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How should I track warm-up/cool-down/running drills/...

How should I track my warm-up/cool-down/running drills?

Warm-up/Cool-down for a competition

We highly recommend to separate your warm-up and cool-down program from a race itself. Otherwise, Runalyze can't detect your main race result (e.g. we may only see a 14k activity while in reality you ran a new 10k personal best).

You can somehow hide the warm-up and cool-down program in the calendar by choosing the Only icon option in the activity type's Calendar view configuration. Using this option will show only the sport type's icon in the calendar view and let you focus the main race result.

Warm-up/Cool-down for training sessions

We recommend to not separate your warm-up and cool-down program for regular training sessions. Dividing your training sessions (like interval sessions and tempo runs) results in three different activities with all its consequences. The total number of activities goes up, the average distance goes down, average values do not reflect the whole activity and you get three different trimp values instead of the single (correct) one.

If you bother about VO2max estimation: The estimation does not get more accurate when splitting the activity. Still, we have plans to automatically select only valid segments for the estimation.

Running drills

We recommend to pause your recording while doing running drills. Otherwise, the running drills will screw up your statistics. Your average pace will go down while your heart rate will probably go up resulting in bad VO2max estimations.

If you want to keep track of your running drills you can tag those activities with e.g. #runningdrills and leave a comment in the notes section stating which kind of drills you did.

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