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RUNALYZE is a training diary with various analysis, statistics and forecasting functions. All common training file formats can be imported into RUNALYZE. In addition to normal values such as heart rate, speed or altitude profile, data such as heart rate variability (HRV), running dynamics and swimming values can also be imported and displayed.

In RUNALYZE any type of sport can be created and documented. For each individual activity, a TRIMP value is calculated which represents the training load. For running activities with heart rate data, an effective VO2max value is also estimated. These values are used to create the runtime forecasts.

In RUNALYZE you can see all information at a glance. The overview may be a bit overwhelming at first, but as soon as you understand the structure of the dashboard, you'll find your way around. Most statistics and analyses are just a click away!

Some of our features

Effective VO2max estimation

VO2max is a scientific metric for the maximal oxygen uptake that is highly correlated with your maximal running performance.


You can choose your favorite model to predict your upcoming race (Robert Bock, Herbert Steffny, David Cameron, VO2max method)

TRIMP principle

TRIMP is short for Training Impulse and gives you the opportunity to compare activities of different intensity levels based on this value.

Track your equipment

Track your equipment for any type of sport, e.g. running shoes or bikes.

Trend analysis

Keep an eye on the long-term progress of your activity data.

Anova Tool

Values are visualized with so-called ‘box plots’. They give an impression of how values of a group are distributed.

Direct Garmin Sync

Connect with garmin to get all future activities synced


of common formats: *.fit, *.fitlog, *.gpx, *.hrm, *.kml, *.logbook, *.pwx, *.slf, *.sml, *.tcx, *.trk, *.ttbin, *.xml

Import activities from other apps

Use apps like HealthFit, LocusMap or IpBike to import activities to RUNALYZE


By default all your data is private. You don’t need to be in our community.

Power & Running dynamics data

Power information provided by e.g. Stryd and Running dynamics by e.g. Runscribe are being shown

Log your...

weight, resting heart rate & equipment

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Our Team

Hannes Christiansen

Chief Developer & Officer/Head of RUNALYZE

Michael Pohl

DevOp - Developer


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