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Why have all VO2max values suddenly changed?

Why have all VO2max values suddenly changed?

Estimating your current VO2max form is a complicated process. It includes the derivation of a so-called "correction factor", which is determined based on your race results. When you enter a new race (or delete/edit an existing one), this correction factor may change, altering all existing VO2max values.

What is the correction factor?

The estimate of your (effective) VO2max is based on the ratio of speed and heart rate (as a percentage of maximum heart rate). However, we have observed that not every runner runs a 60-minute competition (at maximum load) at the same percentage heart rate. Some may run at 93%HRmax, others at only 88%HRmax. To consider this, a correction factor is determined based on the heart rate of the best competition results. This ensures that the individual heart rate level is correctly taken into account.

Can I undo the changes?

Please check first whether your registered competitions are correct.
You can enter a manual correction factor in the configuration. Typical values are between 0.85 and 0.95, but values above 1.00 are also possible. If the currently calculated VO2max form is too low, you have to increase the correction factor to correct it.

You can find the current correction factor as well as further details about your competitions and the VO2max estimate for them in the tool "Analyze your VO2max".

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