21 °C42.837770min DL0.0
02.09. Sun
03.09. Mon
04.09. Tue
05.09. WedIT5,89 km35:035:57/km13 m433 kcal146 bpm170 bpm42.35533x3min @ 10k + 3m...0.0
06.09. Thu
07.09. Fri
08.09. Sat
09.09. SunWA1,53 km11:047:14/km26 m128 kcal148 bpm166 bpm32.65170.0
WK10,00 km49:294:57/km61 m726 kcal179 bpm189 bpm16 °C39.24154Alsterlauf 20180.0
10.09. Mon
11.09. Tue
12.09. WedDL6,05 km34:505:45/km12 m441 kcal149 bpm161 bpm42.9124Lockerer DL 6km0.0
13.09. Thu
14.09. FriDL10,70 km1:03:025:53/km24 m783 kcal148 bpm159 bpm42.1097lockerer DL0.0
15.09. Sat
16.09. SunDL15,71 km1:37:186:12/km46 m1182 kcal148 bpm158 bpm21 °C39.57128Longrun - Sightse...0.0
17.09. Mon
18.09. TueTDL8,02 km46:475:50/km19 m578 kcal155 bpm181 bpm29 °C39.95614km TDL mit 1.5km...0.0
19.09. Wed
20.09. ThuDL8,07 km51:066:20/km18 m589 kcal142 bpm146 bpm24 °C40.6932lockerer DL 8km0.0
21.09. FriIT12,14 km1:12:155:57/km24 m905 kcal147 bpm172 bpm15 °C41.951105x5min IV @ 10k W...0.0
22.09. Sat
23.09. SunLL17,11 km1:42:396:00/km48 m1267 kcal147 bpm156 bpm11 °C41.5412517km DL0.0
24.09. Mon
25.09. TueDL6,05 km40:236:40/km12 m438 kcal135 bpm161 bpm14 °C40.673940min DL incl 5 m...0.0
26.09. Wed
27.09. ThuDL9,21 km56:176:07/km19 m696 kcal143 bpm152 bpm21 °C42.1375lockerer DL 9km0.0
28.09. FriRG8,12 km54:136:41/km18 m622 kcal133 bpm144 bpm14 °C41.41558km DL langsam0.0
29.09. Sat
30.09. SunDL6,73 km39:595:56/km10 m496 kcal147 bpm156 bpm11 °C42.0440lockerer DL 7km0.0
01.10. MonDL5,01 km31:166:14/km10 m369 kcal137 bpm150 bpm9 °C43.39365km lockerer DL0.0
FS0,95 km7:297:53/km5 m66 kcal143 bpm151 bpm10 °C30.763Lauf ABC + Auslau...0.0
02.10. Tue
03.10. WedFS9,88 km1:00:446:09/km47 m734 kcal145 bpm179 bpm14 °C41.06904x3min IV mit 4mi...0.0
04.10. Thu
05.10. FriLL15,04 km1:29:185:56/km40 m1114 kcal150 bpm162 bpm21 °C40.9314415km laLa0.0
06.10. Sat
07.10. SunTDL10,73 km1:00:115:37/km25 m789 kcal155 bpm172 bpm13 °C41.938540min TDL mit 10m...0.0
08.10. Mon
09.10. TueRG4,53 km30:356:45/km11 m354 kcal131 bpm137 bpm17 °C41.61144.5km langsamer DL0.0
FS1,49 km11:337:45/km2 m110 kcal133 bpm145 bpm16 °C34.434Lauf ABC + AL0.0
10.10. Wed
11.10. ThuIT13,31 km1:16:385:45/km31 m980 kcal154 bpm182 bpm19 °C40.981406x5min IV @ 10k W...0.0
12.10. FriLL17,09 km1:43:006:02/km48 m1276 kcal144 bpm151 bpm23 °C42.4712917km DL0.0
13.10. Sat
14.10. SunTDL9,83 km56:505:47/km18 m726 kcal152 bpm171 bpm16 °C41.539635min zügiger DL ...0.0
15.10. Mon
16.10. TueDL6,03 km37:246:12/km12 m448 kcal138 bpm146 bpm20 °C43.31446km DL0.0
FS1,14 km9:057:58/km2 m82 kcal140 bpm159 bpm19 °C31.184Lauf ABC + Auslau...0.0
17.10. WedIT8,94 km53:456:01/km18 m657 kcal149 bpm185 bpm21 °C40.67875x3min IV mit 2mi...0.0
18.10. Thu
19.10. FriDL8,65 km55:086:22/km18 m630 kcal132 bpm151 bpm13 °C44.26468km DL langsam0.0
DL1,90 km12:146:26/km4 m138 kcal128 bpm135 bpm11 °C45.364langsamer DL 2. T...0.0
20.10. Sat
21.10. SunDL7,63 km45:516:01/km12 m565 kcal146 bpm162 bpm15 °C41.846725min zügiger DL ...0.0
22.10. Mon
23.10. Tue
24.10. WedIT5,83 km35:406:07/km13 m438 kcal145 bpm167 bpm12 °C41.31513x3min IV , 3min ...0.0
25.10. Thu
26.10. Fri
27.10. SatFS4,59 km30:076:34/km6 m332 kcal147 bpm169 bpm6 °C37.19454.5 km langsamer ...0.0
28.10. SunWA1,59 km10:206:30/km118 kcal144 bpm161 bpm3 °C38.695Warmlaufen vor 5k...0.0
WK5,00 km22:134:27/km11 m326 kcal172 bpm182 bpm5 °C47.79265km WK @ Süderelb...0.0
WA0,96 km8:138:34/km68 kcal129 bpm139 bpm5 °C31.582Auslaufen nach 5k...0.0
29.10. Mon
30.10. Tue
31.10. WedDL8,02 km47:465:57/km18 m592 kcal10 °C638km DL0.0
01.11. Thu
02.11. Fri
03.11. SatLL21,14 km2:03:335:51/km55 m1531 kcal151 bpm168 bpm9 °C41.35202lockerer DL HM - ...0.0
04.11. Sun
05.11. Mon
06.11. Tue
07.11. WedIT6,49 km37:315:47/km13 m479 kcal154 bpm173 bpm15 °C40.7757Billats 30/30 x20...0.0
08.11. Thu
09.11. FriDL10,03 km57:565:47/km18 m729 kcal147 bpm154 bpm11 °C43.538710km lockerer DL0.0
10.11. Sat
11.11. SunLL16,07 km1:40:236:15/km46 m1198 kcal140 bpm148 bpm13 °C42.15123Long run - Sights...0.0
12.11. Mon
13.11. Tue
14.11. WedTDL10,20 km57:065:36/km25 m744 kcal151 bpm175 bpm10 °C43.61762x15min TDL mit 5...0.0
15.11. Thu
16.11. FriFS10,66 km1:02:585:54/km24 m767 kcal150 bpm184 bpm8 °C41.199311 km DL incl 100...0.0
TDL1,00 km3:563:56/km58 kcal177 bpm185 bpm53.06111000m all out inn...
17.11. SatLL15,43 km1:31:245:55/km43 m1128 kcal145 bpm154 bpm6 °C42.9812315km laLa0.0
18.11. Sun
19.11. Mon
20.11. TueDL10,72 km1:02:415:51/km24 m779 kcal147 bpm168 bpm3 °C42.886710km lockerer DL ...0.0
21.11. Wed
22.11. Thu
23.11. FriIT11,06 km1:03:195:43/km25 m791 kcal151 bpm173 bpm2 °C42.42913x2000m IV - 5min...0.0
24.11. SatLL16,06 km1:37:496:05/km48 m1210 kcal138 bpm144 bpm3 °C44.30110langer DL - 16km0.0
25.11. Sun
26.11. MonDL7,03 km36:335:12/km13 m507 kcal155 bpm166 bpm3 °C46.05267km zügiger DL0.0
WA1,02 km6:506:42/km4 m77 kcal138 bpm143 bpm3 °C39.3931km Auslaufen0.0
27.11. Tue
28.11. WedDL8,15 km49:206:03/km19 m607 kcal139 bpm150 bpm1 °C44.2260lockerer DL 8km0.0
29.11. Thu
30.11. Fri
01.12. Sat
02.12. SunLL14,42 km1:26:215:59/km42 m1057 kcal139 bpm148 bpm9 °C44.827214km DL0.0
03.12. Mon
04.12. TueDL10,02 km52:325:15/km20 m732 kcal156 bpm173 bpm4 °C45.159710km zügiger DL0.0
WA1,85 km12:346:48/km4 m140 kcal137 bpm142 bpm4 °C39.075Auslaufen0.0
05.12. WedIT5,54 km35:116:21/km12 m385 kcal139 bpm175 bpm3 °C41.69416x400m, 200/100m ...0.0
WA3,60 km25:347:06/km6 m279 kcal134 bpm139 bpm3 °C38.0212Auslaufen nach IV0.0
06.12. Thu
07.12. FriDL8,20 km50:286:09/km18 m612 kcal139 bpm148 bpm11 °C43.3361lockerer DL 8km0.0
08.12. Sat
09.12. SunRG7,05 km44:566:22/km16 m521 kcal141 bpm166 bpm7 °C40.75577km Rekomm-Lauf m...0.0
10.12. Mon
11.12. TueTDL10,01 km50:385:03/km21 m711 kcal162 bpm180 bpm5 °C44.6710910km TDL0.0
WA1,92 km13:377:06/km5 m148 kcal144 bpm166 bpm4 °C34.7272km Auslaufen nac...0.0
12.12. Wed
13.12. Thu
14.12. FriDL8,00 km45:425:43/km16 m574 kcal158 bpm168 bpm1 °C39.88898km lockerer DL, ...0.0
15.12. SatLL17,60 km1:49:276:13/km50 m1283 kcal143 bpm151 bpm1 °C41.2314517.5km easy DL0.0
16.12. Sun
17.12. MonDL5,55 km31:055:36/km12 m402 kcal151 bpm161 bpm3 °C43.59515.5km lockerer zü...0.0
18.12. Tue
19.12. Wed
20.12. ThuDL8,18 km49:276:03/km18 m612 kcal143 bpm148 bpm7 °C42.7067lockerer DL 8km0.0
21.12. Fri
22.12. SatTDL10,01 km52:015:12/km18 m717 kcal160 bpm179 bpm4 °C44.008810km TDL0.0
WA1,36 km9:096:44/km7 m97 kcal141 bpm146 bpm4 °C38.1110Auslaufen0.0
23.12. Sun
24.12. MonDL11,33 km1:09:126:06/km20 m850 kcal144 bpm151 bpm-1 °C41.787511km lockerer DL0.0
25.12. TueTDL6,03 km32:565:28/km10 m430 kcal153 bpm175 bpm5 °C44.1439Schwellenlauf 4km...0.0
26.12. WedLL16,67 km1:44:186:15/km30 m1215 kcal143 bpm154 bpm6 °C40.92140langer DL - 16km0.0
27.12. Thu
28.12. Fri
29.12. Sat
30.12. SunWA1,38 km11:578:40/km102 kcal121 bpm135 bpm7 °C33.539Einlaufen0.0
DL9,08 km53:255:53/km18 m655 kcal154 bpm169 bpm7 °C39.9039lockerer DL 9km0.0
31.12. Mon
223x Laufen1.616,33 km6d 16:55:435:58/km4.333 m119376 kcal147 bpm197 bpm13 °C42.5513279

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