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Who has access to my data?

First and foremost, of course, you yourself. Depending on whether you share your activities with the public or your profile with the public, other Internet users can also view this data. <br><br> In addition, the RUNALYZE team (Hannes and Michael) has access to the data to be able to provide support in problem cases and to correct errors in the database. <br><br> In addition, the data is processed by the RUNALYZE system to provide calculations within the application, develop formulas and improve calculations.
<br><br> To analyze the use of RUNALYZE, statistical reports are generated for us - the RUNALYZE team. These are completely anonymous. Average values may be distributed in infographics about the use of RUNALYZE, but do not contain private information. <br><br> To query the weather data, the starting point or average GPS point of the activity, as well as the time of the activity, is sent once to the Darksky service. Further information can be found in the Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy of DarkSky. <br><br> If you have activated the altitude correction, the GPS data of the activity may be sent to Only the GPS data will be processed during the request, so that we get the altimeter data. does not store this data. <br><br> The protection of your activity data is very important to us and therefore none of your data will be shared with any other company.

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