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RUNALYZE is a manufacturer-independent analysis platform for endurance athletes, that helps athletes to train smarter.

Boost your training analysis

Effective VO2max

VO2max is a scientific metric for the maximal oxygen uptake that is highly correlated with your maximal running performance. RUNALYZE will estimate this value for you.

Privacy first

Your data is yours! We don't sell any data. All default settings are set to private and you can choose what you want to share.

Race prediction

Based on your effective VO2max and a unique marathon shape calculation, you will always get an up-to-date prediction for every of your favorite distances from 3k to (ultra-)marathon.

Training Load

Based on your heart rate, every activity is considered for your overall training load. This model for human performance enables us to point out your acute and chronic training load.


You can track your equipment in any level of detail. Never forget to replace overstrained running shoes or bicycle parts again.

Visual Statistics

Trend analysis, boxplots, dynamic histograms, arbitrary summaries and tons of data tables – RUNALYZE tracks and analyzes every bit of your activities.

Compatible with

Garmin Suunto Polar Wahoo Coros Oura
Fitbit Decathlon Concept2 Strava Whoop icTrainer
Adidas Running HealthFit Rungap Fitnessyncer iSmoothRun Locusmap

See our full list of compatible devices and apps.

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Runalyze - calculations

Know your condition at any time

RUNALYZE knows your training condition at all times. The calculations will help you to control your training and our running forecasts help you to have a better feeling at the starting line on competition day.

Runalyze - latest activities

Always keep an eye on your latest activities

Never loose track of your current activities. The calendar view is always showing you the most important parameters of your latest training sessions.

Runalyze - Performance Curves: Power, Pace, Heart Rate

Your performance curves

RUNALYZE gives you the possibility to take a look at your last 90 days performance curves. Not only power, but also heart rate and pace.

Runalyze - Performances

Compare your performances

With the help of our performance chart you are able to compare all your competition results regarding age grade, effective VO2max or speed.

Which is your best discipline and which races have you not been able to fully exploit your potential performance in?

Runalyze - Analyze your training

Analyze your complete history

RUNALYZE gives you the possibility to understand your completed training. Dive deep into your data and see how the individual values have changed over time.

Runalyze - Climb Score

Have fun climbing some hills

Climbing a mountain is always special and a tough challenge – not just since riders at the Tour de France show us how to conquer the toughest mountains.

RUNALYZE will categorize all climbs in your activities and analyze them, from little hills of the 5th category up to mountains of 'Hors catégorie' (HC).

Runalyze - Poster: Visualize your training

Visualize your activities

Generate posters from your training data – Share them in the social media or print them out and hang them on the wall as a memory of a good training year.

Runalyze Premium

Best segments

By looking at the best distance results, you can examine your fastest times over a variety of distances - whether from a race or a normal (tempo) workout.

Quality sessions

In order to be best prepared for the next competition, runners cannot avoid the necessary tempo training. We offer you a direct look at your key workouts: How did you perform on the paced intervals?

Moving average mileage

Stop looking only at your weekly mileage: Look at your moving average mileage, whether for a year, a month or a week.

Poster generator

Enjoy your all time heatmap with map tiles as background.

Tiles counter

Look at where you've been exercising and try to maximize your visited tiles.

Colored tracks

Color your tracks by pace, heart rate, power, altitude, gradient, cadence or stride length.

Runalyze - Best distance segments

Check your fastest times

You don't run official competitions over all distances, and you don't always achieve your actual best performance in competition. And yet you want to know when you were how fast over a certain distance?

By looking at the best distance results, you can examine your fastest times over a variety of distances - whether from a race or a normal (tempo) workout.

Runalyze - Tiles Counter

Start chasing tiles

Are you bored with the same routes over and over again? Motivate yourself to explore new routes! Our Tiles counter shows you where you've been and how big your network is. Start exploring new routes and areas now and increase your cluster and max square.

Runalyze - Poster data visualization

Create poster for all your activities

As a Premium user, you can create the visualization posters for your complete activities across all years, not just for a single year. So you can create the heatmap of your entire sports history. You can also use maps as background for the heatmap.

Runalyze - Visualize your streaks

Find and visualize the longest streaks in your training history.

Streak running, i.e. running (or exercising) every day, can be an additional motivation. Runalyze shows you your longest streaks and visualizes your data as a calendar heatmap.


RUNALYZE is brought to you from Kaiserslautern and Kiel in Germany. We are all passionate runners and love what we do.

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Officer/Head of RUNALYZE

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