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Total distance: 7,922.28 km Number of activities: 1015x
Total duration: 33d 16:29:36 First activity: 02.09.2016

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TypeDistanceDurationPaceElev.avg. HRVO2maxVO2maxTRIMPCadenceStride lengthTemp.SplitsTitleEquipmentCS
01.08. Thu
02.08. FriDL11,95 km1:12:106:02/km163 m119 bpm47.8797174 spm0.95 m27 °CCrocodile RockSaucony Ride 10 blau3.3
03.08. SatWA1,83 km11:186:10/km111 bpm49.1512172 spm0.94 m24 °CWarmupHoka ONE ONE Carbon X0.0
WK25,24 km2:00:334:47/km25 m134 bpm52.64245190 spm1.10 m24 °C35. Bellheimer So...Hoka ONE ONE Carbon X0.0
04.08. Sun
05.08. MonDL14,82 km1:17:015:12/km55 m125 bpm52.70126180 spm1.07 m28 °CFCK Montagslauftr...Salming Speed 60.0
06.08. TueDL12,57 km1:09:445:33/km101 m120 bpm51.8797176 spm1.02 m25 °CDaubenbornerhofCraft V175 Lite1.3
07.08. WedIT12,67 km1:04:175:04/km1 m131 bpm50.38126176 spm1.12 m20 °C4*2000m 3*MRT, 1*...Newton Gravity 80.0
WA0,96 km6:166:32/km1 m114 bpm44.367170 spm0.90 m21 °CAuslaufenBarfuss0.4
08.08. Thu
09.08. FriRG5,63 km33:566:02/km178 m114 bpm52.8040174 spm0.95 m30 °CGanz lockerNew Balance Vazee Summit4.1
10.08. SatWA1,31 km8:166:19/km2 m113 bpm47.089172 spm0.92 m25 °CWarmupSalming Race 6 (Nr.2)0.5
WK9,88 km42:414:19/km101 m147 bpm52.92121192 spm1.21 m25 °C25. Residenzfestl...Salming Race 6 (Nr.2)2.1
11.08. SunLL25,03 km2:20:295:37/km411 m124 bpm49.98214182 spm0.98 m21 °CEiswoogSalming Miles Lite (2019)4.4
12.08. MonDL11,43 km1:00:575:20/km123 m122 bpm53.6691176 spm1.07 m17 °CFCK Montagslauftr...New Balance Vazee Summit1.7
13.08. TueTDL15,06 km1:15:185:00/km102 m128 bpm53.90130180 spm1.11 m20 °C10km Pace 4:50Newton Gravity 81.5
14.08. WedIT11,75 km1:03:015:22/km9 m125 bpm50.31107180 spm1.04 m21 °C4*1000mSalming Race 6 (Nr.2)0.0
WA0,93 km6:156:43/km1 m109 bpm45.436172 spm0.87 m21 °CAuslaufenBarfuss0.5
15.08. Thu
16.08. FriRG9,26 km58:376:20/km166 m118 bpm46.2178172 spm0.92 m21 °CRegeneration mit ...Salming Speed 6 blau2.8
17.08. SatLL28,09 km2:34:465:31/km282 m118 bpm53.72203182 spm1.00 m18 °CEselsfürth - Otte...Salming Miles Lite (2019)3.5
18.08. Sun5,77 km1:28:5815:25/km170 m91 bpm5225 °CWandern5.6
19.08. MonTDL16,11 km1:18:524:54/km48 m132 bpm52.36156184 spm1.11 m23 °CFCK Montagslauftr...Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo0.1
20.08. TueDL11,04 km1:00:445:30/km70 m118 bpm56.3779178 spm1.02 m19 °C60 Min. 11kmNewton Gravity 85.5
21.08. WedIT17,25 km1:40:435:50/km11 m123 bpm46.29162172 spm1.00 m22 °C4*3000m + 5Min. ...Newton Gravity 80.9
22.08. Thu
23.08. FriRG8,15 km47:515:52/km242 m115 bpm53.7857174 spm0.98 m27 °CToter Weg mit GeliSalming Speed 6 blau4.8
24.08. SatLL30,23 km2:47:575:33/km11 m123 bpm49.18255182 spm0.99 m18 °C30km LongrunSalming Race 6 (Nr.2)0.0
25.08. Sun
26.08. Mon
27.08. Tue
28.08. Wed
29.08. Thu
30.08. Fri
31.08. Sat
22x Laufen281,19 km1d 01:21:425:25/km2.103 m124 bpm52.162418180 spm1.03 m22 °C
1x Wandern5,77 km1:28:5815:25/km170 m91 bpm5225 °C

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