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Why doesn't the prognosis match my last race?

You recently ran a race, but the displayed prognosis differs significantly from the actual result? This can have several reasons. We'll tell you about the reasons here. How you can easily correct the prognosis, you will learn in the article My Effective VO2max is wrong.

Effective VO2max is estimated from the ratio of pace and heart rate. So that we can give a prognosis at any time, this happens for all activities equally and races are not weighted separately. Therefore, after a race, the prognosis is not simply corrected to the time run. After all, we don't necessarily know if the race went optimally.

But we need race data to know at what heart rate you run races and to determine the correction factor. Not everyone runs a 60-minute race at the same heart rate. Determining the correction factor is difficult, but very important to scale the Effective VO2max values correctly. In the article Why have all VO2max values suddenly changed? we explain the correction factor in detail.

As long as you have not set a manual correction factor, it will be checked automatically at each new race and changed if necessary. If a race is entered with incorrect HR data, this will also falsify the correction factor (and thus all VO2max values).

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