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There are three sections:

Calendar view / databrowser

Here you find a short overview of all your activities within any chosen period. You can navigate through all weeks/months/years (using the arrow icons) or select any time period (calendar icon). The set of values shown in this table is configurable. Go to “Configuration -> Dataset” and select the data you’re most interested in.


The main focus of RUNALYZE is on statistics about your activities. We provide several “staticstic plugins” where you can find a lot of different evaluations of your activities. Be it your route map, your race results, activity records or a retrospect by the months - it’s all there (and if not, just ask us to add it).

As always: You can decide which statistics should appear and order the active ones according to your desires (“Configuration -> Plugins”).


The panels give a quick overview of the most important data. You can have a look at your shape or keep an eye on your equipment and training progress.

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