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Bulk Import

To import your complete history from Garmin, Suunto or any other vendor to RUNALYZE you can use the new upload form.

Good to know

  • We recommend to select a maximum of 1000 files at the same time. Most browsers do not handle more.
  • If you choose more than 50 files at once all files will be queued and imported in the background.
  • Files larger than 20MB are automatically queued.
  • Duplicates should be detected (based on their timestamp). However, there are always special cases where this does not work.

My activities were queued but I still don't see them after 15 minutes

Check our status page. There you can see how many activities are currently in the queue.

How do I import a Garmin data backup?

To import your Garmin backup, you need to follow several steps. Extract the ZIP file you got from Garmin and open the following directory: /DI_CONNECT/DI-Connect-Fitness-Uploaded-Files/. There you will find one or more ZIP archives starting with UploadedFiles.... Upload them with the new Uploader <br><br> Afterwards you can simply select all activity files and upload them to RUNALYZE.

How do I import a Suunto data backup?

Just upload the zip file you've got from Suunto.

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