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Zone distribution color bars (activity overview)

Runalyze offers a possibility to directly assess the intensity of an activity in the calendar view at a glance: Color bars for zone distribution.

Especially for interval sessions or generally all non-simultaneous training, the average values usually have little significance. Even for high-intensity training, the average heart rate can be relatively low if the pauses are long enough. The color bars, on the other hand, show you directly how high the rate was in each zone. Available are the intensity bars for pace, power and heart rate. These are precisely the metrics for which Runalyze users can set their own zones. The color scale here goes from dark green to dark red and is also displayed directly when configuring the zones.

To see the color bars, the fields have to be activated once in the dataset configuration. The new fields can be found here at the bottom and can be activated with the first checkbox. You can also drag and drop the fields to the desired position using the arrow icon.

If the fields are activated, they automatically appear in the calendar view for all activities for which the zone distributions are known. The following example shows a training week with a total of three tempo workouts (and the color bars for pace and heart rate), which are clearly distinguished by color here:

When the mouse pointer is over the color bars, the percentages of the respective zones (rounded to whole percentage points) are displayed.

Warning: You may see different Percentage values for Pace as we use different smoothing parameters for the activitry view and the precumulated data. We will fix the activity view.

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