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Activity data of diro1962

Total distance: 31,806.51 km Number of activities: 2845x
Total duration: 135d 12:23:42 First activity: 04.01.2009
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TimeTemp.WindchillWindHITypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRmax. HRElev.EnergyVO2maxCadenceStride lengthTRIMPVO2maxRoutePowerEquipmentRPEGrad.CSHillyElapsed time
01.01. Tue08:168 °C4 °C 3LaDL12,4 km1:33:157:31/km130 bpm141 bpm100 m1368 kcal31.43150 spm0.89 m134Moretrunde258 WVibram Fivefingers V-Run130.81 %0.629 %1:44:59
12:3036:2672 bpm89 bpm146 kcal61136:26
02.01. Wed08:101,2 km34:443:01/100m118 bpm133 bpm430 kcal361337:57
14:5830:0195 bpm165 bpm200 kcal171230:01
03.01. Thu
04.01. Fri
05.01. Sat10:064 °C-1 °C 3LaDL12,2 km1:29:147:19/km140 bpm157 bpm107 m1217 kcal29.28162 spm0.84 m171Moretrunde267 WVibram Fivefingers V-Run150.88 %0.730 %1:29:25
12:151,0 km24:002:32/100m141 bpm150 bpm297 kcal471529:52
15:1028:28101 bpm121 bpm114 kcal17Brutsgurt Polar H10, Polar Vantage V1128:28
15:4136:1580 bpm99 bpm145 kcal9736:15
06.01. Sun
07.01. Mon12:566 °C2 °C 3LaDL4,3 km32:147:27/km123 bpm147 bpm8 m369 kcal33.92164 spm0.82 m39260 WFiveFingers V-Run YELLOW130.18 %0.05 %32:15
15:1731:4180 bpm121 bpm127 kcal8731:41
08.01. Tue
09.01. Wed
10.01. Thu
11.01. Fri
12.01. Sat
13.01. Sun10:0618:0060 bpm90 bpm72 kcal1618:00
14.01. Mon08:085 °C1 °C 312,9 km2:19:0010:48/km111 bpm137 bpm102 m927 kcal117Polar Vantage V70.79 %0.222 %2:19:52
15.01. Tue09:3811:3495 bpm113 bpm77 kcal5911:34
09:505:5895 bpm109 bpm24 kcal2Brutsgurt Polar H10, Polar Vantage V65:58
09:5618:1877 bpm95 bpm73 kcal4918:18
16.01. Wed
17.01. Thu09:4212:3195 bpm114 bpm83 kcal61112:31
09:55LaDL8:5797 bpm115 bpm64 kcal48:57
10:04LaDL16:4875 bpm92 bpm38 kcal316:48
18.01. Fri
19.01. Sat
20.01. Sun
21.01. Mon
22.01. Tue
23.01. Wed
24.01. Thu
25.01. Fri
26.01. Sat
27.01. Sun
28.01. Mon
29.01. Tue
30.01. Wed
31.01. Thu
5x Laufen08:165 °C28,9 km4:00:287:25/km128 bpm157 bpm215 m3056 kcal30.91157 spm0.86 m351262 W0.74 %4:12:24
2x Schwimmen08:102,1 km58:442:48/100m127 bpm150 bpm727 kcal831:07:49
2x Stabi/Faszien/Beweglichkeit15:1034:26100 bpm121 bpm138 kcal1934:26
1x Wandern08:085 °C12,9 km2:19:0010:48/km111 bpm137 bpm102 m927 kcal1170.79 %2:19:52
3x Crossfit/Krafttraining14:5854:0695 bpm165 bpm360 kcal2854:06
5x Yoga12:302:20:4075 bpm121 bpm563 kcal282:20:40

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