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Sync with Strava

Direct connection

Connect your Strava Account directly with Runalyze. By default, only activities that are not already covered by direct connections are synchronized. You can change this setting at the same page where you have connected to Strava.

Strava history import

A strava history import tool is available at Runalyze. <br> We still recommend to use the Strava Bulk Export option, as it contain the original fit files which were uploaded to Strava.

Strava Bulk Export and Import into Runalyze

At Strava you are able to export a full data backup (see help article. Extract the Zip archive and upload all files in the "activities" folder to Runalyze. We do support the the compressed .gz files

Alternative for direct Sync

If you have an iPhone, you can use the Rungap app or HealthFit to sync your activities to Runalyze. For all others the website is helpful. They can sync activities from different services to us.

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