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How to get HRV data into an activity

Recording heart rate variability

Heart rate variability is determined from the exact intervals between each heartbeat. In order to evaluate this data, the heartbeats must be recorded with the highest accuracy. This is usually not the case for optical heart rate monitors (on the wrist) in particular. Therefore, please first make sure that your device records precise data.

You should also note: For better data quality, your chest strap should be connected via Bluetooth, not ANT+.

Heart rate variability for Garmin users

Garmin users must explicitly enable HRV data storage on the watch. See Enable HRV recording on Garmin devices.

Heart rate variability for other users

Other users can use the "Merge file into activity" feature to add HRV data not stored in the original activity file to an activity. In the activity view, there is a link for this in the edit dropdown. This can be used to add csv files from Polar and from HRVLogger to an activity.

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