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There is no fixed roadmap at RUNALYZE, but the following are the topics that have the highest priority for us

Upcoming (Within next release)

Big backend change

This will not result in any new features, but we will be able to better scale RUNALYZE.

Importing "IQ Leg Stiffnes"/"IQ Form Power" from Stryd Footpod Powermeter

The data will be stored for all new activities after the deployment of this feature. You will be able to show them in the dataset & activity. You are able to analyze them within the ANOVA and Trend analysis tool.

Replacement of the current user backup

You will be able to request a full backup of all your data. The activities will be saved in individual files. All other data will be available in this backup too.

Working on

Cycling Dynamics

We will add all known cycling dynamics values recorded by e.g. Garmin Vector 3. The data will be only imported for activities after the deployment of that features.

More power related features / values

We are working on it

Refactored health section

In progress

Auto Sync of health values

We will slowly begin to add auto sync of health values after going live with the refactored version of the health section

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