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How to report a problem

Please check twice that you provide all needed information when reporting a problem. Inaccurate and unprecise support requests waste a lot of our time - time, that we’d love to put in the development instead.<br /><br />

Before you report a problem:<br /> Check the status page of RUNALYZE<br />

Consider whether other users could benefit from your question or its answer.<br /> Other users may had a similar problem earlier but have not reported it. These would also take the opportunity to comment on a public post. <br /> If this is the case: Please use the RUNALYZE Community at Facebook or our Forum

None of this is the case? Please provide all possible information

  • Please describe your problem as detailed as possible (steps to reproduce your problem)
  • Tell us when the problem happend
  • Add a screenshot if you think it might help us
  • In case of problems with an activity file: Add that file to your report!
  • Tell us which device or app you are using
  • Tell us your device’s firmware if known

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Didn't find an answer to your question?

Please let us know if you have wishes or have encountered bugs. We give our best to make Runalyze as good as possible for you. - Therefore we would be interested in your suggestions for improvement. In general most questions, problems and ideas are more appropriate to ask in the forum.