Runtastic Backup to GPX Converter

The Runtastic GPX Converter was coded by Glenn Reyes. If this tool worked for you, please spend him a coffee or donate via Paypal.
If you want to support RUNALYZE for hosting the converter, feel free to support the team via Paypal as well.


How it works

  • Important: Don't use the Safari browser
  • Login and Request your Data Export at
  • Upload the Zip file from Runtastic
  • The backup will be queued at our side
  • You will get a link where you will find the converted GPX files
  • The download will be valid for 24 hours
  • All data will be deleted after 24 hours
  • Your data is yours!

Background information

Runtastic has decided to discontinue its web platform. Downloading all your data from Runtastic is easy, but the data is stored in a non-usual format.
At Runalyze, we wanted to develop a converter ourselves, but then we came across Glenn's tool. After a short contact he gave us permission to make this tool available as a converter.

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