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How can I import data from RunScribe pods?

How can I import data from RunScribe pods?

From Garmin devices

If you have a garmin device you can use one of the official IQ apps:

  • RunScribe Plus for Connect IQ 2 devices (fēnix 5, FR 735XT/935, vívoactive HR/3)
  • RunScribe Light for Connect IQ 1 devices (fēnix 3, FR 230/235/630/920XT)

The IQ app is a data field and has to be activated for the respective activity type. See for a detailed explanation (under Connect IQ DataField(s)) and for a device list (separated by Connect IQ 1/2). The IQ app will automatically record RunScribe's data to the original fit file. It will be visible on Garmin Connect and in a new RunScribe section in our activity view.

From RunScribe dashboard

Runalyze is not able to import csv files exported from the RunScribe dashboard.

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