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Tool: Tiles counter (Premium)

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Look at where you've been exercising and try to maximize your visited tiles. This is the purpose of our Tiles counter tool.
Who can use the tool?
This tool is available in the (Early) Premium subscription.

What is a tile?
A tile is a specific area of the map. The whole world can be represented in this way in numerous tiles, for example, the map images are also represented in tiles.

A tile in Runalyze represents a six-digit geohash. A geohash is a specific way to represent a geo-position. A six-digit geohash covers an area of at most 1.2 x 0.6 km, although this depends on the position. The further from the equator, the smaller the area.

When do tiles count as connected?
Two tiles count as connected if they are directly adjacent to each other, i.e. there is a direct connection to the north, east, south or west. A diagonal connection does not count.

In rare cases, a continuous route can thus lead to a "gap" if the GPS signal just jumps over the diagonal corner. In that case, you have no other choice but to be active again on the spot.

What is the max square?
Within a set of connected tiles, we search for the largest connected square.

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