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Different file types - Different behaviour

We get a lot of questions regarding file types: Which one is better and which one contains more data? To answer these questions we have created a table to show what we can import from each file type (as long as your device logged this data). <br /> <br /> We always recommend to use the FIT or TCX file format. We really cannot recommend any other file format.

Legend for the table:

  • N = No<br />
  • M = Maybe<br />
  • C = Will be calculated if not present<br />
  • CC = Will be calculated when a condition is given<br />

|Type|FIT|TCX/TTBIN|GPX|PWX|hrm & gpx|Fitlog|Logbook (3)|kml/kmz|TRK|sml|slf|xml(Suunto)|csv(Epson)|hrm| |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- | |Distance|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓| |Startdate/time|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓| |Duration|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓| |Sporttype||||||||||||||| |Name|||||||✓||||N|||| |Notes||✓|||||✓||||✓|||| |Heartrate|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓||✓|✓| |Calories|✓/C|✓/C|C|C|C|✓/C|✓/C|✓/C|✓/C|✓/C|✓/C|C|✓|C| |GPS|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|N|✓|✓|✓|✓||✓|| |Altitude|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|N|✓|✓|✓|N||✓|✓| |Temperature|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|N|N|✓|✓|N||✓|N| |Laps/Rounds|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|N|N|✓|N||✓|| |Pauses|✓|✓|N|N|✓|✓|N|✓|N|N|N||?|| |Cadence (spm/rpm)|✓|✓|✓|✓|✓|N|N|N|N|✓|N||✓|✓| |Power|✓|✓|N|✓|✓|N|N|N|N|N|N|||| |Stride length|CC|CC|CC|CC|CC|N|N|N|N|C|N||CC|CC| |Ground Contact Time|✓|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|||N| |Ground Contact Balance|✓|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|||N| |Vertical oscillation|✓|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|||N| |Vertical ratio|CC|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|||N| |Swim Strokes|✓|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N||N|N| |Swim Stroke type|✓|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N| |HRV|✓|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|✓|N|✓|N|✓| |FIT details [3]|✓|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|N|

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