Apply for the API

The API is limited to public apps and not meant for private use at the moment.
To get the credentials for the API tell us about your app in one or two sentences. Please also send us the callback url and if possible a logo of the app to


In irregular intervals we post about new/existing compatible apps on Instagram/Facebook and in our newsletters.



Runalyze uses the authorization standard OAuth2.

Authorize URL
Example{Your Client_ID}&redirect_uri={Your Callback url}

Access Token URL
Example{client id}&client_secret={client_secret}&grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token={refresh token}

You will always get a new refresh token, when requesting a new access token.
In case the client connections breaks or there was an hickup at Runalyze there will be a grace period for the old refresh token so you can still request for a short period of time a new access token with it.


You will receive the documentation about the endpoint for uploading activities via mail.