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"There are not enough activities for good calculations"

Please wait until you have activity data in Runalyze for at least the last 70 days. The message should then disappear automatically.

Runalyze needs enough data from you to correctly assess your performance level. Some of the metrics displayed refer to a longer period of time (especially Effective VO2max, Marathon Form and Fitness) and therefore may not be meaningful yet if data is available for only a short period of time.

For estimating your Effective VO2max Runalyze needs running activities with heart rate data for the last 30 days. Please be aware that trail runs are ignored by default (as Runalyze is not able to correct for the surface). If you prefer to include them automatically you can do so in your settings and uncheck "Automatically ignore trail runs for VO2max shape". For an individual activity you can enable/disable the checkbox "VO2max for shape".

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