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Garmin Auto Sync

The easiest way is to connect your Garmin account directly within RUNALYZE. Just click on the Automatic Sync button next to Add workout and connect your account with Garmin.<br>

Full history import

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History Import Tool

Use the History Import tool which is linked at "Automatic Sync"

Garmin Datamanagement

Garmin provides an option to download all your data you have ever provided to Garmin Connect. Just go to Garmin Datamanagement and request your files. You will receive a mail with a download link shortly. <br><br>

Download a history of your activities yourself

You are a computer expert? Great. There is a python script we use ourself to download the history of your activities:

Use the command line to initialize the download:<br> python -d activities -c all -f original -u --username &lt;Username&gt; --password &lt;Password&gt;

Keep in mind: We don't offer any support for this tool. Usage on own risk!

Single activities

Download an activity manually from Garmin Connect

You are able to download the original activity file for every activity at Garmin Connect. Go to the activity view of the activity at an click on the "setting wheel". Use the option "Export original". That’s a zip file which contains a fit file. You can just take the zip file as we support the import of zip files.

Copy a file from a Garmin device

Some Garmin devices can be used as ordinary usb mass storage. Just pick your *.fit file from a directory called ACTIVITIES or similar.

Garmin Express

If you are using Garmin Express or the old ANT-Agent you can upload the files from your Windows, MacOS or Linux system. Just look for the files in the following directories.

Windows 8:<br> C:\ProgramData\Garmin\GarminConnect\[foldername can be different (name of the device)]\FIT_TYPE_4

Windows 7:<br> C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Devices\[ID]\Sync\FIT_TYPE_4

Mac OS X:<br> ~/Library/Application Support/Garmin/GarminConnect/Device-UnitID/Upload/FIT_TYPE_4<br> or<br> ~/Library/Caches/Garmin/Express/&lt;Device-UnitID&gt;/History


Windows:<br> Open in the windows file explorer the following path:<br> %appdata%\Garmin\Devices<br> Then you have to open the folder with your device ID as name and find the folder Activities.

Mac OS X:<br> Macintosh HD/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Garmin/Devices/DEVICE-ID


There is a tool called antf-cli. That tool should work with any compliant ANT-FS device in theory and it certainly does for Garmin Forerunner (60, 70, 405CX, 310XT, 610, 910XT) and Garmin Swim.

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