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Activity data of runningsoenke

Total distance: 3 412,18 km Number of activities: 414x runningsoenke
Total duration: 16d 07:42:04

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Temp.TypeDistanceDurationPaceavg. HRmax. HRElev.EnergySplitsTitleTRIMPVO2maxVertical oscillationVO2max (file)Recovery timeHRVElapsed timeVO2maxSwolfStride lengthStrokesVertical ratioGCBWindHumidityPressureWindchillTERPEGrad.PCHIPC startPC End
01.01 Thu9,21 km1:15:308:12/km141 bpm160 bpm984 kcalBasis11730.82-:--:--
02.01 Fri
03.01 Sat
04.01 Sun11,86 km1:38:568:21/km134 bpm167 bpm1179 kcalOwnZone12532.37-:--:--
05.01 Mon
06.01 Tue5,12 km34:17,106:42/km164 bpm174 bpm574 kcalNeu.Tr.49831.52-:--:--
0:04,10122 bpm122 bpm1 kcalNeu.Tr.4-:--:--
0,93 km8:27,909:06/km136 bpm147 bpm101 kcalBasis1128.42-:--:--
07.01 Wed
08.01 Thu17,17 km2:07:207:25/km144 bpm156 bpm1628 kcalGA1/221533.92-:--:--
09.01 Fri
10.01 Sat
11.01 Sun
12.01 Mon17,94 km2:33:468:34/km129 bpm155 bpm1856 kcalGA116832.91-:--:--
13.01 Tue
14.01 Wed1,91 km15:32,608:08/km149 bpm178 bpm239 kcalFreies3028.70-:--:--
6,37 km41:36,606:32/km167 bpm175 bpm789 kcalGA212931.54-:--:--
15.01 Thu6,06 km47:06,207:46/km136 bpm158 bpm616 kcalGA1/26334.66-:--:--
16.01 Fri
17.01 Sat10,95 km1:21:387:27/km141 bpm179 bpm1126 kcalGA1/212634.72-:--:--
0,54 km4:05,107:34/km140 bpm176 bpm56 kcalFreies634.45-:--:--
18.01 Sun21,13 km2:46:277:53/km135 bpm172 bpm2150 kcalGA121734.43-:--:--
19.01 Mon
20.01 Tue1,82 km13:51,307:37/km130 bpm144 bpm168 kcalGA1/21637.78-:--:--
8,03 km45:32,305:40/km161 bpm176 bpm694 kcalGA212139.96-:--:--
21.01 Wed
22.01 Thu52:34,80143 bpm154 bpm737 kcalGA1/286-:--:--
2:51,20144 bpm174 bpm42 kcalFreies5-:--:--
23.01 Fri1:16:48142 bpm179 bpm1065 kcalGA1/2122-:--:--
24.01 Sat
25.01 Sun0:06,2070 bpm70 bpm2 kcalGA1/2-:--:--
22,47 km2:09:305:46/km149 bpm178 bpm1776 kcalGA1/225044.13-:--:--
1,32 km8:26,706:24/km147 bpm155 bpm111 kcalGA1/21539.57-:--:--
26.01 Mon
27.01 Tue14,49 km1:25:415:55/km137 bpm162 bpm1013 kcalGA1/211848.17-:--:--
28.01 Wed
29.01 Thu
30.01 Fri6,93 km42:126:05/km135 bpm166 bpm486 kcalGA1/25547.39-:--:--
31.01 Sat
23x Laufen164,25 km21:52:247:11/km141 bpm179 bpm17393 kcal209336.31-:--:--

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