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Personal API

With your personal API you can import activities and data on your own to Runalyze.

In a later version, the Premium model will also have extended read access to all your data.

Fair use: We ask you not to abuse the API. As long as valid data comes in, this is no problem. For now there is no limit to the number of requests. This may change in the future.

The personal API is basically the same API that external apps use from us. Just simpler for private and own use.


The available endpoints are documented at Endpoints will be extended from time to time.

Generate token

You can generate tokens in your account at "Personal API" and always need to set an expire date. We recommend exchanging your tokens regularly.

How to make a call

To use one of the API endpoints you have to set a "token" header with the value of the created token.

curl --location --request GET '' --header 'token: 5cf803010f01c0b2a75b35c7e86ad68b'

You can find examples in our Github repository.

Show us what you are building

Share you scripts with us and we will add them to our list at Github.

Zwift to Runalyze

Peter just created a script which downloads all activities from Zwift and uploads it to Runalyze (available at Github).

Vitadock to Runalyze

Marc created a script which loads VitaDock Health Data into Runalyze

Fitdays to Runalyze

Leroy created a script which imports the data from Fitdays/Silvergear to Runalyze

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